WSBK – Bayliss world champion 2006! –

Bayliss world champion 2006 !

WSBK - Bayliss world champion 2006! -

It was a formality: at the end of this 11th event, Bayliss had to be 50 points ahead of the second rider to be crowned World Superbike champion. In Supersport, however, the duel between Charpentier and Curtain continues…

The 11th round of the World Superbike took place this weekend on the superb yet bumpy Imola circuit. After Schumacher’s last victory at the wheel of his red F1 on the Enzo Ferrari circuit, the tifosis impatiently awaited the crowning of Bayliss on his beautiful Ducati 999…

And the Italian fans have much to be satisfied: on Saturday, the Australian kangaroo offers them the Superpole, ahead of six tenths his comrades James Toseland, Andrew Pitt and Troy Corser. On the second row are the two Suzuki teammates of the 2005 champion – Kagayama and Neukirchner -, followed by Haga and Barros.

In third line start Xaus, Lanzi, Fabrizio and Clementi. As for Regis Laconi, he is preceded by Muggeridge and starts from the fourth row while Sebastien Gimbert hardly ranks in 25th position.

In the Supersport category, Sebastien Charpentier took pole in front of his teammate Sofuoglu, his colleague from Honda Fujiwara and his great rival Kevin Curtain. In the second line are posted Nannelli, Harms, De Angelis and Vizziello…

The third line is made up of Parkes, Stigefelt, young Frenchman Yoann Tiberio and Peris. Roccoli leads the fourth row ahead of David Checa of team GMT94. Stephane Chambon is 17th, Berger 20th, Lagrive 23, Enjolras 24 and Duterne 35th.

Unlike last year (read), the sun is shining fully and the "luck" factor is reduced to its simplest form. Let the show begin !

First Superbike race

Bayliss takes the lead of the race while from the first corner, Corser goes far outside but takes fourth place. Haga then leads his teammate Pitt, Corser and Toseland. Xaus goes it alone in front of a group of former MotoGP riders: Xaus, Abe and Barros.

Pitt wasted no time in overtaking his team-mate Haga while in the same turn, Lanzi slipped off the track. Embarrassed by the fall of the two Suzuki riders Kagayama and Neukirchner, the young Ducatiste moved from 7th to 12th position…

Definitely very fit, Andrew Pitt dives inside his compatriot Troy Bayliss: the Ducati holds up on the outside of the bend, but ends up letting the Yam pass at the end of the long left. Haga wisely follows the two leading men as Corser already seems to be marking time.

Alex Barros gets rid of his pursuers – Abe, Iannuzzo, Clementi, Lanzi and Laconi – to concentrate on the pots of the private Ducati of Xaus … But in the 3rd lap, the Spaniard loses the front and has to give up! The Brazilian is 2.6 seconds behind leader Andrew Pitt.

At the end of this same 3rd loop, Troy Corser comes across a "false dead point"and goes straight after the descent ofAcque Minerale. The 2005 world champion suffers from the same problem several times in a row, emerges in the gravel and wisely decides to return to the pits.

Barros sets the best time in the race on the 4th lap and hits Toseland who is playing 2nd in the general classification with Haga, located just in front of him on the track! Two laps later, Barros is already in the wheel of the Honda Ten Kate.

In the lead, Pitt comes out of the Alta variant and narrowly miss the highside! The Australian not only loses contact with his footrests, but also with the podium … Bayliss takes the lead in the race ahead of Toseland, Haga … and Barros !

The Brazilian hare takes advantage of the braking of the last chicane of the 6th lap to pass in front of Pitt and covet a 5th podium in SBK. In the next lap, Alex and his CBR overtake Haga and his R1 to better dive into the next turn..

The official 999 of Bayliss now leads a few meters in front of the CBR1000RR of Toseland and Barros. Haga and Pitt are left behind and Lorenzo Lanzi, well back in 6th place, is more than six seconds.

In the break in the long straight, Toseland passed Bayliss, thus protecting himself from an over-charged Barros but still as clean in his driving. The trio is gradually moving away from the two official Yamaha.

The pace intensified further when Barros went on the attack: the driver Klaffi overtook the future 2006 world champion in the Bassa variant, at the very end of the 12th round. A few turns later, approaching the chicane Villeneuve, Toseland is at least five lengths ahead of the Brazilian. However, Alex manages to brake the young Briton !

