Vietnam – Motorcycle trip: crossing Vietnam in a Honda Win – Episode 5: meeting and change of schedule

Motorcycle tour: crossing Vietnam in Honda Win

Vietnam - Motorcycle trip: crossing Vietnam in a Honda Win - Episode 5: meeting and change of schedule

Enora, biker and yoga teacher in Paris, wanted a break. Deciding to live her dreams rather than dream her life, she sells her apartment to embark on a “ limitless ” journey and tells us about her crossing of Vietnam on a Honda Win 110 cc.

Episode 5: meeting and change of schedule

After Hue, we descend slowly by the coast towards Hoi an and do not stop at Danang. It will then be a mop in the old town, delicious meals in the market, etc..

This is where our paths will part. The French couple only have a few days left to reach Ho Chi Minh and fly to Thailand. Their trip around the world imposes a certain organization and precise timings on them in each zone….

It always amuses me to listen to each other talk about their trip, understand how they create it, live it…

In short, I will learn later that their motorcycle made in China has broken down again in the middle of nowhere…

For my part, I am still staying a day in Hoi An with the other biker and I am preparing to do the rest alone, because he must also fly from Danang within a few days to return to the country. But a nice meeting will change my schedule !

One evening, while I was picking up my motorcycle from the garage (change of the rear brake which was almost non-existent and of the speedometer which had decided to stop counting – too many kilometers to calculate, perhaps?), We meet a young French woman sipping cold coffee on the sidewalk.

The discussion begins, I like this girl, she is relaxed, seems super at ease here, radiant, and for good reason: she is at the end of a four-month internship in Danang, within the prestigious international resort "L ‘intercontinental’! His crush for this city, for the resort (the exceptional working and development conditions, in particular) and for this country touches me and I decide to postpone my descent to the south to discover Danang from the inside..

I finally spend two weeks there. On the one hand, the visa extension request takes about ten days and on the other hand, I want to know more, to feel a little at home. The young Frenchwoman leaves town two days later and it is with a great pang that I say goodbye to her…

The following days, I continue my discovery of the city and I find his friends, colleagues, Vietnamese and foreigners for a coffee, a beer in the evening in trendy bars. It will be two very strong and unforgettable weeks.

I have met young people here with their hearts on their hands, with an ambition and a determination that do not go to the detriment of their well-being and respect for others. They are young, they think big, they are not afraid and they love life !

All this energy boosts me and I even thought for a while to stay in this city to work there … But hey, to short on my internal discussions, I finally decided to hit the road. I have to finish this crossing of Vietnam and I have to do it alone, something deep inside me calls me to live my inner journey…


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