Trail – Test Ducati Multistrada 1200 DVT: the Italian Swiss Army Knife – Concept Multistrada: 4 motorcycles in one!

Ducati Multistrada 1200 DVT test: the Italian Swiss army knife

Trail - Test Ducati Multistrada 1200 DVT: the Italian Swiss Army Knife - Concept Multistrada: 4 motorcycles in one!

Faced with the rise of competitors, Ducati is upgrading its Multistrada 1200 to a 3G version (3rd generation), equipped with the new Testastretta 11 ° engine with DVT variable valve timing and ever more efficient on-board electronics.. Test.

Multistrada Concept: 4 motorcycles in one !

When it was launched in 2010, the ambition was to revolutionize motorcycle production by establishing itself as the first "4 in 1" motorcycle: efficient and practical on a daily basis in an urban cycle, capable of long-distance travel, of getting out of the asphalt if necessary. and above all to offer the most seasoned drivers a sporty behavior of the first order. In short, the ultimate and versatile motorcycle !

Ducati Multistrada 1200 DVT: availability, colors and prices

  • Availability: April 2015

  • Colors: red or white (S)

  • Price: € 17,590 (Standard), € 19,980 (S red) and € 20,090 (S white)

A daring bet, a priori successful in view of the many models produced and sold around the world, but nevertheless difficult to sustain in these times of and heightened competition … However, the, adopting the efficient electronic adjustment suspension in real time "DSS" (Ducati Skyhook Suspension) guarantee of dynamic behavior and increased comfort.

For 2015, the Borgo Panigale firm further improves the Multistrada concept (read our) by boosting the Testastretta 11 ° twin-cylinder by 10 additional horsepower (from 150 to 160 hp in full power) and equipping it with a (Desmodromic Variable Timing).

This makes it possible to continuously adjust the position of the camshafts – and therefore the valve crossing time -, in order to favor the choice of torque or engine power according to the pilot’s request via the accelerator control. ride-by-wire (reread our).

Associated with the Dual Spark ignition system (two spark plugs per cylinder) adopted in 2013, this technology allows, according to the manufacturer, to reduce fuel consumption by nearly "8%"(according to the" World Motorcycle Test Cycle "methodology, WMTC), while reducing pollutant emissions. Ducati also specifies that this engine already meets Euro 4 emissions standards..

But the improvements do not stop there, since the "Multi" gains in passing 11.5 Nm of torque and benefits in version "S" of DSS "Evolution" suspensions. Its 5D inertial measurement unit (the "electronic brain" of the motorcycle), inherited from the, interacts with the on-board electronics, in particular the ABS system, DSS suspension, anti-wheeling and the new DCL light system. LED turn signals (which light up and illuminate the aisles from 7 degrees of incline and a minimum speed).

We also note the arrival of an electronic key, a cruise control and backlit commodos. The "S" version also has a new color TFT screen, LED lights and the Ducati Multimedia System allowing the connection of telephone, GPS and Bluetooth headsets to the dashboard. A smartphone application providing many other functions is also planned, but it will not be available until April, when the new Multistrada 1200 DVTs are released..

A neat aesthetic

Aligned with a line in the courtyard of the hotel on the Island of Lanzarote (Spain), two groups of brand new Multistrada hold out their guides. On the one hand the standard versions, recognizable by their bright red color, on the other the "S" versions in "Iceberg" white, equipped with the Touring pack with side cases.

From the outset, we perceive the aesthetic changes common to these models, as well as the peculiarities of each of these versions. As Gianfelice Marasco (senior designer) explains to us, the general look is further refined with a more refined design, a sharper fork head (with a "duckbill" variously appreciated …), tighter lines , as well as a more slender and slender rear axle.

There are also new rims, a new aluminum handlebar with variable sections, a redesigned two-seater saddle to offer more room for the driver and passenger, with a more pronounced tank protection in the crotch, as well as radiator scoops and more harmonious tank sides.

The front tubular trellis frame is simplified and painted red to highlight the black Testastretta 11 ° engine with bronze anodized housings. Symbols of the upcoming Euro4 standard: an unsightly black box used to filter gasoline vapors to reduce polluting emissions appears on the left of the engine, while orange reflectors are stuck to the fork sleeves.

Unlike the standard model with conventional (adjustable) Sachs suspensions and 320mm Brembo M40 brakes, the Multistrada "S" sports Brembo M50 330mm disc brakes and semi-active DSS Evo suspensions also supplied by Sachs.

For this first MNC test, it is also equipped with the optional Touring pack which includes two beautiful suitcases (improved and redesigned) offering cumulative storage of 58 liters, a central stand and heated grips (adjustable on the handlebars on three levels).

The on-board instrumentation is complete and easily readable on the screen of the standard model, a little less on the color TFT screen of the "S" version, the more numerous and smaller indications of which are in fact more difficult to read..

Ignition key (smart key) in the jacket pocket, ignition then start at the right commodo and the Ducati twin-cylinder of the Multistrada 1200 Standard snorts with a pleasant and always virile sound. We have to travel a few kilometers at night to reach the place of the press conference, which will allow us to test the DCL curve lighting of the "S" model, which we must exchange on the way….

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