Sporty – Test of the new Daytona 675 R: Catch me if you can! – A Daytona 675 ” Plus ”

New Daytona 675 R review: Catch me if you can !

Sporty - Test of the new Daytona 675 R: Catch me if you can! - A Daytona 675 '' Plus ''

By inviting the press to the magnificent – but extremely demanding – Portimao circuit, Triumph has decided to put its new Daytona 675 R – and the testers – to the test! Is the new English the new lethal weapon on the track ? First try.

A Daytona 675 ” Plus ”

Unveiled at the last EICMA show in Milan, the Daytona R is more successful and more efficient than the "standard" Daytona. A rather daring objective when we already know the level of competitiveness of the "Dayto" which, in just five years, has forged a solid reputation in the Supersport category..

But beware, "the Daytona 675 R is located in an intermediate segment, between the Supersport 600 cc and the Superbike 1000 cc", warns Stuart Wood, chief engineer at Hinckley. Triumph is therefore openly targeting Suzuki’s GSX-R 750 and Ducati’s 848 Evo (read our).

To this end, the Daytona 675 R is armed with new Ohlins suspensions, a new Brembo front brake system, a "quickshifter" – the one offered in the Triumph accessories catalog – and some carbon parts. It also offers many visual touch-ups to assert its sportiness and gain distinction..

In the Portimao paddock, resting on its side stand – still without a lug – the Daytona 675 R undeniably offers a superior presence than that of the standard models.

The rear buckle is painted red – just like some Italian ones! -, the white color is metallic, the crankcases redesigned and marked, the two rims and the four footrests in an elegant graphite color, the wheels adorned with red piping…

The mudguards, muffler hood and cockpit interiors are made of carbon and the graphics are modernized. Finally, several parts are blackened: air intake, bar ends, disc crown for example … So many details – small and large – which allow the British Supersport to clearly differentiate itself from the standard model (read our ).

To make it perfectly unique, Daytona 675 R customers can browse through the Triumph accessories catalog: "all the elements planned for the Daytona are mounted on the R", specifies the English staff.

The engine and chassis of the R are the same as those of the "normal" version, as are the plastic, rear brake and rims. "The Triumph development team considered racing elements made from magnesium, but the desire to keep the price of the bike at a reasonable level compared to other sports cars and the fact that the production wheels are already among the lightest in the market. its category influenced the decision to keep the five-spoke aluminum rims", reveal the British manufacturer.

The specifications of the Daytona 675 and that of the "R" therefore remain largely identical. The Triple 675 – the second version, that of 2009 – still develops a maximum power of 125 horsepower at 12,600 rpm and a maximum torque of 72 Nm 900 turns earlier … in the free world. In France, for now, it will be necessary to be satisfied with 106 hp and 65 Nm.

The dimensions of the cycle part are also substantially the same: we will mention in priority the frame angle of 23.9 ° (unchanged despite the change of fork), the wheelbase of 1395 mm), the full weight made of 185 kg and 830 mm saddle height.

But all this, Site readers – who, as everyone knows, are more fortunate than others – already knew (read our). What they now want to learn is how the Daytona 675 R does in its element: the track! To find out, read our Essay on the next page !

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