Yamaha TMax 530 and BMW C 650 Sport

Yamaha TMax 530 and BMW C 650 Sport

Sporty large scooters in a comparison test

In German, motorbikes are considered female, scooters are male. Nevertheless, large scooters are only surrounded by a masculine aura in southern Europe. A lot of cubic capacity and power ensure a top image there, as a visit to Marseille proves. The two sporty large scooters Yamaha TMax 530 and BMW C 650 Sport in a comparison test.

S.Have you ever been to Milan, Madrid or here in Marseille? The best, most popular vehicle in such metropolises is a scooter. True scooter squadrons plunge cheekily into the floods of traffic. A distinguished gentleman’s ride: Thanks to wind and weather protection behind large plastic shells, you can get to the office with well-groomed shoes even in an expensive suit and without a gear lever. User-friendly: At the destination, you simply throw your seven things into the storage space.

Yamaha TMax 530 and BMW C 650 Sport

Sporty large scooters in a comparison test

Yamaha TMax 530 to "Le Vieux Port", the old, fashionably pepped up harbor district. Modern architecture in contrast with the old fort, lighthouse and classic southern French cathedral. Large scooters enjoy a great image here and are young urban professionals. On the way to the city center, three other scooter drivers asked us about the renewed BMW. Its revised design looks sleeker, the chic two-tone dress is popular.

Yamaha TMax 530 the most successful large scooter in Europe

Georg’s Yamaha TMax 530 receives less attention. Sure, because the trendsetter has found over 200,000 buyers since 2001, more than Suzuki V-Strom 650 and 1000! This is the most successful large scooter in Europe. And Yamaha only had the 2014 model ready for this test. The revised version was only waiting at home, see "TMax 530 – this is new".

First rule in scooter life: At the stop line you have to go all the way forward, no matter how. The second rule in scooter life: Jump forward from pole position first, a matter of honor. Both the 530 series twin of the Yamaha TMax 530 and the 650 twin-cylinder of the BMW C 650 Sport come out of their pockets just fine. Big bikes with inattentive riders easily slip them off when sprinting from a standstill. Frenzy scooter!

BMW C 650 Sport significantly heavier

With a lot of feeling through the crowd: through the middle of the cars, around traffic islands and parking bollards. Deep centers of gravity and small turning circles allow the Doppelwhopper easy to maneuver, effortlessly scurrying through the traffic thicket. The BMW C 650 Sport weighs a lush 255 kilograms, the Yamaha TMax 530 a delicate 218 kilograms.

Quasi R1 against RT. BMW also has a real touring scooter, the C 650 GT, in its range. Regardless, the BMW C 650 Sport conceals its pounds well. The upper class beasts drive naughty! Important in traffic jams: Both maxi scooters are not too wide.

The engine of the BMW C 650 Sport is delivered to Berlin by the scooter giant Kymco from Taiwan. There was Euro4 mapping for 2016. In addition, the drive train of the C model, previously known as the “600”, has been completely revised: Changed rollers, springs, centrifugal weights, clutch linings and gear ratios coordinate the variomatic much better.

Late engagement of the continuously variable transmission when starting the traffic light, which was annoying with the predecessor, is now a thing of the past. The centrifugal clutch grips spontaneously, finally dynamically in line with the premium. Nevertheless, the BMW C 650 Sport hangs more gently on the gas, not quite as directly as the Yamaha TMax 530. Instead, the BMW revs and speed increase synchronously.

Everything is intuitive: take a bearing, drive, done

The Yamaha TMax 530 aggressively increases the speed with every twitch of the throttle, spontaneously by 1000 to 2000 tours. That looks sporty, ultra-straightforward. But then the 530 needs a second or two to increase the speed after the revs. So the variator feels like a slipping clutch. The Yamaha only engages at higher engine speeds. Its speed level is constantly higher than on the BMW C 650 Sport because of the lack of cubic capacity and is mostly between 4000 and 6000. One sometimes wishes to be able to shift up a gear manually. The BMW looks more confident, calm, cooler.

Only when driving overland does the hardy BMW C 650 Sport give the smaller engine of the Yamaha TMax 530 no chance: it sends up to 49 instead of 39 hp to the rear wheel, and in the engine it should be a full 60 or 47 hp . Variomatic costs performance. But makes you quick: Intermediate sprints always run in the optimal speed range. “Pulling” out of town from 60 to 100 km / h is really fast: 3.2 and 4.0 seconds. Oh dear! This is the level of the strongest super sports car in sixth gear. Simply accelerating without clutching and shifting clears your head. Everything is intuitive: take a bearing, drive, done. Even for A2 drivers, BMW offers you a throttle set ex works free of charge.

