WSBK – Statements and analysis of Superbike in Buriram – Statements of Superbike riders in Thailand

Statements and analysis of the Superbike in Buriram

WSBK - Statements and analysis of Superbike in Buriram - Statements of Superbike riders in Thailand

The second round of the 2015 World SBK took place yesterday in Buriram, Thailand. To complete our live reports, here are the statements of the Superbike riders as well as the Site analysis of the two Thai races.

Statements from Superbike riders in Thailand

Site readers – who, as everyone knows, are a little more fortunate than the others – were already able to experience yesterday, almost directly, the unfolding of the Mondial Superbike and Supersport races on the Buriram circuit (for latecomers, read, then).

Here are the statements of the pilots who distinguished themselves on Sunday … Honors to the double winner !

Jonathan Rea, 1st (x 2):
"It was a perfect weekend for me, with the and, we couldn’t ask for more. The bike can always be improved, but from the start of the weekend the Ninja ZX-10R was at a very good level. My pace was really fast so we didn’t necessarily look for more as it could have got us lost. Our default setting right now is good, I’m confident enough to push the limits and understand the bike".

"I haven’t had a lot of doubles in my career, but I’ve been lucky enough to have some. They are not that frequent so I want to savor this moment. Tomorrow we will come back to what we have done, then we will enjoy the following days".

Leon Haslam, 2nd (x 2):
"The team did a great job. Between the two races we took a big step forward but Rea was just too fast today. We decided to use a harder tire up front and maybe with the softer one we could have been faster in the first part of the race but it didn’t guarantee us to hold up in terms of distance. Anyway, I’m happy with my weekend, especially because we have really improved from Friday. Can’t wait to get to! Being on the podium in the first two rounds of the season is without a doubt a great starting point.".

Tom Sykes, 3rd then 5th:
"By being the first podium of the year in the first race, we are heading in the right direction. You have to go gradually. Getting on the podium was not that bad considering how I felt on the bike. I am not able to do exactly what I want yet. When it’s like that, you can’t explain how the guys ended up in front of you. We tried everything we could and in the end a third place is acceptable in our situation".

"I got trapped in the third corner in the first lap of the second race and lost a few spots because of it. After that we had a few small problems and my corner entry was a bit difficult to manage. We will continue to work and try to improve the bike".

Alex Lowes, 7th then 3rd:
"I’m really happy to be back on the podium! It’s only a third place, but for us it means a lot afterwards! I really should have been on both podiums today, I just made a small mistake trying to catch Leon and get second place. We all worked hard in the team, but the result is there: we are back on the podium and in the top group. If we could stay a little more consistent over the rest of the year it would be a great season for us".

"I didn’t quite understand the penalty, it’s a bit of a shame: Salom got out onto the synthetic turf at turn 4 and cut, so Troy and I obviously walked past him and when we got to the next turn , a yellow flag was raised! Honestly, I haven’t really thought about it. It’s disappointing because two Tops 6 would have been good, but that’s how it is. Without this mistake the weekend could have been very good. I’m really happy with my second race, I was pretty aggressive at the start but had a solid race and it’s a great way to thank the team for their hard work. Now I can focus on keeping that pace, for the next round in !"

Jordi Torres, 4th (x 2):
" I am really satisfied with the work accomplished this weekend. We missed a session but we made up for it. FP2 session (the second free session on Friday afternoon, Editor’s note) is important for me because I learn the new circuits during the first practice session and I need the second to set up my working basis. Then on Saturday, I have to focus on my speed for qualifying and the Superpole"

When I got behind Sykes in the race, I thought about where I fell trying to pass him. I decided to stay calm and study it during the first round, without taking any risks. It was useful for me in the second run. In the end, I finished in the same place but I’m learning, lap after lap. As I always say, the Aprilia RSV4 was made to win and I won’t be fully satisfied until I reach that goal! "

Sylvain Guintoli, 5th then 6th:
"During the first race I obviously did my best, but we were too far behind the pace of the leading group. I did everything I could, but it turned out that I rode a bit on my own towards fifth place. The second race was a lot more fun, although we had a little technical problem that forced me to start from last place on the grid. I got off to a great start and negotiated the first two corners very well, but then got a little too excited and braked too late at turn 5 where I lost three places. Finally, I fought a great battle with my teammate, it was more entertaining! I had my best time at the end of the race. He was probably faster than my qualifying time, it was great but difficult to be consistent".

"This is only my second test on the bike and I am still suffering from my neck injury in these hot conditions. But we have now driven two tracks with different characteristics and we can see that our pace is not as good as our rivals. We have our base of work and we have to try to improve in key areas. Even if we are not fighting for the victory right now, we are still looking for solutions and this will allow us to achieve the results we are aiming for.".

Matteo Baiocco, 6th then 8th:
"I am happy to have progressed throughout these two races. Even in qualifying we saw that we can be in the top eight places, and we can stay there as well. I had two good starts, I followed the pace until the end. I have matured a lot since then and we are now heading towards with good morale. I’m also very happy for the team because the guys worked really hard. The bike is running well and being the first Ducati rider to cross the finish line makes us and my team happy.".

Michael van den Mark, retirement then 7th:
"We had a little technical problem that eliminated us from the first race, but unfortunately things are happening. It’s a shame because I was going faster and faster. In the second run, I felt really good but my start was not so good. I also made a few mistakes in the first two laps, even widened at one point so had to come back. At the end, I had a good fight with Sylvain and I felt that I was faster than him, but not enough to get away. So I decided to stay behind to try to pass it on the last lap. We fought well and even though I crossed the finish line first, they lost me a place because I went off the track trying to pass on the last corner. I still enjoyed this second race and I think we have a lot of positive points to remember for our return to Europe.".

Randy de Puniet, 13th then retirement:
"It was difficult for me from day one … We struggled with the braking and tried a lot. The first race was going well because I was tenth after 12 laps, not far from the Top 6 and although I was not as confident as I had hoped, I improved my times considerably. After 12 laps, I struggled on the brakes and could only finish 13th".

"Unfortunately in the second heat, we had an engine problem. We have to forget about this race and start from scratch. The only positives are that I’m in good shape and looking forward to riding Calafat in ten days to try out the new Marelli system, because every step is important for us. The team worked really hard and it was great for Alex to finish on the podium. We know it’s possible, we just need to get it all right now".

Sylvain Barrier, 14th then 13th:

Christophe Ponsson, fall then abandonment:
"I am happy with my first Superpole but disappointed with the race day with a crash and an electronic problem. It’s time to go back to Europe !". (Via Twitter)

And now for our MNC analysis of the World Superbike in Buriram !

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