Sporty – Suzuki GSX-R 1000: Gextraordinarily yours! – Gex and the City!

Suzuki GSX-R 1000: Gextraordinarily yours !

Sporty - Suzuki GSX-R 1000: Gextraordinarily yours! - Gex and the City!

In 2001, the arrival of the GSX-R 1000 set the hypersports category on fire! Slightly behind in the face of the technological advances of its rivals, the Gex has mobilized all the attention of Suzuki and comes back sharp as ever ! Road and track test !

Gex and the City !

Rumbling superbly in slow motion – thank you the Yoshimura at 1089.65 € replacing the original pots advantageously! -, our test model produces its small effect when it receives the keys! If the beast retains a family resemblance specific to the range, the mixture of colors is more attractive, the whole more opulent and the finish clearly improved..

In detail, the "plastoc" side of some components – such as the covers placed above the tank and the frame – are a little cheap, but the Suzuki Hypersport presents well and its neat welds with less use of screws on fairings, the build quality hardly lends itself to criticism.

Criticized in 2007, the front part is particularly successful: sharper, with its extended headlight as on the Hayabusa, the design is undoubtedly more harmonious and is added to the two titanium outputs to give the "1000" its own visual identity. A definite asset for her future owners: when you have the chance to parade with Claudia Schiffer on her arm, it is never pleasant that she is mistaken for Lorie, under the pretext that they are wearing the same dress. !

Sold as standard with an elegant seat cowl, the Superbike retains a decent and relatively thick passenger seat, as well as a trunk to slip gloves, rain pants and even a – small – lock. From there to envision the world tour with mom – preferably athletic and without back pain mom! -, there is still a jump, but the Suzuki remains the least demanding in its category in solo, as in duo.

The reasonable saddle height (810 mm), the well-placed footrests – and adjustable in three positions -, as well as the comfortable seat for the genre are revealed as allies sparing a subscription to the physiotherapist. Only the narrower tank at the crotch and the more pronounced support on the wrists betray the changes made to ergonomics.

In short, you quickly feel at ease on this new version – as often on the Gex – and its ability to slalom between cars in town is only marred by the width of the Yoshimura – the original pots are wider. again … – and that of the prominent rear indicators, easily adjustable..

At a red light, the smoothness and progressiveness of the non-adjustable clutch handle (and which celebrates its return to the good old cable: the old hydraulic device having been deemed too heavy) combine with the availability of 4-legged for perform the holeshot in front of the usual clique of scooters and motorists necessarily jealous !

Embittered, these same users will surely argue that with its first capable of panicking an automatic speed camera on the highway, such a mount has no place on the road … And that first, if all drivers see their capital points melt like the skin of sorrow, there is no reason that "these thugs of bikers do not also toast with their machines of misfortune": the usual and exhausting litany of received ideas to which the conduct of a sportswoman exposes , but which, to tell the truth, its owner makes fun of as his first pair of sliders !

Because, on the handlebars of the 1000 GSX-R, the pleasure of rolling while taking advantage of its omnipresent torque – the second picks up at 19 km / h at 1,500 rpm! – is huge and the few concessions to comfort, practical aspects – and a few points on pink paper, it must be admitted! – gradually disappear from the appearance of virolos roads.

No need to frantically knit the selector: the four-cylinder responds from 2,000 revs, sends a pif at 4,000 rpm, then climbs – with a virtual absence of inertia – with force and conviction to 7,000 rpm / min where the thrust gets stronger … before stalling at 10,000 revolutions and cruelly collapsing two thousand revolutions higher.

However, despite the amputation of eighty of its fiery horses at our dear border, the 999 cc is not a "half-engine": the acceleration is striking, virile and gives the feeling of being perfectly controllable. at any time … in 106 hp !

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