WSBK – WorldSBK 2019: a third “ sprint ” race on Sunday morning –

WorldSBK 2019: a third “ sprint ” race on Sunday morning

WSBK - WorldSBK 2019: a third `` sprint '' race on Sunday morning -

So many new things for the World Superbike! This weekend, the WSBK and WSSP riders set out to storm an unknown circuit, El Villicum, in Argentina. And in 2019, the premier Superbike category will be entitled to a third shorter race every Sunday morning.. First info.

"Fitting a third ‘sprint’ race into the WorldSBK format in 2019 is something we have been planning for a long time now, and so we are delighted to see it happening," said Daniel Carrera, executive director of the Sprint Championship. motorbike.

The formula is not yet fully defined, but the organizers already know that this race, shorter than the two traditional heats, will be held on Sunday morning at 11 a.m. The start of the last Superbike race of the weekend will therefore be postponed by one hour: 2 p.m., like on Saturday.

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"Year after year, we strive to guarantee exciting races for the fans and we believe that the addition of a" sprint "race will enrich the WorldSBK experience", justifies señor Carrera two years after introducing the: unsportsmanlike … but pro-show.

How far will this third race be? How will the starting order be established on the grid? How many points will be awarded? Which drivers will have access to this race? Because we can imagine, after all, that this third round will serve as a "bonus" to the second rank drivers. The points differences in the standings could thus be reduced, without being reversed. ?

Sunday morning quickie

As you can see, there are many questions … "Dorna WSBK Organization and the FIM are working with drivers, teams, manufacturers, circuits, broadcasters and sponsors to ensure that the best format will be defined for the season 2019 ", assures the organization. "Exciting and thrilling races will be guaranteed as the WorldSBK weekend enters this new era and thus offers a whole new experience for fans across the world."…

WSBK - WorldSBK 2019: a third `` sprint '' race on Sunday morning -

As fast on social networks as on the track, Loris Baz has already greeted the news … and proposed other arrangements: stopping the reverse grid, returning to the Superpole on a single lap and – above all – adoption of the electronic box unique as in Supersport !

"We are continuing to work on the last adjustments (of the third race, editor’s note) and we hope to be able to provide more details very soon", concludes Daniel Carrera for his part. Let the Dorna do its job. As soon as Site has more information, believe well, dear motorbikes, that you will be the first informed. In short: stay connected !

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