The top ten motorcycles

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The top ten motorcycles


The top ten motorcycles

The top ten motorcycles
The ten best sellers in 2005

These ten motorcycles are both an incentive and a confirmation for their designers. Despite very different investments, they made it right to the front; among the top ten in Germany. Where are the roots of this success, what makes these models so irresistible?

Stefan Kaschel, Norbert Kappes, Ralf Schneider, Thomas Schmieder, Andreas Bildl, Werner Koch


What do Germans like to hear and buy most? This is a question that concerns CD producers, pop icons and pop stars. Landing a real hit and then staying in the charts as long as possible is what every young band dreams of. The marketing strategists of the motorcycle industry tick little else. But what are the people looking for? Bread-and-Butter Bikes because the fat years are over? Or maybe high-end machines, no matter what the cost? Would you like a little more flavor, or will sanity win in the end? The answer is simple: each of these strategies is popular. This is shown by a look at the current motorcycle charts, counted up to the end of October 2005. From the Federal Motor Transport Authority, not from Media Control. Slight shifts are still possible until the end of the year, but the statements are clear. For years. The Germans favor mid-range machines, 1000 super sports cars and fat BMWs. Four agile all-rounders and three top racers, all of Japanese origin, as well as three Bavarian ones made it into the top ten. Congratulations. The brief characteristics on the following pages explain the success of these ten chart breakers. Together they found 33697 buyers; they represent almost 30 percent of the total of 114,317 new registrations to date.

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The top ten motorcycles

The top ten motorcycles
The ten best sellers in 2005

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And the trends? ABS is becoming more and more important and is already available at five of the ten top sellers. Not new, however, that the number of new sales has been falling steadily since 1999. The motorcycle market is hardly any different from the music industry. A few of the smaller manufacturers, especially KTM and, at a lower level, Triumph and MV Agusta / Cagiva can gain. In the prestigious market leadership, Honda with 18.47 and BMW with 18.38 percent, ahead of Suzuki with 16.72 percent, are head-to-head. Until New Year’s Eve, Bayern will probably give it another go to defend the title from last year. First and foremost leads her R 1200 GS the statistics on. The Germans’ dearest child: Like every other of the top ten performers, it contains all direct predecessor models. The BMW K 1200 S has not replaced any other model, and yet it catapulted it to seventh place. Not least because of its optionally available chassis that can be electronically adjusted at the push of a thumb. The R 1200 RT also has this on board as an extra. Her ninth place continues the long-standing success of boxing travel tourers. The RT is the only real tourer among the top sellers. And besides her are only the Suzuki Bandit 650 and GSX-R 1000 real 2005 novelties.

Otherwise, the Germans are conservative and trust long-running favorites. Not slavishly, however. Three long-standing top acts fell from the charts this year. Suzuki’s successful models SV 650 and Bandit 1200 as well as the BMW F 650. What’s going on? To start at the back: Single-cylinder machines have a difficult time in this country, the trend towards more power and displacement is relentlessly continuing. In this respect, the success of the little GS was unprecedented. Apparently it has now done its job, 50 HP are only enough for a few. Although she still found 1739 fans, which means 15th place, in 2004 she made it to fourth place with 3703 tickets sold. And in 2006 you heat up the new F 800. In addition, the F 650 GS lost its exclusive feature in the middle class: The steadily increasing demand for ABS, praiseworthy, praiseworthy, caused a real breach of the dam on the supplier side. Honda made a highly successful start in 2004 with the CBF 600, which shot to number one in the charts as a shooting star in its first year. Your prescription? A lot of motorcycle for the money, variable ergonomics – and ABS. Driving schools and (re) beginners seized in droves. This year there is still enough for a respectable second place. Suzuki moved to the 2005 season with the Bandit 650 after – with more pressure and standard ABS. Whether it will overtake the Honda in 2006?

Is the Bandit 1200 – popular for ages, but hardly updated for 2006 – making its comeback thanks to ABS? And what will happen to the SV 650, which is still only available without ABS? After all, there is an ABS version of the popular Yamaha for next year FZ6 on the game board, the disguised variant of which goes by the traditional name Fazer. In general, the choice between nude and (partially) disguised variants is part of the mid-range success. Just like a CD single combines different mixes of the same song. Since this year they have taken that to heart Kawasaki Z 750, available as an “S” with paneling. In addition, she lures with a bass-heavy voice and an outrageous amount of bang for her class at low prices. This is rewarded by the buyers, lifting the Odds Kawasakis to eighth place in the sales statistics. But already in December Kawasaki’s newcomer named ER-6n / f starts to tour Germany, with ABS and even cheaper.