Commendable 10,000 service intervals for both scooters

BMW’s standard traction control system reliably regulates ASC. Adrett: Now the Kymco BMW engine sounds better. With an ignition offset of 270 degrees it sounds like a 90-degree V2. The new muffler without a front silencer sounds richer, more sonorous and discreet and no longer blares as annoyingly as the previous model. But compared to the deeper, more robust-sounding Yamaha TMax 530, the sound of the BMW C 650 Sport is still a bit tinny.

The single-arm swing arm with a fully encapsulated chain in an oil bath makes it easier to remove the rear wheel. In contrast, the Yamaha TMax 530 has a two-arm swing arm that tears on the low-maintenance toothed belt. It is easier to check the oil using a sight glass than it is with a dipstick on the BMW C 650 Sport. Praiseworthy here and there: long 10,000 maintenance intervals.

Both offer good touring comfort

Despite the sporty demands: Both Schluchtenflitzer offer good touring comfort. Huge seating furniture with lumbar support, even more pronounced on the Yamaha TMax 530, make you comfortable; also the possibility of "putting down" your legs at right angles or stretching them out long. Man or woman enjoy a great overview through upright sitting positions. Practical: the large BMW disk engages in three positions with a knurled screw. When placed high, it offers great protection and is still quiet. Even the sportier BMW C 650 Sport shields more efficiently and better than the TMax. Almost as good as a top tourer.

You sit more compactly on the Yamaha Tmax 530: The narrower handlebar, which is more cranked towards the driver, is lower and closer to the chest. The legs come closer to the high step. Feels like: Coupe instead of sedan. The BMW C 650 Sport is tall when stationary – there is a two-centimeter lower bench for small drivers. On the 650, the pillion rider enjoys a high level of comfort and relaxed knee angles, large grab handles plus a seat of the same size. Furthermore, a good overview of the driver. On the Yamaha, the back seat is a little smaller, but softer padded.

For the joy of driving: The homogeneous BMW chassis operates in lane and line-true. The BMW C 650 Sport circles corners more precisely, more precisely and remains more neutral on perfectly adhering Pirelli Diablo Scooter tires.

However: When driving straight ahead, the German defends itself more than the Yamaha TMax 530 against folding down, offers a little resistance. The Yamaha appears more agile in fast changing bends.

With a pillion passenger, the TMax becomes a glider

In return, the Yamaha TMax 530 does not always remain neutral: it positions itself in an inclined position on bumps and then looks for its own course. Feels like the front and rear wheels aren’t doing the same thing. When braking in curves, the front folds in a little. Every now and then a corrective hand is required. Bridgestone tires in the same 15-inch dimensions as on the BMW C 650 Sport convey a little less confidence. The soft, conventional fork of the 2014 model doesn’t offer quite as many reserves, responds moderately well, modification was necessary. The recumbent, tension-loaded shock absorber works sensationally. Especially with a pillion passenger, the TMax becomes a glider and floats delicately over the asphalt. This is truly top suspension comfort!

The upside-down fork fishes out a lot on the 650, works great. It only reaches its limits in pillion operation. Their spring rate was also reduced by ten percent, as was the case with the directly hinged, left-hand shock absorber. The compromise between comfort and stability is right. As is typical for BMW, the shock absorber only allows hard edges and heels to pass through to the driver. Both sports scooters remain impressively stable on the track. Length runs, despite the small wheels. The Berlin bear runs stubbornly uphill at speedometer 180 into the limiter, factory specification is 177. The Yamaha TMax 530 has to fit with 161 km / h. The BMW C 650 Sport, a real sports tourer, gives you a feeling of security.


Which large scooter does better? The Yamaha TMax 530 or the BMW C 650 Sport?

Stop! Stop at the Coffee with milk. Four-piston fixed calipers at the front of the Yamaha TMax 530 demonstrate a sporty spirit, reminiscent of the older R1. They bite crisply on discs with modern floaters, but require a lot of hand strength. In the ABS control range, both levers pulsate clearly; the coarser control intervals are longer than on the BMW C 650 Sport. In terms of construction, its hardware is simpler: double-piston floating calipers and fixed discs.

