Yamaha Tracer 7 GT: travel announcement for the middle class

Yamaha Tracer 7 GT

Travel announcement for the middle class

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha is expanding its mid-range sports tourer range with the new Tracer 7 GT, which offers even more travel comfort.

Yamaha would like to spoil travelers in the middle class even more in the future and is launching the new Tracer 7 GT with extensive touring equipment parallel to the Tracer 700, which is becoming the Tracer 7.

Standard with touring equipment

The new Yamaha Tracer 7 GT comes standard with a comfort seat, a high windshield and side cases. The cases each have a volume of 20 liters, are lockable and nestle close to the tracer line. The new pane spoils with 92 millimeters more height and 70 millimeters more width. This significantly improves wind and weather protection. The comfort bench is based on a special foam and is covered with a cover made of two different surface materials. Contrasting seams and an integrated tracer lettering add the finishing touch to the look.


The Tracer 7 GT is powered by the proven 689 CP2 twin, which competes in the new Tracer in a Euro 5 configuration. The Twin in the Tracer has 73 hp and 68 Nm. In the new conclusion

Yamaha has reached into the accessories shelf and made the Tracer for model year 2021 an even more travel-friendly variant.

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