Supermotard – Ducati Hypermotard 796: damn sexy, the little sister! – Quick, but not too much!

Ducati Hypermotard 796: damn sexy, the little sister !

Supermotard - Ducati Hypermotard 796: damn sexy, the little sister! - Quick, but not too much!

Less intimidating than its 1100 cc elder, the Ducati Hypermotard 796 offers almost as much for almost € 3,000 less: a devilishly enticing program that Site put to the test during an exciting summer test ! Test.

Quick, but not too much !

When the tone is really raised, the Hypermot ‘796 lacks rigor in curves: although the tubular chassis is as rigid as on the 1100, the suspensions of the "seven-nine-six" are however much more – too – flexible on attack. This is certainly an advantage for comfort and versatility, but to be honest about this kind of finally, these criteria are not necessarily the most sought after…

In addition, given the low pressure on the handlebars, the front axle quickly loses its precision at a good pace, especially on bad surfaces. Nothing serious though, since the excellent braking allows you to get out of many situations with a feeling of total control. Simply, improvisation and unbridled arson undermine the balance of the Italian: an astonishing characteristic, given its sporty positioning…

However, when descending from this Hypermotard 796, the results are largely positive: less radical and exclusive than its big sister, it presents a pleasant and lively engine, as well as a homogeneity of good quality … except when driving – very – athletic.

And since it trades for € 2,710 less and has the same devastating look, the more pragmatic will probably bet on it, while lovers of big sensations – even cold sweats! – will turn to the Hypermot ‘1100 !

Criteria Ducati Hypermotard 796
Aesthetics and finish 9/10
Engine and transmission approval 11/15
Performances 7/10
Sound 4/5
Road holding and stability 7/10
Agility and maneuverability 8/10
Braking 8/10
Comfort and protection 4/10
Duo 4/10
Practical aspects 1/5
Consumption and autonomy 2/5
Total 65/100
Average 13/20

Table comments: Inevitably, this Hypermotard 796 wins more points thanks to its looks and driveability rather than its practicalities … But it is a very nice toy to put in all hands, or almost !

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