Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009


The French touch has always been seductive, in couture, art, gastronomy, more recently techno, and now the motorcycle must also be included in this panoply. Forget the BFG attempt, hope for the Voxan adventure, and welcome the WAKAN.

But yes, you already know her. This machine has been showing itself for some time at trade fairs. The enthusiasm generated enabled it to move on to industrialization, and it was in 2009 that the first models arrived. Oh, nothing to do with mass production. The Roadster (that’s what the bike is called) is closer to custom-made sculpture than ready-to-wear. Behind this name which claps like a name of the Sioux tribe, there is Joël Domergue. The man is not a novice in the field: after having launched Scorpa (another French brand, renowned in the field of trials), the man launches out in the creation of Wakan in 1999. It will be necessary to wait until 2005 to see the birth the first Roadster prototype.

It was worth the wait! Because the achievement is admirable. Fruit of the love between American mechanics, a hint of English inspiration, a pinch of Italian brains and a slender body from the Herault, this machine reconciles the old and the new continent. The result is this superb cafe-racer, as sporty as it is elegant.
The basic idea, a roadster built on a big custom V-twin, reminds you of a well-known production…. Yes, the MT-01, and before it the Bulldog, from Yamaha. Wakan’s approach goes further, much more. Look at this style, this power in the design, this velocity that emanates from this machine, whose enormous twin seems to occupy the entire field of vision. A gazelle with a monstrous heart. He seems to be holding the bike to himself. And if its clean profile (air cooling eliminates all the plumbing and radiator in a liquid system) sounds like Milwaukee production, don’t be disappointed to find out that this is an S&S engine. Suddenly, the term cafe-racer takes on its full meaning. Wakan’s roadster won’t pretend to be hot – it is. The big American twin has perfectly square dimensions: 101.6 mm of stroke and bore. Its displacement is 100 cubic inches, or 1,640 cm3. But like Buell and its seriously messed up Harley engines, Wakan and S&S are giving themselves a cocktail that smells of powder. The numbers speak for themselves: 115 horsepower at 6,250 rpm, torque over 15 mkg, and 248 km / h peak. The cow, it takes your breath away !

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      • Max speed:
        248 km / h
      • Consumption
        medium: 5.80 l

      The technical aspect

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009

      • Frame
      • Tank: 13 liters
      • Seat height: 790 mm
      • Wheelbase: 1337 mm
      • Dry weight: 177 kg
      • Train before
      • Tele-hydraulic inverted fork Ø 46 mm
      • 1 disc Ø 340 mm, 6 piston caliper
      • Front wheel:

        – 17

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 technique

      • Transmission
      • 5-speed gearbox
      • Secondary chain transmission
      • Rear axle
      • Mono-shock absorber
      • 1 disc Ø 220 mm, 2 piston caliper
      • Rear wheel:

        – 17

      • Motor
      • Twin cylinder
        in V at 45 °
        , 4 stroke
      • Cooling: Air cooling
      • 1 carburetor Ø 41 mm
      • tumbled
      • 2 valves per cylinder
      • 1640 cc
        (101.6 x 101.6 mm)
      • 115
        at 6,250 rpm
      • 15.90 mkg
        at 4,150 rpm
      • Weight ratio /
        : 1.54
        kg / hp
      • Compression: 10.3: 1
      • Crit’air:

      Detached pieces


      chain kit


      Yamaha 1670 MT-01 2009
      Yamaha 1670 MT-01 2009

      2009 Buell XB-12Ss LIGHTNING
      2009 Buell XB-12Ss LIGHTNING

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 1

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 2

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 3

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 4

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 5

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 6

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 7

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 8

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 9

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 10

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 11

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 12

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 13

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 14

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 15

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 16

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 17

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 18

      Wakan ROADSTER 1640 2009 - 19

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