All Tests – VFR 1200F Test … with an F as effective! – What about travel?

VFR 1200F test … with an F as effective !

All Tests - VFR 1200F Test ... with an F as effective! - What about travel?

Among the new features for 2010, the VFR 1200 is one of the most anticipated … While waiting for the automatic DCT version next summer, Site has tried the classic manual version. So, is the new VFR 1200 still the ideal bike? ? Test !

And for travel ?

Perfectly stable at high speed, the VFR 1200F slices through the air without being too heckled by gusts of wind or the swirls of trucks. The new Honda also spares its pilot quite well: the screen protects the shoulders and the bottom of the helmet … By stooping properly, you can completely isolate yourself from the air flow, which most of the current sports.

On the other hand, there is a slight lack of comfort in the saddle – it also depends on the personal padding – after a hundred kilometers. The most sensitive will also complain of the appearance of small vibrations around 7,000 rpm in the feet and thighs..

When stopped this time, the heat from the engine seems to be correctly evacuated by the fans: we were even very happy at the end of November to warm our gloves at the level of the fairing vents! The right crankcase, which protrudes slightly, can however upset the pilot in the calf. Of course, this criticism will be especially valid in summer….

The duo is of course perfectly conceivable: the passenger benefits from a wide saddle, low placed footrests – with rubber coating please – and accessible and efficient handles.

On the other hand, we can be more skeptical about the autonomy of the motorcycle … Honda estimates it at 280 km, but our trial run tends to invalidate it: after 220 km – and without having fired on it continuously, far from it – the last bar graph of the fuel gauge was already flashing. To be checked soon during a longer test.

To perfect the Touring skills of his VFR 1200F, the future buyer will have recourse to the Honda accessories catalog: in addition to the essential anti-theft device for his parking outside his box, he can purchase a center stand to carefully place his beautiful in his garage.

The damn awaited succession !

To go far and long, the purchase of suitcases seems essential. However, the left suitcase cannot contain a full-face helmet – despite an identical volume to that on the right, ie 35 liters – the rider may even have to buy the matching top case (31 liters). "Assorted": a key word in Honda’s sales pitch, for which the team in charge of accessories has "did a lot of work", in order to maintain the" standing "of the new VFR.

Note for example at the top case that "the hinge is the same type as those found on car trunks and the seal is inserted, so that once closed, the whole is perfectly smooth", describes Michiel Fleerackers, from the Motorcycle Accessories Department at Honda Europe..

Inexhaustible, Michiel reveals to us in particular that the diameter of the heated grips exceeds that of the normal grips by only a small millimeter: the stalk is much better integrated and the heat better distributed, more on the fingers than on the palm. Also from an aesthetic point of view, this accessory has progressed considerably (see the appearance of the old heated grips in our) !

We can add to this list the 12 V socket, the deflectors for the hands and the "spoiler" overhanging the bubble … So many additions which come to increase the price of this VFR 1200F, originally placed at 14 990 €.

But for this price, the customer will have the "top"from the Honda range: an easy motorcycle despite its weight, which hides under its classy air a sporty temperament built for the road and which can become, for a fee, an accomplished roadster !

However, we can not help but notice that Honda, which prided itself on offering us a "high tech" motorcycle, exhibits in this new "showcase" neither on-board computer, nor traction control, nor mapping of your choice, nor suspensions. electronics or other systems currently in vogue. Long awaited, the new VFR 1200 could cause some disappointment on this point…

But the world’s largest manufacturer remains calm: see you at the end of spring 2010 for the launch of the Honda VFR 1200 "DCT", the next benchmark in terms of "Sport Touring", the one which will succeed in relaunching the segment in France? To be continued on Site !

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