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Trips, tours, trips 2013

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Trips, tours, trips 2013

Excursions, tours, travel 2013 – tips for great experiences
Seven dreams

The same every year. If you look back, you have only implemented half of your plans and goals. Only one thing helps: plan now and enter it in bold in the calendar. Just like the MOTORRAD editors Ralf Schneider and Werner Koch, who do not want to withhold their seven exciting projects for 2013 from you. Recommended for imitation in a similar form.

Ralf Schneider, Werner Koch


Organized too late, no vacation, bad weather – something always comes up. And when it’s the lazy dog ​​that slumbers inside us and that prefers to sink into the sofa instead of swinging on the motorcycle.

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Trips, tours, trips 2013

Excursions, tours, travel 2013 – tips for great experiences
Seven dreams

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Then the year is over, the said motorcycle has its tires flat under the tarpaulin, and one is annoyed about the missed motorcycle trips. The consequence: now, right now and not tying down the plan in four, six or eight weeks. Take out the calendar, enter the dates depending on the project in the wall calendar in bold with a red marker and do what goes with it right away. No matter what you plan to do: do it. And always remember the wise words of Karl Napf, the inventor of the bread soup: “Don’t put anything on the back burner – it could be shorter than you think.”

coffe break

Trips, tours, trips 2013


Coffee break: even more beautiful at sunrise.

Get up early? Not really for me. Only when dictatorial timetables demand it or an Australian Grand Prix is ​​to be watched; so if there is no other way. Nevertheless, I like to admit that I am charmed every time I have to experience a beautiful summer morning that can be fresh and warm, bright and shady at the same time and is permeated with pleasant scents. The sun is still low and gives off apricot light, the streets are still almost empty …

It must be wonderful to get out of bed at four thirty on a morning like this and slip into the station wagon with half a sandwich between your teeth. Helmet on, gloves on and around three corners, sneaking away at the lowest possible speed. Nobody who rushes you, instead x-rayed dew drops on the roadside. Slowly the senses sharpen, muscles and tires become supple. I don’t know yet whether I’ll drive faster or just slide along like that. The morning will propose that to me, and I will agree. Maybe I’ll just drive to a place with a beautiful view and dream for half an hour. But before the rush hour starts or the notorious early draftsmen and Sunday morning heaters do their thing, I’ll be home with fresh rolls and let the scent of coffee waft through the house while my motorcycle cools off outside. I’ll do it this summer, for sure. Who wants to join in? But please not all at once!

Classic car market

Trips, tours, trips 2013


Suitable for your own age: a chic classic.

Off to the classic car market. With the saved 2000 euros it has to be this year: a motorcycle built in 1953, as old as you are. It was high time to thin out the vehicle fleet and sell the many used parts from the workshop. With a lot of effort, but also with the prospect of investing the money in new, old iron. The plan: 2000 euros in cash in your pocket and with the van to the classic car market. And that alone, without whisperers and doubters who turn over every euro in Swabian stinginess. No, now it will be checked, and when the dream motorcycle built in 1953 is for sale, it will be captured with a handshake and against a wad of euro bills and loaded immediately. Right away. That is why the transporter is there so that the doubters and whisperers do not lead you astray afterwards.

But as far as I know myself, instead of the old machine it can also be a set of fine wire-spoke wheels with Italian drum brakes or a Yamaha TZ racing engine. That would be a great basis for the next do-it-yourself construction. Not bad either. The 1953 motorcycle would then have to wait until the next round anniversary.


Trips, tours, trips 2013


At the limit: the Superbike-IDM has to be seen.

When was the last time you were at the racetrack? No, not on the couch in front of the telly. Really in the stands, with sunburn and racing sausage, air filled with castor oil and crackling tension when the field pokes through the corners on the first lap. Then I can make a recommendation: Superbike-IDM. The hammer. Me, after 25 years of racing for the first time in a long time on the racetrack. Season finale Hockenheim, qualifying, Sachskurve grandstand. You stand there and don’t believe it.

