WSBK – WSBK Monza: Melandri wins his first race 2013 –

WSBK Monza: Melandri wins his first race 2013

WSBK - WSBK Monza: Melandri wins his first race 2013 -

Marco Melandri won his first race of the year this Sunday noon. Second in the second Italian round, the BMW rider has finally launched his 2013 season! Second then first at Monza, Laverty climbs back up to Guintoli overall…

Marco Melandri won his first race of the year this Sunday noon. Second in the second Italian round, the BMW rider has finally launched his 2013 season! Second then first at Monza, Laverty climbs back up to Guintoli overall…

In Supersport, our young compatriot Florian Marino excelled in all four starts (!) But it was Sam Lowes who finally won after a "mini" race of 10 laps. Sofuoglu, Foret and Van den Mark leave without additional points.

First Superbike race

Tom Sykes started very well from pole position but he put together the reports a little less well than his little comrades Eugene Laverty and Jonathan Rea. Sylvain Guintoli must bow to Marco Melandri at the first chicane but remains in contact with the right group…

Melandri climbs to second position, overtaking Rea then Sykes on the first pass – launched! – in the straight line of the pits. The signal is clear: the BMW n ° 33 has the extension, and its rider has the teeth! Rea is also hungry, but his Honda is potentially sins.

While Laverty, Melandri, Sykes and Guintoli gradually drift away from the peloton, Rea falls into line: the Northern Irishman is overtaken by his Welsh cousin Davies in the third loop. Davide Giugliano leads the chase group just ahead of the # 19 BMW.

Our national Guinters set the fastest time of the race on the following lap and climbed to third place. Surprised, disappointed or revengeful, Tom Sykes misses and goes out in the second chicane of the circuit (Roggia) but quickly rejoins the track without damage in 4th place. In the operation, however, Ninja n ° 66 loses the suction of Aprilia n ° 50…

But the Super (pole) man of the World Superbike does not need the help of the leader of the championship to beat the best time posted during this first round! The ZX-10R quickly joins the S1000RR and the two official RSV4s.

In the 6th lap, Loris Baz continues to aim for the particularly dissipated hunting group: Rea, Davies and Giugliano keep fighting for fifth place! Our third representative, Jules Cluzel, receives a penalty and must pass through the pits.

It was on the 8th lap that Sylvain Guintoli decided to go on the attack … The Frenchie suddenly jumped in front of his teammate Eugene and Marco when braking the parabolic. A lap and a half later, Melandri brakes at Laverty at the entrance to Roggia.

Behind, Giugliano starts straight ahead when braking on the pit straight line. The Aprilia Althea team n ° 34 was imitated a lap later by Rea and his Fireblade. Bumps at the end of the straight line make it difficult for pilots !

In front, Guintoli can not get rid of Melandri. The Italian clings because he wants the "Fratelli d’Italia" to sound in a few minutes for him, and not for Sylvain’s RSV4! Sykes is not left out and is in 3rd position in the 10th lap.

Eight laps from the end, Melandri takes the lead and manages to move away slightly from Guintoli and Sykes. Laverty lost the tempo a bit and gave up a few lengths to the leading trio. Chaz Davies rides alone in fifth position, two seconds ahead of Michel Fabrizio.

The quartet stretches slowly in the 12th round but regroups in the next loop. Inseparable, the four leading men roll in the same second on the 14th lap … So much so that at the end of the next loop, Guintoli and Sykes overtake Melandri.

The No. 66 Kawasaki takes the lead for the very first time. Guintoli was roughed up by his opponents: Melandri then Laverty pushed him out of the podium in the 16th lap. There are two laps to go and our n ° 50 is gradually losing contact.

Melandri is no more spared by Laverty, who slips – scratches! – his Aprilia under the BMW of the Italian in a very fast right! The Irishman continues his momentum and dominates Sykes on the braking of the parabolic.

The last lap is underway and Laverty is holding up on the first braking, unlike Sykes who must give up his second place to a Melandri still impressive and good in the hard braking. Marco overtakes Eugene as he approaches the Roggia chicane.