It’s exciting with the super athletes. Only 19 copies sold separate the Kawasaki ZX-10R from the Yamaha YZF-R1, which could even lose its tenth place. Even the ZX-6R, with 1920 copies, is within striking distance of the YZF-R1, which has sold 2029 times. The six-series Kawa counteracts the trend, which clearly points away from the 600 series super sports cars, with its noticeable increase in displacement and torque. Suzuki’s GSX-R 1000 scores particularly well in fifth place: the most successful machine and the only 2005 innovation in its class. In addition, as the only athlete among the ten best-placed machines in the 1000-point ranking by MOTORRAD. The Fireblade held its own in sixth place among new registrations. Normally, the zigzag sales balance of the super athletes resembles a fever curve at the bedside: They sell well after the model change that takes place every two years, but fall sharply in the second year and are no longer up to date. The Blade of 2005 is different. With 2862 new sales by October 2005, it is only slightly below the 3215 copies in 2004. A consequence of the stylish Repsol paintwork? Then where could a R1 in Rossi look end up? Which would ultimately only mean that the taste decides. Good this way! After all, when we buy a CD, we don’t let ourselves be told what to hear.

Technical data: BMW R 1200 GS

Engine: air / oil-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine, four
Valves per cylinder, injection, G-Kat, six-speed gearbox,
Cardan. Bore x stroke 101.0 x 73.0 mm, displacement 1170 cm3. Rated output: 72 kW (98 PS) at 7000 rpm. Max. Rotation-
torque: 115 Nm at 5500 rpm. Chassis: load-bearing engine-
Gear unit, telescopic fork guided by trailing arm, Ø 41 mm,
Single-sided swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut, direct
articulated, double disc brake front, Ø 305 mm, disc brake rear, Ø 265 mm, tires 110/80 H 19; 150/70 H 17.
Dimensions and weights: seat height 845 – 865 mm, weight full-
fueled 241 kg, tank capacity 20 liters. Price *: 12,750 euros

Plus / minus: BMW R 1200 GS

Great suitability for everyday use, comfortable chassis and good-natured driving behavior, thanks to good wind protection and comfortable bench (height-adjustable) ideally suited for long journeys, long range due to low consumption, optionally good
Case system, high value retention, ABS option
Cardan reactions, constant speed jolts when coasting, sometimes hard shifting gearbox, poorly metered brakes by brake booster, ABS control behavior that takes getting used to, very low payload (183 kg), needs Super Plus

Technical data: Honda CBF 600 / S

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine, four
Valves per cylinder, carburetor, U-Kat with SLS, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain, bore x stroke 65.0 x 45.2 mm, displacement 600 cm3. Rated output: 57 kW (78 hp) at 10500 rpm. Max. Torque: 58 Nm at 8000 rpm. Chassis: central tube-
Frame made of steel, telescopic fork, Ø 41 mm, two-arm swing arm made of steel, central spring strut, directly hinged, double discs-
front brake, Ø 296 mm, rear disc brake, Ø 240 mm, tires 120/70 ZR 17; 160/60 ZR 17.Dimensions and weights:
Seat height 795 +/- 15 mm, weight 229 kg with a full tank,
Tank capacity 19 liters. Price *: 6790 (7090) euros

Plus / minus: Honda CBF 600 / S

Very good price-performance ratio, height-adjustable bench, optional ABS, extensive accessories, easy-to-shift gearbox, low tendency to stand up when braking in an inclined position, handy and stable chassis, good braking metering
Tired start from the lower rev range, not very comfortable chassis tuning, hidden seated choke, main stand
only with ABS as standard, cumbersome height adjustment of the bench, relatively high weight, low payload (174 kg), too tightly padded bench, high consumption

Technical data: Suzuki Bandit 650 / S

Engine: air / oil-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine, four
Valves per cylinder, carburetor, U-Kat with SLS, six-speed gear-
drive, O-ring chain, bore x stroke 65.5 x 48.7 mm, displacement 656 cm3. Rated output: 57.4 kW (78 hp) at 10,100 rpm.
Max. Torque: 59 Nm at 7800 rpm. Chassis: double loop frame made of steel, telescopic fork, Ø 41 mm, two-arm swing arm made of steel, central spring strut with lever system, double disc brake at the front, Ø 290 mm, disc brake
rear, Ø 240 mm. Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 160/60 ZR 17.
Dimensions and weights: Seat height 770/790 mm, weight with a full tank of 228 kg, tank capacity 20 liters. Price: 6490 (6790) euros