The pressure point at the front is muddy, and the rear brake is quite woody. Nevertheless, the high rear wheel load and low dynamic wheel load distribution enable top deceleration values. The braking distances are short: from 100 km / h, the BMW C 650 Sport is after 38.2 meters, the (old) TMax after 40.6 meters.

With a list price of 11,000 euros, the BMW is slightly more expensive

Few motorcycles can be braked as unimpressed into the curve as the BMW C 650 Sport. Mid-range bikes up to around 70 hp can hardly shake off the scooter duo. Its everyday strength is unsurpassed. This includes easy jacking up: the BMW has changed the kinematics of the hand stand and automatically activates the parking brake when the side stand is folded out. On the Yamaha TMax 530, the manual locking lever on the left end of the handlebar prevents unintentional rolling away. Both have adjustable hand levers, as well as illuminated luggage compartments. Thanks to the clever “Flex Case” pull-out pouch, the luggage space on the BMW is much larger.

The lockable glove compartments in the front reach large and deep. The BMW C 650 Sport and the current Yamaha TMax 530 have on-board sockets. In terms of workmanship, the BMW has the higher nose ahead of the older Yamaha. With higher quality plastic parts, stainless steel elbows and metal inlays in the running boards. The on-board computer on the C-Class can be operated from the handlebars. Well, you can expect something for list prices beyond 11,000 euros. The slightly more expensive BMW even has extras on board for 940 euros: heated grips and seat heating for the front / rear (nice and cozy in winter!), Tire pressure control and LED daytime running lights and indicators. Italians, French and Spaniards swear by the mega scooters – not only in the city. Perhaps the people in Munich, Mannheim and Marburg will say: "Nothing is better than a scooter."



Jelicic-Inkasso and Schmieder-Credit recommend: This means that you are always well dressed!

BMW C 650 Sport Yamaha TMax 530
Top speed * 177 km / h 161 km / h
0-100 km / h 6.5 sec 7.4 sec
0-140 km / h 12.8 sec 16.3 sec
60-100 km / h 3.2 sec 4.0 sec
100-140 km / h 5.9 sec 8.9 sec
Consumption country road / 100 km 4.3 liters / super 4.8 liters / super
Reach country road 360 km 313 km

* Manufacturer information

Performance measurements

The black “Iron Max” with a gold-colored fork costs 11,595 euros.

The BMW converts almost 120 cm3 displacement increase (22 percent) into permanently much higher power on the rear wheel, with a powerful peak on top of a maximum of 49 instead of 39 hp (engine power cannot be measured without disengaging). The result is better driving performance with less consumption. Before the revision of the variator, the Kymco-Twin pressed even more in the middle.

TMax 530 – this is new

Thomas schmieder

The black “Iron Max” with a gold-colored fork costs 11,595 euros.

Tea successful Yamaha TMax 530 received changes to the design, chassis and brakes in 2015. Its upside-down fork with 41 mm sliding tubes responds more finely, processes impulses more confidently, and offers more reserves. It leads better, the new TMax remains more neutral. Front four-piston brake calipers are now mounted radially, can be more finely dosed when biting on 267 discs, and provide a better braking feel. The new front fender and modified front fairing appear more dashing. A central air inlet in the place of the former parking light is supposed to bring vortex-free flow behind the window.

New, rectangular LED double headlights are extremely bright. They always burn as a duo with high and low beam. Longer mirror brackets ensure better consideration. The 12-volt on-board socket and the keyless entry system "Smartkey" are also new. Start button instead of ignition key: a transponder deactivates the immobilizer, switches on the ignition and unlocks the steering lock and seat. Prices 2016: 11,195 euros, the black Yamaha TMax 530 "Iron Max" (photo) with gold-colored fork costs 11,595 euros.



The progress with both new scooters is clear. Prices high, great driving fun!

With the maxi scooters you are well on the way, they cannot be beaten in the big city feeling: fast, comfortable, practical. The revision has done the touring, strong BMW C 650 Sport really good. Despite displacement handicaps, the improved, current Yamaha TMax 530 convinces with a great chassis, the progress with both new scooters is clear. Prices high, great driving fun!

Price comparison of the Yamaha TMax 530 and BMW C 650 Sport

Used Yamaha TMax 530 and BMW C 650 Sport in Germany

The Yamaha TMax 530 and the BMW C 650 Sport face each other on the used motorcycle exchange in a direct price comparison. Both big-city runabouts are in good condition at reasonable prices: used Yamaha TMax 530 and BMW C 650 Sport in Germany

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