Laverty carefully remains in the aspiration of the BMW n ° 33 and manages to reclaim the reins of the race in the fast chicane of Ascari. The three leading men therefore attack the straight line of the return wheel to wheel !

Marco Melandri performs the best braking approaching the parabolic and crosses the finish line with a breath ahead of Tom Sykes and Eugene Laverty! Sylvain Guintoli goes under the checkered flag less than two seconds later and grabs important points for the 2013 championship, while Chaz Davies completes the Top 5.

Loris Baz finished 7th in this first Superbike 2013 round at Monza, ahead of Rea, who had to give up two places at the end of the race for not having rejoined the track according to the rules of the art. Jules Cluzel ranks last because of his penalty, five seconds behind the first points.

Supersport Race

Marino takes control of the race! He debvance Sofuoglu, Zanetti, Lowes, Van den Mark, Foret, Cruciani, Russo and De Rosa. The little Frenchman plunges his helmet under his bubble and keeps the reins of the race until the last braking of the 1st loop where Sofuoglu passes Florian.

Back in the pit lane, Marino was beaten under braking in the first chicane. Zanetti and Lowes cling, unlike Van den Mark who concedes a small advance in advance to his predecessors. Foret is in sixth place and must be wary of Coghlan who goes up the peloton.

Suddenly, Sofuoglu then Lowes lost the lead in Roggia, at the same place where a pilot spread the previous lap! Lowes collides with the Yamaha and Marino, who miraculously missed the oil mark, cannot avoid the Kawa ‘n ° 54 …. The Top 4 is on the ground, the red flags are out !

Second start: the race starts again for 16 laps and Marino makes another excellent start ahead of Zanetti and Sofuoglu! The Turkish attack on the Italian on the first pass through Roggia allows Florian to take off.

Alessia Polita, the only girl to compete in this Supersport race, fell quickly and heavily at the exit of Ascari. The Italian is stopped by the pneumatic bars and remains stunned on the ground while his R6 ignites in the gravel: the red flags are waved again to replace the protections.

Third departure: the pilots set off again (!) for only ten laps. Marino is once again ahead of his opponents and dives in the lead in the chicane but does not come out, mown down by one of his opponents…

Entering too hard in the first corner, Antonelli collided with Van den Mark and created a new chain reaction which resulted in the raising of the red flags! This time it is too much, the Supersport race is rescheduled after the second Superbike race.

Second Superbike race

Tom Sykes reacted the fastest when the red lights went out but Eugene Laverty overtook him before braking on the edge of the first chicane. The two friends are followed by Marco Melandri, Davide Giugliano, Marco Melandri, Jonathan Rea, Sylvain Guintoli, Chaz Davies, Leon Camier, Michel Fabrizio and Jules Cluzel. Loris Baz, party from the pits occupies the last place…

Giugliano steals second place from Sykes before starting the second loop. But when Roggia brakes, Davide loses control of his Aprilia: the remains of the oil deposited by the Supersport? N ° 34 follows straight ahead, followed by Melandri! Jules Cluzel unfortunately fell after Lesmo’s double right and had to retire.

Laverty inherits the lead, followed by Sykes. Melandri is in third position ahead of Guintoli and Davies who are doing their best to stay in contact with the leading group. The second group is made up of Rea, Giugliano, Camier and Fabrizio. But the Northern Irishman suffered clutch issues and abandoned his comrades on the 4th lap.

Chaz Davies is lost in the braking of the pit straight line but joins the track correctly in eighth position, two seconds behind Camier and four seconds in front … Loris Baz who has made short work of his rivals !

As in the first round, Laverty, Melandri, Sykes and Guintoli roll in close formation. But Sylvain dislocates Tom on the 7th lap in the straight and overtakes Marco in the middle of the first chicane: the Frenchie is extremely confident !

