Vespa drivers damage motorcycles

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Vespa drivers damage motorcycles


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Vespa drivers damage motorcycles

Vespa driver damaged four motorcycles
Domino Day in Weil am Rhein

The message from the Freiburg Police Headquarters speaks of “bad luck”. Possibly, a helping of scuffle helped the Vespa driver damage four motorcycles.

Manuel Fuchs


On Monday afternoon, a 56-year-old Vespa driver wanted to park in a motorcycle parking lot in Weil am Rhein. He touched a Honda so that it overturned.

The Vespa driver wanted to straighten the Honda up again and place it on the stand. In doing so, however, he bumped into another motorcycle, which in turn hit another one parked next to it Kawasaki fell, which still outlined a BMW.

All five motorcycles were damaged. The property damage should be around 2000 euros.

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