Plus / minus: Suzuki Bandit 650 / S

Undemanding inexpensive all-rounder, silky smooth running engine, decent torque and linear power delivery, good straight-line stability, extensive equipment, very long range, bright light, high payload (204 kg), good
regulating, standard ABS
Unfavorably cranked handlebars, slightly spongy brake pressure point, suspension that is too soft, processing could be better, high weight

Technical data: Yamaha FZ6 / Fazer

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine, four
Valves per cylinder, injection, U-Kat, SLS, six-speed-
gear, O-ring chain, bore x stroke 65.5 x 44.5 mm,
Displacement 600 cm3. Rated output: 72 kW (98 hp) at 12,000 rpm. Max. Torque: 63 Nm at 10,000 rpm.
Chassis: bridge frame made of aluminum, telescopic fork,
Ø 43 mm, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut, directly hinged, double disc brake at the front, Ø 298 mm, disc brake at the rear, Ø 245 mm, tires 120/70 ZR 17, 180/55 ZR 17. Dimensions and weights: seat height 810 mm,
Weight with a full tank 209 kg, tank capacity / reserve 19.4 / 3.4 liters. Price: 6750 (7205) euros

Plus / Minus: Yamaha FZ6 / Fazer

Great suitability for everyday use, great chassis, stable and precise, long range, good seating comfort, effective braking system, low inspection costs, low consumption of rural roads
In order to move forward quickly, high engine speeds are necessary, hard throttle response, pronounced load change reactions, righting moment when braking in an inclined position, confusing cockpit, no ABS yet (only in 2006)

Technical data: Suzuki GSX-R 1000

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder-
In-line engine, four valves per cylinder, injection, U-Kat with SLS, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain, bore x stroke 73.4 x 59.0 mm, displacement 999 cm3. Rated output: 131 kW (178 hp) at
11000 rpm. Max. Torque: 118 Nm at 9000 rpm. Chassis: aluminum bridge frame, upside-down fork,
Ø 43 mm, two-arm swing arm with aluminum upper cables, central spring strut with lever system, double disc brake at the front, Ø 310 mm, disc brake at the rear, Ø 220 mm, tires 120/70 ZR 17; 190/50 ZR 17. Dimensions and weights: seat height
810 mm, weight with a full tank 200 kg,
Tank capacity 18 liters. Price: 12,999 euros

Plus / minus: Suzuki GSX-R 1000

Enormously powerful engine, great chassis, excellent stability, outstanding performance, precise shifting, almost perfect braking system
Low payload (175 kg), high maintenance costs, fork too little progressive, high pollutant emissions, narrow range of use

Technical data: Honda Fireblade

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder-
In-line engine, four valves per cylinder, injection, Ø 44 mm, G-Kat, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain, bore x stroke 75.0 x 56.5 mm, displacement 998 cm3. Rated output: 126 kW (171 hp) at
11250 rpm. Max. Torque: 115 Nm
at 8500 rpm. Chassis: aluminum bridge frame, upside-down fork,
Ø 43 mm, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut with lever system, double disc brake at the front, Ø 310 mm, disc brake at the rear, Ø 220 mm,
Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 190/50 ZR 17. Dimensions and weights: seat height 820 mm, weight with a full tank of 211 kg, tank capacity
18 liters. Price: 12990 euros

Plus / minus: Honda Fireblade

Chassis extremely stable and balanced, high steering precision, stable driving behavior, impeccable workmanship, good light, clearly readable instruments, reference brake
Bad visibility in the rear-view mirrors,
Engine quite thirsty at higher speeds, weak starting at 2000 rpm, pronounced load change reactions, low payload (177 kg), high maintenance costs

Technical data: BMW K 1200 S

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine,
four valves per cylinder, injection, G-Kat, six-speed gearbox, cardan shaft, bore x stroke 79.0 x 59.0 mm, displacement 1157 cm3. Rated output: 123 kW (167 hp) at 10250 rpm. Max. Torque: 130 Nm at 8250 rpm. Chassis: Bridge frame made of aluminum, double longitudinal control arm made of aluminum, suspension strut, two-jointed single-sided swing arm made of aluminum, central suspension strut with lever system, double disc brake at the front,
Ø 320 mm, rear disc brake, Ø 265 mm,
ABS, tires 120/70 ZR 17; 190/50 ZR 17. Dimensions and weights: Seat height 825 mm, weight with a full tank
254 kg, tank capacity 19 liters. Price: 15310 euros

