WSBK – WSBK Moscow: round of madness for Melandri –

WSBK Moscow: round of madness for Melandri

WSBK - WSBK Moscow: round of madness for Melandri -

Falls, breakage and rain: the cocktail of the first and only round of the WSBK in Moscow was explosive! In the end, Melandri emerged victorious from this incredible round in front of his teammate Davies. Badovini gives the Panigale its first podium.

Falls, breakage and rain: the cocktail of the first and only round of the WSBK in Moscow was explosive! In the end, Melandri emerged victorious from this incredible round in front of his teammate Davies. Badovini gives the Panigale its first podium.

Victim of a heavy fall at the start of the Supersport race, Andrea Antonelli did not survive his injuries … The SSP race and the second SBK race were therefore canceled..

The WSBK is upset, like Loris Baz who posted on his personal Facebook page: "Rest in peace slide man! I am devastated to have lost one of my biggest rivals in the 2009-2010 season. I will always remember you, the smoking tire in the Monza satellite dish … Ciao grande"

First Superbike race

Chaz Davies got off to an excellent start and took the lead ahead of Davide Giugliano, Eugene Laverty, Marco Melandri, Tom Sykes, Jonathan Rea, Sylvain Guintoli, Loris Baz, Max Neukirchner and Leon Camier. Carlos Checa falls in the second corner, the fault of a touch of Jules Cluzel who accompanies him in the gravel.

Iannuzzo and Savadori fall a few moments later. Of the four men trapped in the first lap of this first round, only Cluzel joined the track, in last position.

Giugliano also fell at the start of the 2nd lap and left Davies alone in the lead, far ahead of Laverty, Melandri and Sykes. Guintoli passed Rea at the end of the long straight and started the 3rd loop in fifth position. Cluzel occupies 14th – and always last – place.

Ninja n ° 66 suddenly stops working so Sykes has to get off the track … and drop his motorcycle which suddenly catches fire! The championship leader is forced to give up the race and entrusts his fourth place to his great opponent Guintoli.

Reduced by his recent dislocation of the shoulder, "Guinters" made a very solid start to the race and held up very well to pressure from Loris Baz and the second official Kawasaki. The white flag is hoisted by all the marshals: fine droplets of water fall on some portions of the circuit.

Davies continued his race alone: ​​on lap 7, the Welshman had a lead of almost three seconds over his teammate Melandri. The third step of the podium is occupied by Laverty, who is already behind the leader by seven seconds..

A little more timid on the now wet portions, Laverty was overtaken by Guintoli then by Baz. A superb fight started between the Kawa n ° 76 and the Aprilia n ° 58 while the rain redoubled in intensity on the straight line and in the first turns of the Moscow Raceway … But is still totally absent at the other end of the circuit !

The 10th lap is underway and no driver has yet passed through the pits to put on rain tires. The whole track is not wet yet and to do well, you would have to change tires twice per lap !

Davies continues to whip his S1000RR and takes his lead over Melandri to 7.5 seconds, and soon 17 seconds over Guintoli, Laverty and Baz! Fabrizio and Camier are the first to stop their machine in front of their box in order to change the tires of their – unique – motorcycle.

Halfway through the race, Haslam stood out: the Englishman, who still struggled to walk without crutches, made his Honda turn faster than his teammate Jonathan Rea! The n ° 91 leads in his ascent Badovini and his Panigale which quickly replace Johnny and his CBR in seventh position…

Sylvain Guintoli is very hot on the 13th lap: his Aprilia almost unsettled him in a fast right! Guinters returns third place to his colleague "Yudjine" who takes the opportunity to take the powder.

Certainly cooled by his impressive rodeo session, Guintoli loses the rhythm … and five places in the 14th loop. The Frenchie however recovered two positions moments later, when Laverty and Haslam both finished their race in the gravel..

Davies is still leading the race but Melandri keeps the pressure on the n ° 19, forced to maintain a tempo at the limit of reason … Jonathan Rea is on the third step of the podium but Ayrton Badovini, who has just overtaken Loris Baz , is only 1.5 seconds from Fireblade # 65.

Sylvain Guintoli rolls alone in sixth position, six seconds behind Loris Baz and five seconds ahead of Max Neukirchner. Jules Cluzel, our third representative, is 10th in command of his Gex n ° 16.

With five laps to go, Badovini and Rea are fighting for the last step of the podium while Guintoli and Neukirchner join the pits. They are imitated the following lap by Davies, Melandri, Badovini and Rea … Baz on the other hand decides to continue on slick despite the heavy rain and inherits the lead of the race..

The Kawa ‘n ° 76 then had a lead of 12 seconds over Melandri and Davies. But the Italian, who took the measure of his rain tires faster than Davies, took the lead on the 22nd lap. Baz is the last to stop in the pits to put on rain tires.

Melandri rides in the lead on his S1000RR, eight seconds ahead of his teammate. Rea and Badovini continue to fight for third place, 20 seconds behind Melandri. Fabrizio completes the Top 5 at 39 seconds from the leader.

Sylvain Guintoli is 7th and impatiently awaits the checkered flag to be waved … Neukirchner, who occupied 6th place, retrogrades to 9th position on the last lap and gives an extra point to our favorite No.50.

Marco Melandri easily wins in front of his teammate Chaz Davies! Ayrton Badovini takes the podium, the very first of the Ducati 1199 Panigale in World Superbike. Much later, Jonathan Rea then Michel Fabrizio crossed the finish line.

Sixth in this incredible first round – one minute from Melandri! – Sylvain Guintoli takes back the controls of the championship. Sykes is four lengths behind and Melandri jumps to Laverty’s third place. But the second half of the 2013 championship starts in a few minutes…

Supersport Race

Kenan Sofuoglu starts like a cannonball from his pole position and takes the lead in front of the two riders of the local Yamaha Yakhnnich team: Sam Lowes and Vladimir Leonov. Next are Michael van den Mark, Alex Baldolini, Kev Coghlan, Massimo Roccoli, Andrea Antonelli, Jack Kennedy and Florian Marino.

Lowes took the lead on the first lap but had to give way to the Turk on the last braking. Several pilots crash when exiting the right which commands the main straight back … A little too generous, the n ° 54 momentarily leaves the track a few turns later but remains in front of Lowes, Leonov, Coghlan and Van den Mark.

The red flag is waved: an ambulance is on the edge of the track and many parts are in the path … The second start is postponed after the second Superbike race, before being canceled.

Second Superbike race

Canceled. Next meeting: in two weeks at Silverstone (Great Britain). Stay connected…

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