Barros now has the field: Toseland is in his wheel but seems a tone below with a CBR supposed to be slightly higher, as Bayliss and her future 2006 champion struggle with their rear gum…

Meanwhile, a few turns further, Regis Laconi battles hard with his young teammate Fonsi Nieto and Karl Muggeridge.

With Haga only 5th, Bayliss is almost assured of the title and feeling that the victory of this race escapes him, he gives up his hand. "At first I wasn’t particularly nervous, but it was not easy to ignore all the encouragement", explained the Australian after the race. In the 14th lap, the Ducatiste n ° 21 even yields to his pursuer Andrew Pitt a full second.

Suddenly in the next round, Troy recovered, wishing to celebrate his coronation with a podium! Barros is now far ahead, Toseland being relegated to more than three seconds in the space of five laps. However, we are preparing for a great fight for the third step of the podium..

Unfortunately, it is not … Bayliss controls with a long sidelong glance the state of the troops: Pitt is in his basques and Haga is not far either. On the other hand, behind, it is a long empty boulevard before finding Laconi, freshly passed by Nieto and pushed to the train by Muggeridge…

Andrew Pitt steps onto the podium on the 19th lap as Bayliss rolls more than he attacks. 7th in the 20th lap, Regis Laconi fell to 10th place in the last loop … As for Sebastien Gimbert, still injured and unlucky, he had to abandon the race on the 5th lap…

Alex Barros crosses the finish line more than 4 seconds ahead of James Toseland! Andrew Pitt completes the podium and his teammate Nori Haga takes advantage of the stroll of Troy Bayliss to finish 4th !

The 2006 world champion stops at the end of the straight line and puts on the appropriate t-shirt, as well as a new helmet in the colors of the cycling world champion, a sport that Troy particularly appreciates.

But we will especially remember the first victory of Team Klaffi in the World Superbike, the first of Barros but also that of a Brazilian in this category! And with a better start in the second round, it’s a bet that Alex can achieve the double in a few moments….

SBK Imola first race results:

Pilot Team Time Tours
1 Barros A. Klaffi Honda 39 ‘00.096 21
2 Toseland J. Winston Ten Kate Honda 39 ‘04.447 21
3 Pitt A. Yamaha Motor Italia 39 ‘06.905 21
4 Haga N. Yamaha Motor Italia 39 ‘11.275 21
5 Bayliss T. Ducati Xerox 39 ‘11.633 21
6 Lanzi L. Ducati Xerox 39 ‘21.070 21
7 Nieto F. PSG-1 Kawasaki Corsica 2 39 ‘23.151 21
8 Muggeridge K. Winston Ten Kate Honda 39 ‘23.843 21
9 Abe N. Yamaha Motor France Ipone 39 ‘27.385 21
10 Laconi R. PSG-1 Kawasaki Corsica 39 ‘29,256 21
11 Nakatomi S. Yamaha Motor France – Ipone 2 39 ‘30.888 21
12 Walker C. PSG-1 Kawasaki Corsica 39 ‘32.200 21
13 Clementi I. Team Pedercini Ducati 39 ‘38.633 21
14 Rolfo R. Ducati SC – Caracchi 39 ‘45.506 21
15 Brookes J. Kawasaki Bertocchi 39 ‘48.590 21


Gimbert S. Yamaha Motor France Ipone 7 ‘45.514 4

Supersport Race

Sofuoglu got off to an excellent start, unlike Charpentier who reared his CBR600RR a little violently. Suddenly, the Frenchman is placed on the first braking in 5th position behind his teammate, Curtain, Fujiwara and Harms. But the latter, of which the Honda is very nervous, makes a mistake from the first corner !

Tiberio started the 2nd lap in 9th place while Checa was 12th. "The first laps were difficult for David, who had kept pace with the endurance races and is still tired from the 24 hour races.", noted Christophe Guyot, the team manager of the Spanish…

General Seb then passed his former teammate Fujiwara and fell into Curtain’s wheel. Kenan Sofuoglu sets a high pace at the start of the race, undoubtedly with the aim of blowing Curtain. The Turkish follows the evolution of his "General" by turning around frequently.

