X Mobility Motors T1 & T2: on- and off-road e-bikes

X Mobility Motors T1 & T2

E-bikes for on- and off-road from 2021

X Mobility Motors from California wants to revolutionize urban traffic electrically. The offer ranges from e-scooters to electrically powered skateboards and electric motorcycles. The T1 and T2 models are expected to arrive at the end of 2021.

KThe main mobility focus of the models T1 and T2 is city traffic and traffic in an urban environment. Both machines are based on the same modular system and only differ in the attachments. The T1 makes for cool cafe racers, the T2 is the soft enduro and is well equipped for light off-road use.

Two models, one kit

X Mobility Motors

In both cases, the backbone is a tubular space frame made of 40 millimeter thick steel tubes. The electric motor and the cast aluminum swing arm are attached to a screwed-on aluminum subframe. A USD fork works at the front and a central spring strut is supported directly on the swing arm at the rear. The removable lithium-ion battery pack can be combined from one or two units. You can also choose between a 5 and an 11 kW variant for the motor.

Cafe racer and scrambler

The visual differentiation takes place via the add-on parts. The T1 has road tires, clip-ons, a low fender at the front and a swing arm for the license plate at the rear. The scrambler-style T2 has tiresome tires, has a high tubular handlebar, hides its LED headlights in a small lamp mask, the front fender hangs high and the rear fender connects directly to the seat. Longer suspension travel ensures proper ground clearance and sufficient off-road capabilities.

The two X Mobility Motors models will celebrate their premiere at the end of 2021. Pre-orders will then also start. The Californians have not yet given any prices.

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