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Used advice Honda CB 500

Used advice Honda CB 500
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Honda’s new model in the inexpensive entry-level class had to bring the needs of the tourist couple economy and sporty soloists under one roof. The balancing act was successful. The twin, in which the upper housing part and cylinder pair are made from one piece, knows how to convince beginners and experts.

Peter Limmert


It took a long time for Honda to offer an affordable bike for beginners and advanced riders again after the CX 500. In 1993 the CB 500 presented in 34, 50 and 58 hp versions. Outwardly rather conservative, but sporty to move with an agile engine and blessed with a stable, almost lamb-like chassis, the compact two-cylinder machine brought beginners and advanced riders a lot of driving fun. Especially since the seat height was very moderate at 78 centimeters. Success was not long in coming. There are now more than 11,000 units in operation in this country.
It is also gratifying that Honda has successfully endeavored to extend the costly inspection intervals. The oil only needs to be changed every 12,000 kilometers, the valves only need to be checked at twice the distance.
And how often does the little twin, which goes straight to the point with valve control via shims and two overhead camshafts, has to go to the workshop unscheduled? In the long-distance test (MOTORRAD 4/1996), in which the test machine hurried 50,000 kilometers in less than a year and a half, no damage occurred except for a defective timing chain tensioner, a damaged steering head bearing and a few light bulbs in the stern and bow. The inner workings of the engine were in excellent shape, pistons and cylinders were even as good as new. A great result. Especially since Honda modified the tensioner in the first series. The simple ball bearing in the steering head, on the other hand, remains susceptible. And the high-frequency vibrations emitted by the engine rotating with connecting rods offset by 180 degrees and a balance shaft kill a filament every now and then.
Otherwise, however, the open engine, which has a respectable increase in power between 6500 and 10,500 rpm, knows how to impress, even if the gearbox, which can be shifted easily, requires a diligent gearshift foot for the necessary propulsion. In terms of manufacturing technology, the motor is a novelty in that the upper part of the housing and the cylinder pair are cast in one piece. This saves the foot seal, but causes cautious minds to grieve because the cast bushings are cast in the cylinder and so the entire block has to be replaced after the second oversize, which alone costs 3000 marks. Press spokesman Klaus Wilkniss said: “Why do you want to know the price at all? The part has never broken. «For an engine overhaul, there would be pistons with a first and second oversize, for this the drawn-in gray cast iron bushings would only have to be ground out.
Even with the chassis, despite the conventional guidance of the rear swing arm via two external suspension struts, there is nothing to complain about in solo operation. Only in pillion operation with luggage is the rear cushioning no longer sufficient. Otherwise, the CB 500 with the 18-liter tank and a consumption of five liters and thus 300-kilometer distances and more is quite suitable for traveling.
The CB 500 has been manufactured in Atessa, Italy, since the beginning of 1996. To be more precise: The engines, which are still being built in Japan, are mounted in the Italian chassis. Since then, a disc brake system has been used in the rear wheel instead of the drum. In Germany, this modification has been delivered since the beginning of the 1997 season.
Drivers with sporty ambitions complain about the high hand strength for the front disc brake. Honda counters that the soft set-up suits beginners and returnees because there is no sudden overbraking of the front wheel. There was general praise for the fact that this Honda model finally has a main stand again, with which the due work for chain maintenance and rear wheel removal can be carried out quickly.
Bridgestone Exedra tires are recommended, and Metzeler ME and Pirelli MT tires for a more sporty pace, while the Dunlop Arrowmax tires, which were initially fitted as initial tires, cause unrest and poor steering precision in the front wheel.
The prices for used cars are still relatively high, as the model only made its debut in 1993 and the mileage is within a civil range. 1993 models should be available for less than 5500 marks. Younger specimens, however, hardly change hands for less than 6500 marks.

Reading experiences

A good motorcycle at a good price that beginners and advanced riders can have a lot of fun with. Negligible: teething troubles.