Plus / minus: BMW K 1200

Powerful engine, stable chassis with technically unusual solutions, good driving behavior with a pillion passenger, great lean angle, great seating comfort for the driver, low seat height and good knee grip, optionally available, electronically adjustable chassis, ABS as standard
Bad engine response, difficult braking, low range and payload (196 kg), high purchase price, high under-
Maintenance costs, sometimes loud switching noises, need Super Plus

Technical data: Kawasaki Z 750 / S

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder-
In-line engine, four valves per cylinder, injection, U-Kat with SLS, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain, bore x stroke 68.4 x 50.9 mm, displacement 748 cm3. Rated output: 80.8 kW (110 hp) at
11000 rpm. Max. Torque: 75 Nm at 8200 rpm. Chassis: backbone frame made of steel, telescopic fork, Ø 41 mm, two-arm swing arm made of steel, central spring strut with lever system, double disc brake at the front, Ø 300 mm, disc brake at the rear, Ø 220 tires, 120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17. Dimensions and weights: seat height 800 mm, weight with a full tank 224 kg, tank capacity 18 liters. Price: 7195 (7495) euros

Plus / minus: Kawasaki Z 750 / S

Great price-performance ratio, gearbox that can be shifted precisely, good seating position, disguised S version provides effective protection against airflow, deep exhaust sound
Non-adjustable fork, soft-tuned chassis, low payload (178 kg), uncomfortable pillion seat

Technical data: BMW R 1200 RT

Engine: air / oil-cooled two-cylinder-
Boxer engine, four valves per cylinder,
Injection, G-Kat, six-speed gearbox,
Cardan, bore x stroke 101.0 x 73.0 mm, displacement 1170 cm3. Rated capacity:
81 kW (110 PS) at 7500 rpm. Max. Torque: 115 Nm at 6000 rpm. Chassis: load-bearing engine-gearbox-
Unit, trailing arm guided telescopic fork,
Ø 35 mm, single-sided swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut, directly hinged,
Double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, rear disc brake, Ø 265 mm,
Composite braking system, ABS, tires
120/70 ZR 17, 180/55 ZR 17. Dimensions
and weights: seat height 820/840 mm,
Weight with a full tank 284 kg, tankin-
holds 27 liters. Price: 15,100 euros

Plus / minus: BMW R 1200 RT

Amazingly handy for the weight,
Lush equipment, optionally available, electronically adjustable chassis, electrically adjustable window, very good light, outstanding range, opulent seating comfort, high payload (223 kg), perfect wind protection, low consumption
View to the front and rear restricted, difficult maneuvering due to the heavy weight, painted cases are sensitive to scratches, needs Super Plus, high purchase price

Technical data: Yamaha YZF-R1

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine,
five valves per cylinder, injection, U-Kat with SLS, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain, bore x stroke
77.0 x 53.6 mm, displacement 998 cm3. Rated output: 126.4 kW (172 hp) at 12500 rpm. Max. Torque: 107 Nm at 10500 rpm. Chassis: Bridge frame made of aluminum, upside-down fork, Ø 43 mm, two-arm swing arm with aluminum beams, central spring strut with lever system, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, disc brake at the rear, Ø 220 mm, tires 120/70 ZR 17; 190/50 ZR 17.Dimensions and
Weights: seat height 815 mm, weight with a full tank of 203 kg, tank capacity / reserve 18 / 3.4 liters. Price: 13,100 euros

Plus / Minus: Yamaha YZF-R1

Super powerful engine, rumbling exhaust sound, great workmanship, perfectly tuned chassis, low consumption, responsive brakes, easy-to-shift gearbox
Slight torque drop at 7000 rpm, high maintenance costs, low wind protection, narrow application area

MOTORCYCLE forecast Top Ten 2006

MOTORRAD dares to look back on the coming 2006 season. “Motorcycles with ABS”, that’s how it should begin,
»Have had a great success this year: ABS bikes represent nine of the ten top sellers. Five of them are real novelties … ??

