WSBK – WSBK 2015: Canepa tests and approves EBR 1190RX – Canepa tests and approves EBR 1190RX

WSBK 2015: Canepa tests and approves EBR 1190RX

WSBK - WSBK 2015: Canepa tests and approves EBR 1190RX - Canepa tests and approves EBR 1190RX

While any test of a motorcycle engaged in World Superbike is banned until mid-January, Niccolo Canepa went to the United States to discover his future EBR 1190RX, in a half-AMA half-WSBK configuration … The rider Italian seems conquered. Explanations.

Canepa tests and approves EBR 1190RX

Since December 1, World Superbike riders have been forced to respect the winter break which keeps them away from their racing machine. Engaged next season by the EBR Hero team (read), Niccolo Canepa has nevertheless been able to get around the rule by riding his future 1190RX … in AMA / World SBK configuration !

Welcomed to the United States by his new team-mate and team manager, Larry Pegram, the Italian rider got on the bike that the same Pegram rode this season in AMA SBK. For the occasion, however, the American Superbike had a few WSBK touches….

"We used my motorcycles"Says Mister Pegram – who tasted WSBK with them this year at the Laguna Seca circuit, and occasionally registered the first two and only EBR points! – but those were"equipped with the complete World Superbike suspension kit, Pirelli tires and Fly-by-wire electronics".

"During testing we swapped our mounts every now and then and it was very interesting as Niccolo and I had virtually the same comments and feelings.", remarks Larry. An observation shared by Canepa and which reassures him moreover:"we know we are going in the right direction", deduces the beautiful Rital (with his wick in the devastating style) !

In order to make the complete tour of the bike, the two friends toured for four days on two – very – different circuits: "Jennings (Florida) is a fairly tight track, with many bends of all kinds and short development. NOLA (Louisiana) is taller, it consists of fast straights and stronger braking", describes the old Rican (41 years old).

Merry Christmas EBR Hero, from Saint Nick

"I think Niccolo was surprised by the performance of the EBR Hero 1190RX", goes directly Larry."After a few laps he was already attacking hard and trying to see what she was capable of."… not facilitating the task of her friend Barbara, the only" photographer "present on site !

At the end of these first tests, and a few days before Christmas, Niccolo Canepa offered his new team a first gift: "I was surprised how quickly he adapted to the bike. He was quick from the start and ended up breaking Jennings’ record by 7 tenths of a second !", rejoices his big boss.

"It made us all happy", attests" Nick the facetious "who wanted to immortalize this event by literally erasing from the landscape the mark inscribed by Ben Bostrom Himself in February 2012 on a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 !

"And the bike certainly hasn’t given it all yet", Niccolo warns."It’s a great set. It handles and turns really well and I had a lot of fun during these tests“. Between the lines, we can guess that if the chassis is the strong point of this machine, its engine is weaker….

In his interview with our colleague Paollo Gozzi of the Gazzetta dello Sport, – only other brand on the WSBK range to engage a twin – indeed recognizes that the original American Rotax engine still lacks punch.

He also points to the lack of power … braking this time! Indeed, the Italian admits that he achieved his best time at Jennings with a conventional double disc system. However, he believes that by making the original Buell system – the famous perimeter – more biting, he could well have an advantage over his little comrades..

Niccolo’s confrontation with the other World Superbike riders will be interesting to follow: encouraging, surprising or disappointing, it will take place in a little less than a month, first in Portugal and then in Spain. Tests to follow on Site of course: stay connected !

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