The n ° 50 overtook his teammate a lap later with the same ease and took control of the race. The n ° 58, 33 and 66 remain in the same second as the leader of the race – and of the championship! -, while Giugliano manages to separate from Camier.

Leon and his Suzuki n ° 2 were passed by Chaz and his BMW n ° 19 on the 9th lap: Davies turned faster than the leading men and fell on Giugliano. Four seconds ahead of them, Guintoli still leads the race ahead of his three great opponents of the day.

A superb fight begins between Davies and Giugliano while the leading quartet delays. Admittedly in the 11th lap, we noted an attack by Laverty on Guintoli but the Frenchman passed the Irishman tit for tat and was no longer bothered. Behind Davies does a bit too much, ends up losing the front of his Behemian and has to give up.

Davide Giugliano found himself alone in fifth place, a second ahead of Leon Camier and Michel Fabrizio. But the driver Althea makes a small mistake that allows his rivals to threaten him again … The Italian public is jubilant !

The race in front is also very close, but the four drivers are reluctant to start hostilities. With four laps to go, Guintoli is still ahead of Laverty, Melandri and Sykes. The latter is the only one to do the yoyo and must be careful not to lose contact.

Two laps from the end, the n ° 58 Aprilia wiggled out of the parabolic, but the n ° 33 BMW wisely stayed behind in the straight line. Laverty finally digs up the hatchet and surprises Guintoli when braking in the Ascari chicane. Melandri overtakes Sylvain when braking the parabolic.

On the last lap, Sykes beats Sylvain when braking the Roggia but has to straighten up and pulls straight, joining the track just in front of Guintoli. In front, Laverty takes great care to lock his trajectories and wins the second round of the day, just ahead of Melandri and Sykes.

Sylvain Guintoli crossed the finish line in fourth position and collected 13 additional points which enabled him to keep first place in the provisional classification. The Frenchman’s lead over his teammate nonetheless goes from 28 to 13 points … Continuation of the championship, in two weeks at Donington Park !

Supersport mini race

The Supersport riders set off for the fourth time this afternoon at Monza for a race that will last only 10 laps. Fabien Foret and Michael van den Mark unfortunately cannot take the start.

For the fourth time this Sunday, Florian Marino sets off impeccably and takes the lead of the race! But Kenan Sofuoglu overtook the young French driver on braking in the Roggia chicane … The Turk completed the first lap in the lead ahead of Marino, Zanetti, Lowes, Russo, Cruciani, Coghlan, De Rosa, Marconi and Ivanov.

Lowes inherited the third place on the second lap and positioned himself within a second of a captivating Marino whose rear wheel swept the track in each entrance to the parabolic! Behind Sam and Florian are the two Italians Russo and Zanetti, the Briton Coghlan and two other Italians Cruciani and Marconi.

Lowes and his R6 battle Marino and his faster ZX-6R in a straight line. At the start of the 4th lap, Kenan Sofuoglu fell at the end of the double right Lesmo and saw the Englishman jump on the first step of the podium! Marino, Russo, Zanetti and Coghlan are still in contact as the mid-mini-race milestone is crossed.

Zanetti manages to place his Honda in front of his compatriot Russo’s Kawasaki in the sixth loop. Our national Marino again takes the lead in the same lap … Then the action on the track becomes such that the classification is impossible to follow !

Russo, Zanetti, Lowes and Marino multiply – again! – overtaking in the eighth lap and Lowes only managed to take a little lead in the 10th lap. Doubled in the straight line at the start of the last lap, Lowes took control from the first braking and left Marino to explain himself to the two Italians..

Florian Marino had a remarkable end to the race and left no chance for his transalpine opponents. Behind the Yamaha n ° 11 and its English rider finally ranks our French Ninja n ° 19 and the Honda n ° 26 of Zanetti.

Lowes made an excellent operation in the championship, since he is the only driver in the Top 4 to score points at the end of this funny Sunday … Sam now has 70 points, against 54, 49 and 45 still for Foret, Van den Mark and Sofuoglu. Marino appears in 7th position with 31 points.

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