She came to BMW just as it was called. Thanks to the brand new adventure version, the R 1200 GS was able to successfully defend its reputation as the favorite child of the German two-wheeler guild in 2006 as well. Together again more than 6000 GS found new buyers. The 1200 Adventure follows the same successful path as the standard GS: stronger, lighter and smoother than the 1150. Directly behind the Bavarian travel enduro, a newcomer has successfully sucked in, the Honda CBF 1000. It seems to be tailored to the Teutonic tendency towards sobriety and pragmatism.
Her little sister, the CBF 600, paved the way, even though she is fifth in the third year of its existence
Popularity scale was passed. Now the 1000 sister continues the success story. Honda managed the feat of keeping the cheaper and beefier Bandit 1200 at a distance. It is true that she made it back into the top ten with ABS, in sixth place. But even a recipe for success can get on in years, carburetors and U-Kat are no longer enough
for a place on the podium.
“Have always met the expectations placed in them to the fullest satisfaction.” Kawasaki should have been something like that after the
describe its ER-6 models in the first year. The 650 has the Z 750 all over Europe her role as the most successful Kawasaki. No wonder, the ER-6f offers a stylish full fairing including a safe anti-lock braking system at the price of the bare Z 750 (7195 euros). So the trend towards ABS now has the entire continent
recorded. In addition, the lively 650 Kawa is the only machine in its class that is naked or fully disguised. The Germans honored this with third place. And Suzuki’s 650 bandit managed to overtake the Honda CBF 600 thanks to more thrust space.
The ABS-proven Yamaha FZ6 / Fazer is now in seventh place. The BMW sports boxer R 1200 S moves close to you. There is no doubt that the S ties in seamlessly with the success of the larger 1100s sister right from the start. The 2006 model of Honda’s super-sporty spearhead Fireblade is also dancing on a wave of success. No other 1000 of this caliber came in this country
so good at. And in tenth place is the third BMW, which is still popular
K 1200 S.
But measured in terms of the car market, we’re even talking about peanuts among the top sellers, with 2,000 to 6,000 units per year.
VW would have been packing up for a long time.
In this respect, in front of all the limelight, you shouldn’t forget the motorcycle types that are a little in the shadows. After all, that’s exactly what the exotic ones mean
Salt in the soup of the motorcycle market. If you drive Benelli or Ducati, Guzzi or Triumph, KTM or MV, you are doing it to set yourself apart. So let’s look forward to exciting motorcycles 2007, bestsellers, niche bikes and machines for connoisseurs. And maybe a top seller that is not called the BMW R 1200 GS.

BMW R 1200 GS

The GS sells better in this country than all models from Aprilia, Buell,
Ducati, Moto Guzzi and MZ together. What else do you have to say? the
Quotasqueen is leading the admission hit parade for a reason. In the sum of its properties, the 1200 GS is still considered to be unrivaled versatility and is a particularly successful compromise between travel and enduro. Above all, their stable, handy and precise chassis sets standards. Commuting with suitcases? BMW leaves that to others.
Even off-road something works with the Brummer. Thanks to its favorable center of gravity on loose ground, the good-natured GS is easier to control than most of its competitors, with the exception of the 950 KTM. Maybe that’s what characterizes the GS feeling. You could if you wanted to. Whether in Bottrop or Timbuktu, on the gravel pass or the motorway, on a superbike hunt or in the urban jungle, the characteristic duckbill always arrow safely forward.
Thanks to lush torque, the air / oil-cooled boxer inspires you in the winding curves, and it bubbles through even on trial passages. The GS was the first model with the new 1200 engine, which in terms of smoothness and revving
acts much better than the 1150 predecessor. In addition, the 1200 was a good 20 kilograms lighter. And, as always, is stable in value when resold. The Bavarians traditionally draw a trump card when it comes to desired equipment, every machine rolls
ready-to-use with individual extras from the assembly tapes. With ABS, heated grips and wire wheels, for example.
But be careful, the payload is only mediocre. The sales of the four-valve GS models, however, never were. The R 1150 GS in particular stormed the charts year after year. Even in 2004, when the 1200 was already on the market, the 1150 still found 1,652 buyers. So the GS family was together in the previous year
before the Honda CBF 600. And this year there are 482 R 1150 GS Adventure models in addition to the 6645 R 1200 GS. You can stop if you just want to. tsr

Christopher Salzmann on the BMW R 1200 GS

The 1200 still has the same abbreviation? GS ??, but is a completely new, better vehicle that conveys pure driving pleasure

