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Tour tip Muritz

Tour tip Muritz
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Many streets and paths around the Muritz are unpaved and sandy, but you don’t need an enduro to dive into the “Little Sea”.

Annette Johann, Thomas Quast


If you let your motorcycle roll along a sandy path on the shore of the lake, while watching the sailing and motor boats go by over small sandy beaches and through the lush green reeds, you will understand the Slavic name Muritz. It means “little sea”. And you already have the impression that you are a good 100 kilometers further north on the Baltic Sea. Muritz can be reached quickly from Berlin or Hamburg. But you should give yourself a little more time for the lake with its extensive national park on the east bank and the surrounding waters if you want to explore the small roads and dirt roads extensively. There is no stopping water rats here anyway: swimming, paddling, rowing, surfing, sailing – everything can and is allowed. More comfortable people take a boat trip across the lake and enjoy the view from far outside. The two largest towns on the Muritz are Waren in the north and Robel in the south. Waren is located on a headland between Tiefwarensee, Feisnecksee and Muritz. A visit to the old town, the old port and the lakeside promenades of the city island are not only worthwhile because of the large restaurant-cafe and the many pubs. The half-timbered store in the harbor, the old houses around the market or the Muritz Museum also invite you to linger. In the smaller Robel old town, harbor and the Muritz promenade are also popular places to go. And it is worth climbing the tower of the 700-year-old St. Marien Church, located on a hill in the old town and in the immediate vicinity of the lake. The view over the city, its green surroundings and the west bank of the Muritz makes up for climbing stairs. Plenty of variety is provided not only during breaks, but also while driving. A widely ramified network of field, gravel, slab or sand paths, some old avenues, leads to picturesque villages like Klink or Sietow on the west bank. And also on the east bank with the adjoining wild and romantic Muritz National Park you can let yourself drift wonderfully. Although many paths in the nature reserve are only allowed to be used by locals, there are still enough free and interesting stretches along the wooded banks and through the dense Specker Forest.

The distance –

Distance: 180 kilometers Time: One to two days Route profile: Well-developed country roads, often avenues, but also many small field, gravel, slab and sand paths. Often coarse cobblestone breaks in the villages: Plenty of gastronomy in the larger towns, especially nice to sit on the Waren or Robeler lakeside promenade. There are kiosks and snack bars at the numerous campsites, including in the national park. Those interested in culture get their money’s worth in Waren and Robel

Info –

More than 700 lakes, marshlands, moors and extensive forests – the Mecklenburg Lake District is known as Germany’s Canada. The Muritz is the heart of the Mecklenburg terminal moraine landscape and, with its 117 square kilometers, it is the second largest lake in Germany after Lake Constance. Reason enough to take a few days to explore the region. And the lake district is an Eldorado for water rats.

ARRIVAL Via the A 24 from Hamburg to Berlin and then via the A 19 towards Rostock. From the Robel / Leizen exit you can quickly reach the south or west bank of the “Little Sea”. ACCOMMODATION All prices are for a double room with breakfast in the high season. With a view of the lake and close to the Muritz promenade, the hotel »Muritzterrasse«, Strabe der Deutschen Einheit 27, 17207 Robel, telephone 03 99 31/5 27 38, fax 03 99 31/5 01 64, from 120 marks. The hotel »Muritz-Park«, Boekerstrabe 3, 17248 Boek, telephone 03 98 23/2 15 59, fax 03 98 23/2 15 60, 130 Marks is located almost in the national park. Tip: There are few quarters right by the lake; if you evade a little, you can even spend the night in a castle at a reasonable price, namely in the »Schlosshotel Leizen«, 17209 Leizen, phone 03 99 22/80 70, fax 03 99 22/8 07 77, DM 120 Muritz is also an inexpensive and above all natural alternative, many campsites, which are often located directly on the lake shore. INFORMATION Tourist Information Robel, Am Hafen, 17207 Robel, Telephone 03 99 31/6 06 51. Tourist Information Waren, Neuer Markt 21 , 17192 Waren, phone 0 39 91/66 61 83 and Strandstrabe, 17192 Waren, phone 0 39 91/1 94 33.SEWERTHERTAttraction of the “Little Sea” is nature itself. The national park with its wild lake shores, moors and swamp forests is a must definitely explore, preferably on foot, by bike or from the water. Robel and Waren know how to please their historical old towns, small harbors and lakeside promenades. Waren is home to the Muritz Museum (Friedensstrasse 5), and in Robel you should not only visit the old St. Mary’s Church in the old town, but also climb its 58 meter high tower. From there you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views over the Muritz. There is also a lot to discover in and around the idyllic villages, such as the Boeker Muhle on the east bank or various castles of the former landed gentry.ACTIVITIES No question about it: all water sports such as swimming, rowing and sailing can be practiced extensively around the Muritz. Pedal boats and excursion boats are ideal for the less sporty. If you want to explore the area on foot, you can pass the time on the hiking trails in the Muritz National Park. LITERATURE Culture and nature take into account the Dumont travel book “Mecklenburgische Seenplatte” by Christiane Theiselmann, 19.80 Marks, with numerous pictures and maps. Exclusively related to the Muritz and correspondingly detailed is Jurgen Kniesz ?? “Muritz with 35 hikes and the National Park circular route”, Neumann’s landscape guide for 9.90 Marks. For orientation: the Allianz leisure map “Mecklenburg Lakes” (sheet 52) ​​is detailed and as usual precise for smaller areas and on top of that with descriptions of the sights. , Marco Polo, scale 1: 100,000 for 9.80 marks.

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