Test Vespa GTS 300 Super

Test Vespa GTS 300 Super

Test Vespa GTS 300 Super

New top model

Piaggio increases the Vespa. In addition to the GTS 125 and 250, the new top model is the GTS 300 Super ?? with more displacement, more torque and pretty details that are reminiscent of the glorious history of the Vespa GS.

They showed the way in 2006 with the small Vespa S 50/125.

The brave LX was tightened a little, got a nostalgic rectangular headlight, a bench with light gray piping, a red painted coil spring on the front single-sided swing arm ?? and the audience was blown away.

The seat and the coil spring can also be found on the new GTS 300 Super. In addition, black painted rims and ventilation slots in the right side panel, which, however, only fan the gas tank fresh air. However, they still fulfill their main task of remembering the Vespa 150 GS from 1955.

Unlike the small Vespa S, the GTS 300 has also changed in terms of drive technology. More bore and stroke result in 34 cubic centimeters more displacement than with the GTS 250, on whose engine the 300 is based and, as the purpose of the operation, ten percent more torque with fewer revolutions. In numbers: 278 instead of 244 cubic centimeters, 22.3 instead of 20.1 Newton meters at only 5000 instead of 6500 rpm. A lot of work, according to Piaggio, has been invested in achieving these beefy performance characteristics.

Striking effect: This drive inspires from the first meter with its brilliant power development. The 300 series Vespa cracks at the traffic light like none before it, makes the Automeute disappear in seconds in the rearview mirror. However, I don’t care about anything like that, nothing 70 or 80 km / h to you. And when driving slowly, the gas needs to be dosed with a sensitive hand, that’s how powerful the engine is. Piaggio names 118 km / h as the top speed, our test scooter ran 121 km / h ?? definitely enough for Vespagematic locomotion.

Otherwise, this is no different with the 300 than with the GTS 250. Pleasures such as good space, relaxed seating position and easy handling are paired with acceptable driving stability, which, however, cannot compete with that of a Honda SH 300i. The brakes anchor effectively, but require a strong pull on the lever and provide little feedback. Which is a reminder that the GTS 300 Super, regardless of its surprising sprint qualities, is made for strolling rather than sporty cornering.

Data Vespa GTS 300 Super


Details like a red coil spring add sporty accents to the GTS 300.

Water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, an overhead camshaft, four valves, wet sump lubrication, injection, G-Kat, E-starter, centrifugal clutch and variator.
Bore x stroke 75 x 63 mm
Cubic capacity 278 cm³
Compression ratio 11: 1
Rated output 15.8 kW (22 hp) at 7500 rpm
Max. Torque 22.3 Nm at 5000 rpm

landing gear
Self-supporting body made of sheet steel, drawn single-sided swing arm at the front, drive unit swing arm with two spring struts with adjustable spring base at the rear, front disc brake, Ø 220 mm, rear disc brake, Ø 220 mm.
Aluminum wheels 120 / 70-12 51P; 130 / 70-12 62P
Tires 120 / 70-12 51P; 130 / 70-12 62P
Pirelli GTS 23 / GTS 24 tires tested

Dimensions + weights
Wheelbase 1370 mm, seat height 790 mm, weight * 160 kg, payload * 180 kg, length / width 1930/755 mm, tank capacity 9.0 liters.
Two year guarantee
Colors white, black
Price 4899 euros including 180 euros for ancillary costs

Top speed 121 km / h

0 50 km / h 3.4 sec

50 100 km / h 10.5 sec
60 ?? 100 km / h 9.4 sec

Speedometer deviation
Effective (display 50/100) 45/92 km / h

Country road 3.6 l / 100 km / h
Theor. Range 250 km
Fuel type super


+ Acceleration from a standing start is enthusiastic
+ Ergonomics and space are exemplary
+ Hard to beat in design and style
+ Processing looks neat

– Helmet compartment is too flat for normal helmets
– Front suspension works insensitively
– Jacking up is relatively difficult
– The headlight lens is dazzling

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