Honda CBF 600 / S

An indestructible 600 engine in a functional chassis, with a discreet plastic cover around it? the best-seller is ready. Don’t come with me now
the question of character and charisma. And because of that, emotionless: This 600 series was the first mid-range motorcycle with a full four-cylinder sound, thick tires and ABS. With the Honda CBF 600 you belong, you can see and hear yourself
to let. The thing sprints from zero to one hundred in 4.2 seconds ?? there even has one
Porsche Boxster bad cards.
Even if the chunky steel frame looks like the banister on the
Underground station, the CBF zaps around the corner like an oiled lightning bolt, drives stable and really grown up. Just like the first-class brakes, which, with ABS, do not have to fear any slippery soap. Widely distributed cow dung, construction site dirt, rain, gravel: everything is flawless
regulating ABS brakes like a parachute and keeps horse and rider safely on track.
It is good that Honda is not stingy when it comes to standard tires, so curves and bends are not an adventure, but a dynamic pleasure. That’s exactly what matters: fun motorcycling with all the trimmings at a fair price. Without compromising on active safety. Sitting position, brake metering, feedback, cornering stability ?? All in all, the CBF is a motorcycle that was jokingly ennobled with the predicate “unstoppable” after thousands of tough test kilometers in the MOTORRAD test drive.
That may be a bit of an exaggeration
be, but brings the overall character of the
CBF 600 in a nutshell. Because it makes known border areas good-naturedly, in good time and unequivocally, without unsettling people. On the contrary.
What the small Honda lacks, however, is a powerful engine, so that the good mood continues even with a heavy load and on steep inclines. How come
what is done Ideally with two shot glasses more displacement and a modern injection system. Because nothing and nobody forces the CBF to strictly adhere to the 600 formula. wek

Aaron Lang on the Honda CBF 600 / S

The CBF 600 complies with
variable seat height and
Handlebar position as well as a very good price-performance ratio the basic needs of the
Motorcyclists. There is therefore an above-average proportion of women and those returning to work
decided for them. In addition, the CBF 600 is the ABS-
Middle class pioneer

Suzuki Bandit 650 / S

Germany, united bandit country. The middle-class robber has been used as an escape helper from everyday life in the Federal Republic of Germany more than 46,000 times, with 600
and 650 cm3. The 600 series occupies second place after the Yamaha XV 535. Fashion phenomena rolled off the little bandits like raindrops on a lotus flower. Technically simple, not a high-flyer in terms of driving dynamics, and yet a trendsetter and top seller. Many motorcycles have appeared and gone out in the past ten years, a bandit remained a bandit remained a bandit. No frills, inexpensive, classless.
Facelift? Every five years only. What has always remained is a neat appearance, for example the exposed one in the vehicle color
painted frame. You can also choose between a masked or unmasked variant. And uncomplicated handling. The pure
Driving pleasure ?? like saving. Because the 600 was cheap from the start. Has existed since its launch in 1995
She full throttle, on the road to success, became a bestseller in 1997.
After the first (!) Facelift in 2000, it shot again to second place. After that it went steadily downhill? on a high level. In 2004 the bandit tumbled out of the top ten and Honda’s CBF took over. Time to act. Since the beginning of 2005, the tried and tested, beautifully finely ribbed four-cylinder has had an extra portion of stroke (space). With 656 cm3 it offers more torque for less turning moments. Where the 600er lived badly from the speed, (it) makes the 650er simply more casual. Although the V2 sister SV 650 is much more lively, this is definitely enough pressure here.
No prestige horsepower, but one to one fully usable 78 horses. Lively and manageable. Because hand on heart: Who will ever call up more on winding country roads? So what. No, true bandits will not bring you into the kitten with regard to your driving license or to the hospital if you have overestimated yourself. And if the going gets tough, the current year even has ABS on board as standard. All that remains on the wish list is injection and G-Kat. tsr

Bert Poensgen on the Suzuki Bandit 650 / S

The bandit is one
the most successful Suzuki ever. More displacement and ABS make the 650s very attractive