Actually, it’s all about the starting place down there, but the way the guys keep clean, it’s more a matter of life and death. They drive themselves to the cart so that it rattles, push their way into gaps that are not there, draw black lines from braking to driving out. No matter in which class or in which league. Whether with the very fast superbikes from the front row or the “backbenchers” in the 600 supersport class. The boys let it go that you can’t think of anything. You have to go there, your hat flies away. Up close, loud, hot, rock hard. No wonder, down there a couple of world champions are trying to stir up the national scene. And it holds against it with all means. Pure madness with a paddock you can touch. Go there!

father and son

Trips, tours, trips 2013

So that the boy doesn’t miss a thing: father and son on a tour of the Alps.

When the children are big and fully fledged, you know: That’s it for the nice childhood days. For real? Of course, the boy has already tried everything possible with the motorcycle. Race training with an instructor, dusty enduro tours, adventurous trips on a 125cc moped. Almost the whole program. But the best is still missing: the Alps. How often does the poor boy have to listen to the old camels with which Dad’s motorcycle clique fills entire birthday evenings. From the Silvretta high alpine road with the five-horsepower 50s, the snowstorm crossing on the Klausen Pass, the desert heating plants in the Bermuda Triangle Grimsel-Furka-Susten Pass. From which – thank God – the realization matured that the search for the limit should better take place in Hockenheim. I am sure that anyone who has never stood on top of an alpine pass on a motorcycle, in awe of the mountain giants with white peaks, is missing the icing on the cake.

Let yourself drift

Trips, tours, trips 2013

Jo Deleker

Let yourself drift: roam the landscape without a plan or goal.

Throw the hammer in the corner and run away. It is yours. Pack the motorcycle and your seven things, fill up the tank, and then let’s go. Take some time out and leave at home what secretly makes us all slaves. Mobile phone and iPad gone, cash instead of credit card, tent and sleeping bag instead of internet hotel reservations. How is that supposed to work? Ask yourself how it went when you were 20 years old. With little money and even less experience. Precisely because you just got on your motorcycle and off you go. Is still possible now, you just have to do it. No matter if two or five days.

Okay, five is better. Then you can let yourself drift, explore streets and landscapes for which you had no time before or which you have slipped past out of habit. Just turn where you’ve never turned before to see where you’re going when you arrive. You cut yourself into the bushes wherever it suits you. Up on the ridge with a view, for example, where you have long been wondering why there is no inn there. Now there is one for 99 euros from Polo – fabric room without breakfast. That’s available early the next morning at the bakery a few spots away, fresh from the oven.

Enduro tour through the Pyrenees

Trips, tours, trips 2013

Must be finally in 2013: Enduro tour through the Pyrenees.

The first speci has already agreed, because the enduro tour through the Pyrenees has been on his mind for years, because whoever has been there cannot help it. Why? Difficult to say, is probably because the mountain range along the French-Spanish border combines high alpine landscapes with a mild Mediterranean climate. But compared to the Alps, the routes to the peaks up to 3400 meters high are as good as traffic-free. Even in the main holiday season of August, the flow of people is limited to the designated tourist centers. And you can casually ignore them, because the wild landscape outside of these popular cities is particularly fascinating.

Curves to make you dizzy, gravel roads for the enduro fraction and inexpensive, rustic hostels with all the delicacies that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer. The very special attraction on the way through the Pyrenees chain: It connects the Mediterranean in the southeast with the rough Atlantic in the northwest. This guarantees exciting contrasts in landscape, culture and people. Which can be increased by planning your outward tour on the Spanish side, but the return tour on the French side. More variety is really not possible.

Adrenaline cure

Trips, tours, trips 2013


Adrenaline cure: when the knee pads scrape over the asphalt.

Some things used to be easier. Race training, for example. MOTORRAD and PS rented out every Monday afternoon for testing at the Hockenheimring. And there was always some sporty motorcycle, a pair of tires or an accessory that had to be tested.

Today race training is an expedition. Rare, time consuming and expensive. And that’s why it is so urgently needed, at least once a season. You routinely check the motorcycle, carefully heat the tires and ask yourself whether you are doing all this for the sake of driving pleasure and safety or to keep your own nervousness in check.

If it evaporates as soon as it hits the track, everything is fine. Alone with the machine; the little world around it plays on the edge of perception. Usually you automatically drive faster on the second day. And after this dynamic rejuvenation treatment, you are totally exhausted, but you feel like you have been reborn.

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