In the 4th lap, the French overtook his enemy 1 and now aimed for the second Honda Ten Kate. Behind the top three, Nannelli – the local of the stage – also quickly climbs back to Fujiwara, taking De Angelis with him. In the next round, the Italian overtakes the Japanese easily and moves away just as easily.

Charpentier got back on his teammate by posting the best time in the race while De Angelis in turn overtook Fujiwara who still suffered from his scaphoid. Curtain is forced to let go of the two Hondas, which drive without ever getting in the way.

Charpentier stays behind Sofuoglu, saving his strength and his machine … We expect him to dislodge Kenan only at the end of the course! Curtain for his part makes a "lonely, hard and long race"but which should allow him to lose a minimum of points against the 2005 champion.

The fight rages on in the peloton between Vizziello – moved up from 8th place! -, De Angelis, Fujiwara and Parkes. On the 15th lap, Kenan put his foot down on Sebastien to take the lead. The Frenchman runs and takes three tenths ahead of his Turkish friend.

Two laps later, Ronald Ten Kate’s heart stops when Sofuoglu nearly hits Charpentier’s rear wheel! Kenan enjoys a little gardening session in the Alta variant, but wants to prove to the whole world that he could have threatened Sebastien’s victory in other circumstances…

Relegated to 1.5 seconds behind the leader, Sofuoglu fell behind but did not attempt any attack. Sebastien therefore wins another victory and is 18 points behind Curtain in the general classification..

The final in France, this weekend on the Magny-Cours circuit, promises to be naturally explosive: "the last race will be decisive and even if the room for maneuver is narrow, I will believe in it until the end. In addition we will be at Magny-Cours in front of my audience to whom I owe revenge. Last year, I was injured and I couldn’t ride for the last round of the year. So this time, I hope I can give them a final in apotheosis", ignites the Charentais !

In the championship, Curtain therefore leads with 187 points against 169 for Charpentier. Sofuoglu consolidates its 3rd position (137 points) against Parkes (129). Tiberio 7th with 74 points sees Vizziello (69) come back dangerously, just as Checa (33) sees Fujiwara (30) and Nannelli (30) approaching.

Among manufacturers, Honda (252 points) is already titled thanks to the double of the Ten Kate team. Yamaha is not far away with 224 points, clearly ahead of Ducati (74), Kawasaki (which remains at 55) and Suzuki (39).

SSP Imola race results:

Pilot Team Time Tours


Carpenter S. Winston Ten Kate Honda 40 ‘07.972 21
2 Sofuoglu K. Winston Ten Kate Honda 40 ‘08.378 21
3 Curtain K. Yamaha Motor Germany 40 ‘17.599 21
4 Vizziello G. Yamaha Team Italia 40 ‘21.955 21
5 By Angelis W. Intermoto Czech Klaffi Honda 40 ‘22.362 21
6 Parkes B. Yamaha Motor Germany 40 ‘24.842 21
7 Nannelli G. Team Manila Grace SC. Ducati 40 ‘26,143 21
8 Fujiwara K. Megabike Honda Team 40 ‘24.506 21
9 Tiberio Y. Megabike Honda Team 40 ‘39.494 21
10 Roccoli M. Yamaha Team Italia 40 ‘39.533 21
11 Stigefelt J. Dark Dog Stiggy Mr. Honda 40 ‘40.019 21
12 Checa D. Yamaha – GMT 94 40 ‘44.392 21
13 Veneman B. Hoegee Suzuki 40 ‘51.077 21
14 Easton S. Team Manila Grace SC. Ducati 40 ‘51.646 21
15 Peris C. Bikersday Yamaha Motorcycle 1 40 ‘55.706 21
16 Chambon S. Gil Motor Sport Kawasaki 41 ‘00.260 21


Duterne S. Tati Team Beaujolais Yam 42 ‘04.699 21
32 Enjolras J. Tati Team Beaujolais Yam 14 ‘02.792 7
33 Berger M. Gil Motor Sport Kawasaki 7 ‘54.823 4
35 Lagrive M. Intermoto Klaffi Honda 2 ‘15.371 1

Leblanc G. Vazy Racing Team Honda

Provisional general classification SSP:

Pilot Team Points
1 Curtain K. Yamaha Motor Germany 187
2 Carpenter S. Winston Ten Kate Honda 169
3 Sofuoglu K. Winston Ten Kate Honda 137
4 Parkes B. Yamaha Motor Germany 129
5 Harms R. Stiggy Motorsports Honda 107
6 Roccoli M. Yamaha Team Italia 96
7 Tiberio Y. Megabike Honda Team 74
8 Vizziello G. Yamaha Team Italia 69
9 Stigefelt J. Dark Dog Stiggy Mr. Honda 62
10 Fores J. SLM Racing Yamaha 49
11 Checa D. GMT 94 Yamaha 33
12 Fujiwara K. Megabike Honda Team 30
13 Nannelli G. Megabike Honda Team 30
14 Zaiser C. Ducati SC – Caracchi 30
15 Andersen K. Hoegee Suzuki 29
18 Chambon S. Gil Motor Sport Kawasaki 24
23 Lagrive M. Intermoto Klaffi Honda 18
24 Berger M. Gil Motor Sport Kawasaki 17
25 Drill F. Yamaha Motor Germany 16
Enjolras J. Tati Team Beaujolais Yam
Leblanc G. Vazy Racing Team Honda
Duterne S. Tati Team Beaujolais Yam

Second Superbike race

Bayliss took the best start ahead of Corser, Haga, Pitt, Kagayama, Xaus, Neukirchner, Toseland and Muggeridge. As usual, Alex Barros misses his start and only points to 10th place at the end of the first lap. He who would have "kindly offer a double to the whole team who did a great job here"has work to do !

Haga is particularly aggressive from the first laps, passes in front of Corser but does not manage to surprise the brand new champion. Then it was the turn of Pitt’s second official Yamaha to overtake poor Corser who was already struggling with his rear tire..

But again the fastest driver in the race is Alex Barros! After the fastest time in the 4th lap, the Brazilian quickly climbed up on Muggeridge’s CBR. In the next lap, James Toseland skillfully slips his rear wheel past Noriyuki Haga, while breaking the race record to stay in contact with Bayliss.

In the same lap, Barros lost ground on Muggeridge: he made a mistake, momentarily left the track and must therefore whip again to pick up the Honda Ten Kate: Alex puts on the show and the public asks for more !

In the 6th lap, Haga was successively passed by Pitt, Corser and Kagayama. The Japanese seem surprisingly calm despite these three passes. He will admit at the end of the race: "ten years ago I think I would have fallen looking for victory, but today I knew how to use my head and think about the championship". Because in 7th place, Toseland also ensures…

In the 8th lap, Barros overtook Neukirchner and continued his momentum by finally getting rid of Muggeridge on the following lap. But Alex is still more than six seconds behind the leader as halfway is reached…

In the 10th lap, Xaus makes a very nice attack on Haga. As a result, the fight for the 2006 vice-champion title takes place directly on the track between the Japanese and Toseland which is only half a second away. !

After Haga, it was Corser’s turn to be overwhelmed by assailants: overwhelmed by Xaus, Haga and Toseland, driver n ° 1 was also the victim of premature tire wear … And on the 12th lap, it’s the Brazilian hare that makes short work of the "old crocodile".

Barros instantly sets off to chase the peloton that has just passed Corser. In the 13th lap, Kagayama took 2nd place from Pitt, less than 3 seconds from Bayliss.

Despite a particularly slippery front tire – "i thought i was going to crash every turn !", he will testify after the race -, Kagayama continues to increase the pace. And at the same time, Barros places Toseland on the outside and thus steals his 6th place. !

Haga momentarily shields herself from Barros as she walks past Xaus. But a few turns later, the CBR Klaffi rider overtook the two riders and was thus at the foot of the podium, 2 seconds behind Pitt’s 3rd place….

The fight for 2nd place in the general classification remains as close as ever as Toseland overtakes Xaus and returns to his rival Haga’s wheel. The English do not pray to pass the Japanese while Alex Barros gets closer to the podium…

On the 17th lap, Xaus loses the lead: as in the first round, the Spanish rider missed out on many points! Barros meanwhile took over in two laps the two seconds that separated him from Pitt and Kagayama.

In the following lap, Barros brakes which he knows best about Pitt. Then he goes outside Kagayama a few curves later to better dive inside the Japanese in the next turn! It is clear that without his bad start the Brazilian would play for victory with Bayliss…

With four laps to go, the Ducati rider has a three-second lead over a supercharged Barros, which turns almost a second faster on his Honda. Warned of the arrival of the Brazilian behind him, Bayliss slightly increased his pace and managed his lead over the last laps to pass under the checkered flag with 1.4 seconds ahead. !