Yamaha FZ6 / Fazer

Hardly understood that correctly
someone. There was Yamaha with the
FZS 600 a real hit in the
Program ?? and deleted it for the 2004 model year from one day to the next. Regardless
of all the qualities that guaranteed her a subscription place in the top ten. After all: there were replacements. The FZ6 and its half-clad sister Fazer. But whether the new ones would be so successful?
For the next two years, Yamaha proved wrong to all doubters. 3872 Fazer found a buyer straight away in 2004 ?? a record that its predecessor had never reached. In 2005 it was in fourth place with 3,259 units. Regardless of the fact that its engine, adapted from the R6 sports sister, cannot deny its origins to this day.
Now it is certainly not the astronomical speeds that make the Fazer so
popular. They tend to stay in everyday life
unwelcome. It is the successful compromise that makes the Fazer interesting.
Example design: Compared to the competition, the Fazer not only looks sporty, but also extroverted. And still so down-to-earth that traditionalists are not scared off. Take the chassis, for example: not overly manageable, but not stubborn either, not ultra-sporty, but not a softie. The FZ6 is just as suitable for strolling as it is for heating and has an enormous range.
For example, value for money: The completely bare FZ6 is clearly below 7,000 euros ?? and offers a state-of-the-art four-cylinder with a full 98 hp
a modern and ultra-stable aluminum bridge frame of the latest generation. And that where the class competition is sometimes attracting customers with very old double loops in backyard quality.
And last but not least: The Fazer offers space for tall people without scaring the little ones. It suits the thick as well as it does the thin. In short: apart from the somewhat strange cranking of the handlebars, it is a prime example of how to please everyone. And the
is ?? different than in politics? also a guarantee of success for the next few years. sec

Michael Knuth-Sajonz on the Yamaha FZ6 / Fazer

Our customers like the uncomplicated handling, the high accuracy and suitability for everyday use, the low consumption

Suzuki GSX-R 1000

Suzuki GSX-R 1000 ?? Even today, at the end of the fifth season and with the third model of this super sports family, the name arouses an impression of the force with which the original model from 2001 shot out a mighty pound of performance, lightness and dynamism. Even
the successful Honda Fireblade and Yamaha YZF-R1 were shaken, especially since the newcomer was with them
impeccable chassis manners and high active safety.
The current GSX-R 1000 has a wonderfully balanced chassis
also, but the performance differences between her and the competition are
largely leveled. In return, it offers a previously unknown linearity of the
Power delivery and an unmatched
smooth response. These virtues are, after all, the
for 2006 only slightly revised Yamaha
R1 and the new Kawasaki ZX-10R have shown so far to remain the plus of the Suzuki. If not the new Honda Fireblade sets the standard. But even then it would remain
the total work of art GSX-R 1000 one of the best motorcycles in the world. ras

Michael Machelett on the Suzuki GSX-R 1000

The first test drive with the
GSX-R 1000 made me, one
longtime and convinced member
the one-liter V2 fraction, to one
Defectors into the camp of the four rows-
cylinder. With every trip you have
it then again ?? the big grin
under the helmet

Honda Fireblade

The finely made, massive aluminum swingarm in the style of MotoGP racers, the silencer fitted neatly under the seat or the aggressive, but straightforward cladding ?? the still current Fireblade is more specifically designed for racing than its predecessor. However, despite the commitment to sport, do not forget about everyday life. The finely balanced chassis and, above all, the powerful engine ensure relaxed driving at high speed.
In its power delivery, the four-cylinder engine doesn’t show any break-ins or break-outs that would make the driver wrinkle worries in the bends. Sit on, drive off, feel good. To this
The typical Honda character also fits the electronically regulating steering damper: it only intervenes when it burns, otherwise goes unnoticed.
Certainly there are even lighter, even stronger, even more extreme 1000s. But the balance between racing genes and comfort obviously seems to suit the taste of the fans. In the noble Repsol paintwork, which adds a dash of racing spirit to every short trip for an extra charge of 300 euros. abi

Sibylle Henke on the Honda Fireblade

Cool look, perfect workmanship, great
Tradition ?? we’ve never had so many
Fireblades sold
like this year!

BMW K 1200 S.

It is always said that BMW drivers are so down-to-earth-
constantly and did not value high peak performance. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Despite some technical difficulties at the start of production, the K 1200 S in the top ten straight away
the registration statistics. And in the latest K generation, there is a 167 hp inline four-cylinder that, installed transversely, could just as easily have rolled off the production line at any Japanese manufacturer. Now BMW can do it thanks to the S with Hayabu-
sa and co. take up easily,
ultimately, at least for them
Approval charts, easily put in your pocket.
Whereby its powerful engine
It is certainly not decisive why the K 1200 S
pleased with such popularity. Because 167 hp or not, this BMW also remains true to the image of the comfortable and safety-conscious motorcycle “made in Bavaria”. ABS and ESA (electronic adjustment of
Spring base and damping in the three different levels (comfort, normal, sport) are only available for an extra charge, but seating comfort, wind and weather protection and ergonomics are already at an extremely high level as standard. So even the sportiest of all BMWs
goes through with their wellness program as a recommendable tourer.
The Duolever chassis with aluminum bridge frame and Paralever single-sided swing arm impresses with its high steering precision and driving stability. The sensitive response behavior of the suspension elements and the surprisingly easy handling of the 254-kilo chunk are also astonishing, which is why the sports tourer has fun on winding country roads
wags. It is not without reason that the K 1200 S is at the top of the 1000-point ranking by MOTORRAD with 743 points. nk

Franz Beckmann on the BMW K 1200 S.

