Sporty – Test of the new Daytona 675 R: Catch me if you can! – First laps of the track …

New Daytona 675 R review: Catch me if you can !

Sporty - Test of the new Daytona 675 R: Catch me if you can! - First laps of the track ...

By inviting the press to the magnificent – but extremely demanding – Portimao circuit, Triumph has decided to put its new Daytona 675 R – and the testers – to the test! Is the new English the new lethal weapon on the track ? First try.

First laps of the track…

As expected, the handling of the Daytona R is identical to that of the "classic" Dayto: high but thin saddle that allows you to put your feet on both sides, very low handlebars which impose a very tilted position on the pilot. forward, ultra-thin tank and fairing sides that provide excellent motorcycle handling.

The only adjustment, before setting off, will be limited to the distance between the brake lever: that of the clutch lever cannot be modified, nor can the positioning of the footrests. Unlike some of its rivals, the Daytona 675 R is not an adaptation ace and will require, among the most meticulous pilots, the acquisition of adaptable elements..

On the other hand, the sound of its pot will be unanimous: perfectly identical to that of the Daytona, the song of the R encourages you to get back on track … Quickly !

The reconnaissance tour behind the marshal is carried out without any difficulty: the engine is flexible and well filled, the injection relatively smooth, the front axle incisive and the Pirelli SuperCorsa SP very fast to rise in temperature. Discovering a route on the handlebars of this machine is already a pure pleasure !

Only the Quickshifter – but yes, this accessory which allows you to go up the gears without disengaging – is slightly destabilizing at the beginning because extremely sensitive. While we take our marks on the bike and on the circuit – Portimao is not the easiest to tame with its blind turns and its incessant changes of gradient! -, the left boot may at times brush against the selector and trigger the upshift involuntarily.

If the movement is too light or sharp, poor Daytona hesitates for a while before keeping the same gear, which can lead to a few hiccups on the track. Fortunately, one or two sessions are enough for the pilot to break in and avoid these small – or large, if we aim for the clock! – inconvenience.

Once you’ve mastered this ingenious accessory, it’s time to pick up the pace. We then realize that the shifter is not fully convincing: the ignition and gasoline cutoff estimated at 50 milliseconds by the manufacturer seems a little too long and the automatic go-around is a sudden suspicion..

When exiting a curve, changing to a higher speed causes significant changes in the attitude of the motorcycle and the trajectory. The new equipment will therefore require a few additional turns to fully integrate its effects on driving..

With its 60 Nm of torque available from 4,500 rpm, the Daytona 675 R accepts to leave with one – or even two – too many gears. A good point which counterbalances the reading of the information made difficult because of the colors adopted by the dashboard: white on black background.

Placed on the far left, the engaged gear indicator thus asks to considerably prolong the glance, especially at the beginning! Certainly, the real "païlotes" rely more on their ears and their feelings to manage their gear changes, but in the straight line, the sun in the back, it is not always easy to differentiate the 5 from the 6…

We note on this occasion that the bubble offers little protection: you have to take advantage of the entire length of the saddle and stick your helmet against the tank to isolate yourself from the wind. But at the end of the straight line, it is very present: 254 km / h read by MNC before catching the brakes, it starts to do! No doubt: the "3-legged" still breathes so hard !

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