Tires – New Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa 2008 –

New Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa 2008

Tires - New Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa 2008 -

Pirelli draws on its experience in the Superport World Championship to offer bikers increasingly efficient racing tires on the roads. Presentation of the new Diablo Supercorsa during offseason testing at the Vallelunga circuit.

Pirelli relies on the experience acquired in the Superport world championship to offer bikers increasingly efficient racing tires on the road. This year, as has been the case for two years, the Italian manufacturer took advantage of the off-season testing to very officially present its new Diablo Supercorsa tire. Direction Vallelunga, in the northern suburbs of Rome.

Despite the heat on the Vallelunga track, all the Superbike and Supersport world championship teams are working hard (read).

It is under these conditions that Pirelli has decided to very officially present the new Diablo Supercorsa which will be marketed at the beginning of 2008. By drawing on the lessons directly drawn from the Supersport world championship, Pirelli offers its customers a modeled evolution every year. on that enjoyed by the drivers of the world championship.

"The pneumatic evolution has arrived for everyone during the Assen round in April", specifies the tire manager of the Kawasaki Gil Motor Sport team.:"we have several rubber references depending on the circuit and the temperature conditions encountered".

It is on this basis that Pirelli relies to offer the general public a racing tire approved for the road, which should guarantee both great grip qualities and appreciable endurance over time. This year, the in-house engineers decided to work on the front and rear profiles..

Until then very round, the new Diablo Supercorsa adopts a profile slightly more pointed. The pilots are unanimous: the front axle is much more precise and the gain in grip at the rear is "spectacular". And since the arrival of this new tire in the Supersport world championship, the lap times in the race have fallen considerably..

Thus, depending on the layout and the track conditions, the best drivers have gained between 30 seconds and more than a minute over the total duration of the race. That is to say on average one second per lap in the race depending on the circuit: huge !

Invited by Pirelli to try this new tire the day after the Vallelunga tests, Site was able to appreciate the essential qualities of this racing compound. On the handlebars of standard motorcycles and on an unknown track, confidence in the tires is immediate. : we do not feel any hesitation from the front axle, which is literally stuck on the trajectory. And despite the extremely hot track conditions (+ 52 ° c on the ground), the Diablo Supercorsa offers flawless grip..

By supplying the Supersport platform exclusively, Pirelli is making great strides and the quality of its products approved for the road is constantly improving. The new Diablo Supercorsa will be available in early 2008 at Pirelli dealers.

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