WSM Adventure: Ducati Enduro on a scrambler basis

WSM Walt Siegl Motorcycles Adventure

Ducati Enduro based on the 1100 Scrambler

The American customizer Walt Siegl Motorcycles (WSM) specializes in conversions based on Ducati. Under the title Adventure, he transforms a Ducati 1100 Scrambler into an Enduro.

Big enduros with Ducati engines always provide the stuff of legends. Those who know the scene fondly remember the Cagiva 900 Elefant in the Lucky Explorer design, presented in 1991. So you could put Dakar spirit directly into your garage at home. Fire delivered a 904 cm³ large V2 from Ducati. Following on from this model D.ucati is presenting an enduro prototype based on the 1100 Scrambler at EICMA 2019. With the vague prospect of a possible future series production.


Suspension travel as desired

Walt Siegl Motorcycles from the USA had a similar idea, but did not hesitate to implement it. The result is the Adventure – a large enduro that would have been identified (many) years ago at the Dakar. The Adventure rolls on a 19-inch wheel at the front and a 17-inch rim rotates at the rear. Coarse tires ensure traction. A Marzocchi USD fork provides more travel at the front. At the rear WSM relies on a longer Ohlins shock absorber. If you like it even more extreme, WSM has a 21-inch front wheel and suspension elements that are even easier to swallow.

In front of the steering head there is a high covering that integrates two circular headlights and a large GPS navigation system as an information center. But it can also be removed and used as a tablet. US customers can look forward to around 23,000 kilometers of off-road slopes already integrated into the navigation system.

Weight only 160 kg dry

WSM Walt Siegl Motorcycles

Flanking protective bars and a large perforated plate that surrounds it from below protect the 1100 V2 two-valve engine, which has 86 hp and 88 Nm in the series configuration. The front fairing and the newly designed, slim rear are made of Kevlar. The two-part tank with a volume of 25 liters is made of aluminum. SC Project contributes the raised exhaust, which opens to the right of the rear. Roughly jagged notches as well as hand protectors and other little things were added. In return, everything that did not necessarily have to be on the vehicle was left out. The bottom line is that the Adventure should weigh just under 160 kilograms when dry.

WSM does not provide any information on prices. But an adventure should not be cheap fun.


Another real Enduro from Ducati, many fans would probably love it.

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