Vespa 946 “Christian Dior”: special model for fashion fans


Vespa 946 “Christian Dior”: special model for fashion fans

Vespa 946 “Christian Dior”

Special model for fashion fans

With the Vespa 946 "Christian Dior" Piaggio has presented a new special version of the popular retro scooter. It is intended to pay homage to fashion designs presented as early as 1967.

Not every motorcyclist should be familiar with the name Christian Dior. Admittedly, the author of this article also had to do some research to make sure who Chrstian Dior is. If you are wondering who Dior is, the following is briefly explained: Christian Dior was a French fashion designer and founder of the fashion company named after him. The company designs and manufactures clothing for women and men from the higher price segment and is famous among fashion fans worldwide. Inevitably, the question arises as to what this has to do with motorcycles. The answer is relatively simple: From time to time Piaggio cooperates with well-known fashion designers and other labels and gives various Vespa models, mostly as special versions, new and exclusive designs. The latest special model that can be sorted into this category is called Vespa 946 "Christian Dior".

"Dior Oblique ”motif from 1967

Fittingly, the fashion company Dior and the iconic scooter brand Vespa have a somewhat coincidental thing in common: Both Vespa and Dior were founded in 1946. The motif on the Vespa 946 "Christian Dior" can be seen, comes from 1967, is called "DIor Oblique" and was created by a well-known designer in the fashion industry named Marc Bohan. From a purely technical point of view, the special variant is likely to be an unchanged version of the Vespa 946, which is supposed to bring a top speed of up to 93 km / h to the speedometer and is located in the 125cc segment. In the first press release, however, Piaggio does not comment on the technical data – so this is not yet certain.


Suitable accessories are also available for the Vespa 946 "Christian Dior" offered.

In addition to the Vespa, optically matching accessories are also available for the 946 "Christian Dior" offered. Buyers of the special model can also opt for a top case and a jet helmet in the "Dior Oblique"-Fall back on motif. In addition, the name of the famous fashion designer finds its place in some places on the scooter. Piaggio has confirmed that the new Vespa will only be available in limited numbers. A price has not yet been named. From the market launch, which is scheduled for spring 2021, it will also be displayed in Dior boutiques worldwide.


Because of their chic look, Vespas already have a good reputation among all fashion-conscious two-wheelers. Those who would like to have it even more exclusive can fall back on an even more exclusive Vespa from next year, which, however, will certainly not be a bargain.

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