Victory Vision Street Tour


Victory Vision Street / Tour

Really crazy

We’re not rewriting America’s motorcycle history, we’re writing its future. ”The US brand, founded in 1998, lacks self-confidence Victory hardly. It shows courage, the two-wheeler division of Polaris, the successful producer of snowmobiles and quads. The ready-to-drive prototypes of the Victory Vision announced for 2008 are somewhere between really crazy and simply visionary.
Despite echoes from various tourers, the vision looks as if in-house designer Arlen Ness was once again allowed to let off steam. The curves of the impressive, full-surface XXL cladding with its integrated leg shields and hand protectors merge seamlessly into the 22.7 liter tank. And slosh cheekily over the freely exhibited V2 engine. The plastic standing wave flows under the 67 centimeter low seat.
And then rears up again before it rolls out in the pointed suitcases. Their organic teardrop shape is reminiscent of the fenders of the US sedans from the 1930s in the »aero design«. So is it past? Either way, the narrow suitcases should be
Vision Street already has 55 liters of storage space
Offer. The top case of the »Vision Tour« saddles the same volume on top. Passengers and captains alike expect fat seat cushions and plump running boards. Optionally, an electrically adjustable window should top the comfort.
Also used are: double disc brakes at the front with three-piston calipers, six-speed transmission with overdrive and toothed belt drive. Victory is only silent about data from the air-cooled engine. But it has a 1638 cm3 50-degree V-twin in the »Hammer S« muscle bike
Four-valve technology and injection ready
(MOTORRAD 11/2006). That would be great to get the heartbeat of the Visions.
“Fortunately, with these motorcycles,” the US advertising poetry writes, “the road is officially open.” Not the road to Europe, however. Because the Victorys (info: have so far lacked both an importer and an EU approval. It’s a shame actually. Or really crazy? tsr

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