The two former MotoGP Team Pons riders congratulate each other as Kagayama secures a new podium. For Bayliss, this victory is "the icing on the cake"which allows him to take full advantage of the ovations of his audience during his lap of honor.

For his part, Klaus Klaffenbock is delighted: "I hope to be able to continue with this team in 2007 and hire a second driver", says Alex Barros’ team manager.

In the championship, Bayliss now sits with 393 points, far ahead of Toseland and Haga (295 and 293 respectively). Pitt progressed by one place (239) but it was Barros who performed an excellent operation and climbed to 4th place with a total of 231 points. On the contrary, Corser (218) falls two places but still has 25 points ahead of his teammate.

On the constructors’ side, Ducati (412 points) is not yet assured of the title, since Honda (373) and Yamaha (368) are within the margin of the 50 points at stake next weekend at Magny-Cours. Suzuki (336) on the other hand is sure to lose his crown. Finally, Kawasaki has 211 points and Petronas only 19.

SBK Imola second race results:

Pilot Team Time Tours
1 Bayliss T. Ducati Xerox 38 ‘57.069 21
2 Barros A. Klaffi Honda 38 ‘58.482 21
3 Kagayama Y. Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra 39 ‘01.424 21
4 Pitt A. Yamaha Motor Italia 39 ‘02.456 21
5 Toseland J. Winston Ten Kate Honda 39 ‘03.487 21
6 Haga N. Yamaha Motor Italia 39 ‘06.684 21
7 Lanzi L. Ducati Xerox 39 ‘09.498 21
8 Muggeridge K. Winston Ten Kate Honda 39 ‘11.964 21
9 Corser T. Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra 39 ‘16,777 21
10 Laconi R. PSG-1 Kawasaki Corsica 39 ‘17.646 21
11 Abe N. Yamaha Motor France Ipone 39 ‘22.542 21
12 Nakatomi S. Yamaha Motor France – Ipone 2 39 ‘22.437 21
13 Nieto F. PSG-1 Kawasaki Corsica 2 39 ‘28.409 21
14 Walker C. PSG-1 Kawasaki Corsica 39 ‘30.062 21
15 Rolfo R. Ducati SC – Caracchi 39 ‘31.665 21


Gimbert S. Yamaha Motor France Ipone 11 ‘35.062 6

SBK provisional general classification:

Pilot Team Points
1 Bayliss T. Ducati Xerox 393
2 Toseland J. Winston Ten Kate Honda 295
3 Haga N. Yamaha Motor Italia 293
4 Pitt A. Yamaha Motor Italia 239
5 Barros A. Klaffi Honda 231
6 Corser T. Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra 218
7 Kagayama Y. Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra 193
9 Lanzi L. Ducati Xerox 152
8 Walker C. PSG-1 Kawasaki Corsica 140
10 Nieto F. PSG-1 Kawasaki Corsica 2 139
11 Fabrizio M. D.F.X. Honda Treme 117
12 Muggeridge K. Winston Ten Kate Honda 113
13 Abe N. Yamaha Motor France-Ipone 105
14 Xaus R. Sterilgarda – Berik 103
15 Laconi R. PSG-1 Kawasaki Corsica 96


Drill F. Alstare Eng. Corona Extra 19
21 Gimbert S. Yamaha Motor France-Ipone 18

See you this weekend at Magny-Cours for the 2006 World Championship final, with wild card drivers Stefan Nebel (Kawasaki ZX10-R n ° 26 from Docshop Racing) and Christophe Cogan (Kawasaki ZX10-R n ° 40 of Motosport Courneuvien 93) in Superbike, David Perret, the rider of the Dark Dog Academy (Kawasaki ZX 6RR n ° 39 of Scratch Moto Racing) and Thomas Metro, the rider of the Junior Team Le Mans Sud (Yamaha YZF R6 n ° 40 of the Team Moto Vitesse Reunion) as well as Emeric Jonchière (Suzuki GSX-R 1000 n ° 56 of the ERT Team). And of course from Wednesday on Moto-Net for the full report of the races !

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