Triumph Scrambler SMoritz from Triworx and Free Spirits

Triumph Scrambler SMoritz from Triworx and Free Spirits

Triumph Scrambler SMoritz from Triworx and Free Spirits

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"Brave" say some, "unique" the others. And they could mean the same thing. What is original in any case is what Triworx junior designer Moritz Bree (9 years) has worked out together with Free Spirits head Marcello Fontana.

M.arcello Fontana, who calls himself "Grumpy Old Man" is convinced that the new generation of motorcycles must be given a platform where they can develop their creativity. Only in this way can the old professionals get back to work with new impulses.

"Grumpy Old Man “Marcello Fontana, head of Free Spirits and Moritz Brée, son of Tridays mastermind Uli Brée and as such junior designer from Triworx, have worked out a very special project together.

The 9-year-old Moritz is no stranger to the scene. A small, blond, casual guy who curves around in the specially converted Café Racer at events like Triumph Tridays and Glemseck101 and lets women’s hearts melt, has always drawn Triumph motorcycles with great enthusiasm and a lot of talent and builds 1:18 Motorcycle models.

After the presentation of the T12 from Free Spirits on Tridays 2012, Moritz made a 1:18 diorama including the T12 for Marcello. He was so enthusiastic about the talent of the young man that Fontana was obsessed with the idea of ​​giving this young talent a real motorcycle to design freely.

Moritz was given a completely free hand in the design of a Triumph Scrambler, Marcello only took care of the technical refinement of the machine. This collaboration resulted in a technically perfect, unique and imaginative work. A motorcycle that moves the heart.

The little master of design was not deterred or influenced by various objections from "Huge" and consequently designed his Triumph Scrambler. The individual parts such as the tank, fenders, lamp mask and seat were designed personally by Moritz. The seat cover was made by the SAM saddlery according to his specifications.

A big thank you goes to the company Auto Brückl and the saddlery SAM (Munich), who actively supported the young talent in his design work. The result is definitely impressive and combines young talent with old knowledge.

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