Sporty – The Supersport that makes Japan tremble! – Beware of reflex braking!

The Supersport that shakes Japan !

Sporty - The Supersport that makes Japan tremble! - Beware of reflex braking!

The Triumph Daytona has been terrorizing the Supersport category since 2006, thanks to its rigorous chassis and its enchanting 675 cc three-cylinder engine! Refined in 2009, the English sportswoman has not lost any of her charm and raises the level of a notch… Test !

Beware of reflex braking !

Energetic and determined in all gears, the 2009 Daytona allows you to dawdle the nose to the wind with its passenger – who will appreciate the position not too folded up, the right saddle and the absence of vibrations – while wrapping around the torque so as not to shake with each gear shift. Benefiting from flawless traction, the new shock absorber absorbs bumps with drought but efficiency. It is now easier to maintain a good rhythm on saggy vicinal lines … as long as your lower back and wrists will support it. !

Likewise, pilot and passenger can thank Triumph for the progress made in the go-around: if the accelerator retains a hint of brutality – especially noticeable when exiting tight bends in first or second – the phenomenon is much less marked than on the previous model. Too bad the engineers did not try to eradicate the hiss of the primary transmission which, for some sensitive ears, somewhat spoils the melody played by the three-cylinder.

Finally, this 2009 vintage shines with the incredible power and especially the bite of the fully radial braking system! Seductive as a devil, the Nissin monobloc caliper released by the Englishwoman is not just for show off: combined with a radial master cylinder and braided hoses, braking can be done with a finger – on the road – both the power flows quickly !

Unintentionally, it is possible to take off the rear wheel when braking too hard and the expression "lick the lever" when entering a curve takes on its full meaning here: caught with conviction, the right lever literally crashes the front wheel in the bitumen! The best for grazing on the track – or on well-known roads -, less for apprehending an emergency situation … like a tractor cutting the road in a curve !

The same vigilance will be required in town and in the rain, especially since in the absence of anti-dribbling and in view of the low rate of grooving of the original Pirelli, it is better to be extra careful! Less sensitive, the single rear disc of 220 mm with single piston caliper does its job well and makes it possible to catch up with a somewhat wide trajectory.

Still, with such a tool in your hands, missing your point is anecdotal, both the handling and especially the responsiveness of the bike place its limits light years away. !

Especially since the Dayto ‘shows a pleasing goodwill: of course, a small sway will always be accepted with pleasure to better "blend" with the beast and tackle a knee curve on the ground, but the bastard knows how to demonstrate opening and accepts that his rider has forgotten his wetsuit and sliders: without moving a buttock or forcing on the half-handlebars, the dry 162 kg of the bike can be carried away at high speed without sweating: hats off to the engineers of Hinckley !

Last and not the least, the Triumph 675 Daytona remains one of the cheapest Supersport on the market, despite a slight increase which places its price at € 10,990. Only the 600 GSX-R manages to put the brakes on it with its € 10,699, but the Suz ‘does not box quite in the same category – despite excellent performance. We must instead turn to the "timer killer", the Yamaha R6 and its 12,099 €, to better measure the tour de force achieved by the English manufacturer..

Designing a motorcycle from a blank sheet of paper that is truly capable of holding onto the sporting flagships of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers, while containing its cost, is quite simply unheard of in European production. !

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