My Honda CB 500, bought new in April 1995, was driven privately and used for driving school purposes. That’s why the bench was padded and the seat height was lowered by around 25 millimeters. The machine ran up to 18,000 kilometers without any problems, then I noticed a loud rattle while idling. The timing chain tensioner was then replaced under guarantee, as were the slightly permeable fork seals. When the mileage was 25,000, the motorcycle was stolen in May 1996 in order to rob a bank. Apparently the perpetrators knew about the reliability of the machine. The CB 500 then lay aground in the Weser for six weeks and was finally discovered by divers. I bought the machine back from the insurance company. After it had been blasted with the steam jet for half an hour, you could even recognize the color. After cleaning the tank and carburetor and replacing the spark plugs, air filter, battery, damaged steering lock and oil, the engine started at the push of a button. In the meantime, the bike has covered another 10,000 kilometers in driving school without complaint and runs like it did on the first day. In my experience, the CB 500 is the best bike for (re) beginners and a reliable and robust motorcycle for touring and cornering. Jens Pratzka, Rodinghausen I bought my new Honda CB 500 with 58 hp in February 1997. About two and a half months later I discovered the first rust spots that clearly indicated transport damage. A guarantee claim – replacement of the parts – was rejected by the workshop. The rust spots were only repaired. But the machine runs like clockwork. Super handy in city traffic, great in curves on country roads. It has a fast suit and, according to the speedometer, reaches 200 km / h, which I also like to drive on the autobahn. Long tours can be mastered easily thanks to the comfortable seating position. The front brake causes vibrations in the handlebars when you grip harder and is a bit spongy. After three months I have covered more than 6000 kilometers and am now starting my long-awaited vacation.Sonja Wittke, Berlin After trying in vain to make friends with a five and a half pound chopper, I have found my ideal machine in the CB 500 and have been since Covered 5000 kilometers without any problems last year. However, only after I, only 164 centimeters tall, lowered the Honda with Hagon shock absorbers by six centimeters, lowered the front fork by two centimeters and had the seat cushioned. Now I can get on the ground safely with both feet without any problems. With 34 hp the Honda runs 150 km / h, and from 4000 rpm the engine is really fun. Marion Klocker, Herne I have had a new Honda CB 500 with 50 hp since June 1994 and have covered 32,000 kilometers with it since then. So far I have had to make two involuntary visits to the workshop. The timing chain tensioner jammed at 19,000 kilometers. The exchange against a modified tensioner was guaranteed. At 22,500 kilometers there was a crack in the transmission when starting off in first gear. Since neither material damage nor wear could be detected by the workshop when it was dismantled, the engine was reassembled – after that the cracking did not occur any more. Although the warranty period expired one month, I did not incur any costs. Negative: the pillion suitability. The seat, which is inclined forward at an angle, lets the man behind, especially when braking, slip into the driver’s back. Alfred Ziegler, Bad Neuenahr, 1993 I bought it with mixed feelings after a test drive with a 34 hp model. When I roared through the area unthrottled with 58 hp, the prejudices about the beginner’s machine were gone. The chassis is quite good, only in pillion mode are the front and rear dampers close to bottoming out. I reduced the seat height by around 50 millimeters in self-construction. The LSL handlebar with nine centimeters more width offers even better handling. However, a longer clutch cable is required for this. The cockpit window from HG brings a little more calm around the helmet from around 140 km / h.Ralf Garz, Lindlar

Honda CB 500 (GK) – Technical Specifications

Honda CB 500Technical dataMotorWater-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two overhead, chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder actuated via bucket tappets, crankshaft with slide bearings, one balance shaft, contactless ignition system with electronic ignition adjustment, two Keihin constant pressure carburettors, 0 34 mm, three-phase alternator 309 watts 12V / 9 Ah, electric starter.Bore x stroke 73 x 59.6 mm displacement 499 cm3Compression ratio 10.5: 1Nominal output 58 PS (43 kW) at 9500 / minMax. Torque 4.8 kpm (47 Nm) at 7500 rpm Power transmission Primary drive via gear wheels, multi-disc clutch in an oil bath, claw-shift five-speed gearbox, secondary drive via O-ring chain. Chassis Double-loop frame made of tubular steel, telescopic fork, steering head with ball bearings, stanchion tube diameter 37 mm, rear wheel swing arm needle-bearing, two spring struts , Adjustable spring base, disc brake with two-piston caliper at the front, 296 mm, drum brake at the rear, 160 mm, light-alloy cast wheels.Spring travel front / rear 130 / 117mmRim size front 2.50 x 17 rear 3.50 x 17 tire size front 110/80 VB 17 rear 130/80 VB 17 dimensions and weights Steering head angle 63 degrees caster 113 mmLength 2180 mmWheelbase 1430 mmSeat height 780 mmBar width 710 mmTank capacity / reserve 18 / 2.5 litersWeight fully fueled 193 kg Total weight 374 kgService dataService intervals every 12,000 kmOil change with filter every 12,000 kmMotor oil SAE 15 W 40Capacity with / without filter 3.1 / 2.9 litersSpark plugs NGK CR 8 EH-9Telegabelol ATF , 25 mm test valuesMaximum speed solo / with pillion 185/165 km / hAcceleration 0-100 km / h solo / with pillion 5.2 / 6.9 secondsConsumption 5.3 litersFuel normalSpare part pricesCamber partsCoupling armature 39 MarkHandbrake armature 291 Mark Handlebar 107 MarkRear-view mirror 80 MarkFront indicator 80 MarkTachometer 381 MarkTachometer 469 Mark Fork tube 225 MarkFront mudguard 166 MarkFront wheel 899 MarkMuffler 593 MarkTank, painted 842 MarkFrame complete 2122 MarkWear partsChain kit 334 MarkBrake pads front, one set 60 Mark MarkFork seal ring 32 Mark strengths and weaknessesStrengthsAgiler, dre Happy engineHandy and stable running gearGood long-distance qualitiesCheap inspection intervalsWeaknessesBe conventional outfitSpring elements for two-person operation too soft rear 110/80 VB 17 130/80 VB 17 Dunlop D 103 F Dunlop D 103 ABridgestone Exedra G 601 G Bridgestone Exedra G 602 GMetzeler ME 33 Metzeler ME 55Pirelli MT 09 Pirelli MT 08 Match alternative tires Footnotes: 1Tests can be ordered from the publisher, telephone see box on page xxx.

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