Supermotard – Ducati Hypermotard 796: damn sexy, the little sister! – Super nice !

Ducati Hypermotard 796: damn sexy, the little sister !

Supermotard - Ducati Hypermotard 796: damn sexy, the little sister! - Super nice !

Less intimidating than its 1100 cc elder, the Ducati Hypermotard 796 offers almost as much for almost € 3,000 less: a devilishly tempting program that Site put to the test in an exciting summer test ! Test.

Super nice !

Let’s face it: Ducati has put water in its Chianti over the years. If some – the pure, the tough! – will complain, the majority of bikers will be happy! Borgo Panigale’s machines are definitely no longer those temperamental "pieces of wood" that the old-timers evoke with tremolos in their voices, under the pretext that "in the old days my guy, you had to have some in your pants to drive an Italian" !

This Hypermotard is a perfect illustration of this trend: its clutch handle is smooth and progressive thanks to the action of the APTC (Adler Power Torque Clutch), which is a valuable advantage in the city. The wide handlebars are also an asset and give the crew incredible ease and liveliness..

However, the transalpine is not to be confused with a courier wheel either and it does not really facilitate daily life: for example it is impossible to carry any lock and not much easier to hang a bag because of the exhaust pipes ! As for the fate of a possible passenger, let’s not talk about it !

But the Ducati is still protected from theft by a coded key immobilizer: a real plus, given its flashy side! It also has a 100% digital dashboard, fairly complete and perfectly readable night and day (read the "Instrumentation" part of our technical sheet below). To quibble a bit, we could just regret the absence of a gear indicator engaged.

Terror of the boulevards

The Hypermotard 796 is a real star of the cafe terraces but also a great tool for getting around town … quickly! It shines pretty well for a Ducati and skilfully plays back lines, if you take care to fold the mirrors.

Indeed, when the latter are deployed, the motorcycle is almost 1.20 m wide and goes absolutely nowhere. But riding without a rearview mirror is dangerous – and forbidden – so urban bikers can only be advised to opt for classic "rod" mirrors. Moreover, the small Hypermot ’commodos are ready to receive them: too bad for the style !

Like all air-cooled Ducat ‘s, the Hypermotard is not too keen on dropping below 3000 rpm. In fact, at very low revs, the twin-cylinder expresses its dissatisfaction by knocking and hiccupping: a problem partially offset by the softness of the clutch which allows fine dosing during maneuvers at low speeds.

In addition, the gearbox, admittedly a little dry but fast and precise, allows you to always set in the right gear and thus avoid under-revs. Note also that the motorcycle in our test, entrusted by Ducati France, was fitted with a 14-tooth gearbox output pinion instead of the original one which has 15: thus equipped, the twin loses a few km / h at top speed, but it gains in flexibility and fishing !

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