Dr. Wack S 100 quick cleaner: Tried motorcycle cleaner

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Dr. Wack S 100 quick cleaner: Tried motorcycle cleaner


Dr. Wack S 100 quick cleaner: Tried motorcycle cleaner

Dr. Wack S 100 quick cleaner
Tried motorcycle cleaner

The Dr. Wack S 100 Quick Cleaner should achieve good cleaning results even without water. The first test should show how well this works.

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Tobias Beyl


When corpses of flies, dust and other dirt adorn the motorcycle, it’s time to wash up again. Cleaning with a garden hose and sponge is, however, idle and prohibited in front of your own front door. The Ingolstadt manufacturer Dr. Wack with the S 100 quick cleaner.

Water is not required

In our tests, it was enough to simply spray the bike and let the cleaner work for about five minutes. No water is required, just rubbing it with a microfiber cloth is sufficient. When using the S-100’s own cloth “Das Tuch” (8.99 euros), the manufacturer also guarantees that it will be scratch-free.

We couldn’t find any scratches either, even when rubbed hard and heavily soiled. When cleaning, a protective layer is created on applied areas, which then drips off water and makes it more difficult for dirt to adhere. The cleaner is suitable for all motorcycle surfaces, however – as with most cleaning and care products – care should be taken to ensure that the cleaner does not get on the tires or seat bench as a precaution.

Noticed positively: Scratch-free application

Noticed negatively: nothing

Price: 14.99 euros

MOTORRAD verdict: 5 stars out of a possible 5


The Dr. Wack S 100 Schnellreiniger made an excellent impression in the first test. Even without water, the dirt in the test could be removed without great effort. A great motorcycle cleaner!

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