Sporty – Suzuki GSX-R 1000: Gextraordinarily yours! – More compact and more usable

Suzuki GSX-R 1000: Gextraordinarily yours !

Sporty - Suzuki GSX-R 1000: Gextraordinarily yours! - More compact and more usable

In 2001, the arrival of the GSX-R 1000 set the hypersports category on fire! Slightly behind in the face of the technological advances of its rivals, the Gex has mobilized all the attention of Suzuki and comes back sharp as ever ! Road and track test !

More compact and more usable

However, the efforts to bring the masses closer to the center of gravity – de facto improving handling – and the new compactness are immediately noticeable handlebars in hand. As well as the search for motor skills: the banana-type swingarm has an additional 3.2 cm length! The 2007 GSX-R already offering impressive grip on full circuit, the 106 hp of our test machine should hardly affect this superb piece. !

Lighter than 500 gr, this element is added to the long list of "slimming details" enumerated by the press kit: the "hydro-electric" steering damper admits 45 gr less on the scale, the rear suspension revised and corrected loses 300 gr and the clutch and single starter housing allows to scrape 200 gr. Despite everything, some would undoubtedly have tasted the appearance of a new engine – a V4 from the MotoGP GSV-R for example … – or a high-tech electronic device, such as traction control or other of those whatnot, to the joy of sports aficionados !

To these sorrowful spirits, Suzuki will surely answer that with its seriously overhauled four-cylinder, the renewal of the double-butterfly injection and the SMDS (Suzuki Drive Mode Select) system – putting three different types of injection maps within easy reach. inch – the 2009 Gex doesn’t really have to be ashamed !

Yes, but here it is: the biker – sporty moreover – is demanding. Getting him to understand that all the electronics of the Capirossi 800 cc will not necessarily protect him from being spoiled by a well-driven roadster is often a losing battle….

Especially since behind its known physique, the Suz ‘hides some nice surprises. Thinner, it adopts Tokiko monobloc calipers – "more rigid by 23%"Suz ‘promises – plucking new 310mm discs. Even more visible is the use of a Showa BPF inverted fork. Big Piston Front-fork 43 mm – on which the springs are located at the bottom of the fork and totally submerged to minimize the phenomena of emulsions – guarantees a more constant and high-end damping.

Finally, Suzuki engine manufacturers have not been idle: retaining the longest stroke of the Japanese four cylinders, the propellant nevertheless adopts more "super-square" dimensions: 74.5 x 57.3 against 73.4 x 59 in 2007. A choice that does not. nothing trivial and which is combined with a higher compression ratio of 0.3: 1 and the increase in the intake and exhaust valves (1 mm) to reveal a desire to seek efficiency at the top tachometer.

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