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Dr. House actor Hugh Laurie

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Dr. House actor Hugh Laurie

Portrait: Dr. House actor Hugh Laurie
Became a cult with a Honda Fireblade

As an Englishman, Hugh Laurie did the US series “Dr. House” a lot of black humor implanted. With a walking stick and three-day beard, the nasty cynic has become house cult. And with a fireblade. In real life, Laurie loves a Bonneville.

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He’s tall, thin like one of those sandwiches that patients are served in the clinic, which is to say: a little dry. His humor cuts like a scalpel and his words prick like an IV needle. Do you know who we are talking about? Bingo, you won a clinic pack of sterile compresses. It’s Dr. House.

While waiting for the world’s most popular television series to return to the screens in a new season, doctor actor Hugh Laurie has agreed to speak about an illness that has been holding him since he was “growl, growl.” “Can say: the motorcycle.

“This pathological phenomenon was diagnosed at a very young age,” recalls the English actor. “I must have been around seven years old when I started collecting motorcycle stickers, which I put on an album with an almost religious fervor. All my pocket money was used for it. ”He couldn’t get rid of the subject: As a schoolboy mowing the lawn at the neighbour’s house, babysitting, etc., Laurie worked towards one goal: buying his first moped. Until his father finally vetoed it. “He was a former Olympic champion in rowing and a doctor. He was afraid that I would cut myself off on a street corner, cripple myself and suddenly not be able to row efficiently. “

That shouldn’t be an obstacle: Hugh saw his hour coming. “When I was 14, I treated myself to a scooter. I didn’t really get a chance to drive it in because I immediately planted it in a field. After all, nothing happened to me myself. ”But the scooter was over. Which was a disaster for the boy. So Laurie’s dad finally reconsidered his stance and two years later bought him a Honda SS 50. “The engine was a bit weak and the roadholding was a bit limited,” recalls Hugh, “especially considering what I am expressing with this machine and who I am wanted to impress. Of course these were the girls I let ride on my luggage rack. From today’s perspective, I must have looked like a pocket-sized Brando “- says it and grins at the great actor role model.

Thanks to his status as a television star, Hugh Laurie has now been able to move to larger displacements. “I know it seems a bit materialistic, but oh, what the heck, I stand by it: I own several motorcycles. From a Harley-Davidson to a BMW and a Honda CBR 1000 RR to a Triumph Scrambler. But seriously: I still think it’s the coolest, my old one Bonneville ride.”

In 2004, Hugh Laurie was named Dr. House became one of the most important stars in the Hollywood universe. When the producers asked him if he could get a trademark in addition to a walking stick and three-day beard, he got on his motorcycle and put on a Honda Fireblade in Repsol livery. “The most complicated thing about this bike was finding a place for the Gregory House stick,” grins the actor. The Repsol replica was quickly accepted as a new addition to the Doctor’s many quirks – and in the next season she reappeared like a relapsed patient.

When the grumpy woman fright Dr. House had made Hugh Laurie famous overnight. The star hype had its effect, put pressure on him. To let off steam, he amused himself between individual scene shoots by riding a motorcycle on the side streets of Universal Studios in Los Angeles: “But without a helmet, please. I already know this is not sensible. I am a bad boy. But when I wear my helmet, I always look like an asparagus that has just been taken from the microwave. “

With Hugh Laurie, what he is serious and what is not is usually difficult to say. That he really loves his old Bonneville, however, is clear: “For me it is the perfect motorcycle. Practical, economical in use and maintenance, but it can also be devilish. I don’t want any more performance. The only thing I want is enough power to meander through the completely clogged freeways in Los Angeles. I drive it to the studios every day. When I leave the house in the morning it’s six o’clock. The sun has barely risen. In my neighborhood in the Hollywood area, the automatic irrigation systems are running at full speed, and there is a smell of lawns and flowers. It immediately puts me in a good mood and makes me addicted. ”When it comes to addictive drugs, Dr. There is no doubt about House’s diagnosis: the bike. But it doesn’t seem certain that he wants to be cured from it.

Dr. House actor Hugh Laurie

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Dr. House actor Hugh Laurie


Hugh Laurie.

As a doctor’s son (born in Oxford in 1959), Hugh Laurie was supposed to become an antiquarian after a strictly British upbringing at the renowned College of Eton and enrollment at the University of Cambridge. But it turned out differently. The well-trained athlete joined the university and was a successful member of the Cambridge University Rowers, a comedy troupe that became famous across the country. Laurie rose to become a sketch writer for the BBC, played minor roles in international film productions and published a novel (English title: “Bockmist”). The breakthrough came in 2004 when Dr. Gregory House. Hugh Laurie is married with three children.

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