The S shines with a powerful engine and super stable handling too
second and with a good seating position for tall drivers. The possibility is great
Chassis to the road conditions elek-
tronically adapt. When BMW at
If the gearbox and weight were to be improved, the S would be a real sports tourer

Kawasaki Z 750 / S

The curve is enough. Just take a look at the curve? and the matter is clear. What is meant here is not the course of the asphalt strip in front of the nose, but the performance curve on the test stand roller. And what is good here is not a profile that is as curved as possible, but rather the shortest connection between the minimum and maximum value. Ideally a straight line? and thus almost like the Z-750 engine.
No question about it, the drive is the pound with which the Z can grow. And the
The recipe for success is as old as Nippon’s world career. 750 cm3, four cylinders in line ?? the Honda CB 750 scored points. However, under completely different conditions. What was the crowning glory of motorcycle construction back then is simply that extra portion today. Exactly 150 cm3 separate the
Z 750 from the female competitors with whom she competes on price. And they are used in an exemplary manner.
Kawa promises a whopping 110 hp, a tight 107 for the MOTORCYCLE measurement. Plus pressure in all positions. That goes down with the audience. Especially when it comes with a contemporary design and a good portion of suitability for everyday use. sec

Bruno Dotsch on the Kawasaki Z 750 / S

Very good draft, striking exterior and the best price-performance ratio in its class ?? the Z 750
is the point on the i

BMW R 1200 RT

The new 1200 RT should outperform its predecessor in all respects. And she succeeded completely. The boxer could not quite hold a candle to the Yamaha FJR 1300 ABS in the comparison test (MOTORRAD 11/2005). But this is to be understood purely in terms of motor. Its 110 hp are easily enough for the RT for lively touring.
Velvet has never been so luxurious
excellent wind and weather protection so dynamic. The 284 kilogram Bavarian sedan chair has an extreme
stable chassis that follows the ideal line in almost all cases. And for a surcharge, it can even be electronically adjusted to the load and road condition. Two people, a lot of luggage? No problem. Neither
in fast corners, tight hairpin bends or
the BMW feels uncomfortable at top speed,
it never becomes unstable or commutes. That has
Rarity among the top tourers. Despite its opulent dimensions, the RT is extremely handy. The only drawback: Thanks to the wide saddle, which can be adjusted in height between 830 and 850 millimeters, people with short legs hardly ever reach the ground. In terms of equipment, the Tourer can only be beaten by a car. raw

Hartwig Stammeier about the BMW R 1200 RT

After 40,000 kilometers points to R 1150 RT
my 1200s, that BMW has succeeded, an even better one
Build travel motorcycle

Yamaha YZF-R1

The R1 has undergone an amazing change over the years. Originally a radical super sports car that sent careless pilots onto the boards in rows with a massive torque transducer, the R1 quickly got the reputation of a beautiful beast. Perhaps one of the reasons that the sports drivers were enthusiastic, but were a little more reluctant to buy. Apart from 1999, the R1 was ranked 13th and 29th in the sales hit list.
Until Yamaha did what the MotoGP engineers said at the top of the specifications for the M1 world champion bike
have: perfect drivability, a steering damper prevents fidgeting handlebar stubs. And above all, the torque was cut in the middle range, and peak power was shifted to higher regions. Doesn’t make the R1 any slower, but much easier to handle. Because the perfectly coordinated Funfven-
tiler still offers more than enough pressure. And now he almost
has gained the sparkling joy of revving a lively 600 series. Which you can actually call up where it makes sense with the corresponding enormous power.
And because the chassis has everything from comfortable to sporty, the R1
With its ergonomic chest of drawers it is practically a super sporty all-rounder. Which also scores with perfect workmanship, unmistakable design and a wonderful sound. Which makes it difficult for testers to find anything to complain about at all. The fans are obviously happy. The R1 was still bogging down in 2003 with 1924
sold units in 20th place, in 2004 almost twice as many buyers took hold
new model. What would have been in it with a Rossi replica? abi

Jorg Schneider about the Yamaha YZF-R1

For me she leaves
R1 neither optically
still technical
Wishes open. Chassis and engine
work great

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