WSBK – Mondial SBK 2010: on your marks! – BMW

Mondial SBK 2010: on your marks !

WSBK - Mondial SBK 2010: on your marks! - BMW

The 2010 World Superbike season opens in two weeks at Phillip Island: Ben Spies having yielded to the sirens of MotoGP, he gives up his SBK throne to whoever wants … No Troy Bayliss in sight either? The way is therefore clear, but for whom ? Forecast.


BMW’s penultimate place in the constructors‘ championship should not be denigrated, far from it! By disembarking with the S 1000 RR, the Bavarians intended to strike a blow, and they did it: their mill is the most powerful of the current production !

This is to say if the day when the chassis, the tires, the electronics, even the pilots manage to follow, the Bayern firm will hurt … The experiences – and the triumphs! – of his cousin of Bologna in Superbike as well as in MotoGP are there to consolidate the manufacturer of Munich in their faith: the Japanese are far from being unbeatable.

We note, however, that unlike the Italians, the Germans have decided to line up against the Japanese with a weapon excessively close to the CBR, ZX-R or GSX-R. Motorcycles carefully sharpened over the years – admittedly, they sometimes miss the boat – that the S 1000 RR and its engineers try to catch up in a minimum of time.

For this, the official Motorrad Sport team has decided to renew its drivers Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus in 2010. Respectively 13th and 17th in the championship last year, the Australian "old crocodile" twice world champion and the fiery Spanish champion of the outrageous attack did not succeed in hoisting their Behème on the podium … this year perhaps ?

Note that a private team has chosen the S 1000 RR to land in the World Superbike. Thus, the Reitwagen Sport will line up two additional BMWs, entrusted to the expert "gloves" of Andrew Pitt and those much more novice of Roland Resh (entered on a Swiss Suz ‘last year).

As a reminder, the Australian n ° 88 (Supersport world champion in 2001 and 2008) has already passed through the World SBK box in 2005 and 2006: during his second season on the Yamaha R1, Andrew had also climbed to six times on the podium, including once at the top! Could Pitt the "Macchina da guerra" repeat the feat this year ?

BMW teams

Team Motorrad Sport
Troy Corser # 11
Ruben Xaus # 111

Reitwagen Sport
Andrew Pitt # 88
Roland Resch # 123

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