Yamaha Tritown: electric tricycle with tilting technology


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Yamaha Tritown: electric tricycle with tilting technology

Yamaha Tritown: electric tricycle with tilting technology

Yamaha Tritown

Electric tricycle with tilting technology

Yamaha has launched a new motorized tricycle. Designed as a commuter vehicle for the last mile, the Tritown electric model now being presented uses Niken-LMW technology.

The Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer had already at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Yamaha presented a first concept for Tritown. The study relied on two front wheels, which, like the Niken, are tilted using the Leaning Multi Wheel Technology. The driver stands on two running boards. The drive was electric. In 2019, the Japanese are now pushing the production version of the Tritown.

The Tritown is controlled by shifting your weight, the front suspension swivels to the left or right accordingly. The running boards are raised or lowered accordingly. When standing, the swiveling front wheel suspension is fixed in an upright position. A height-adjustable handlebar adapts the ergonomics to the respective driver size.


For now only for Japan

The approximately 40 kilogram Yamaha Tritown rolls on 14-inch wheels. The dimensions (length x width x height) are given as 1,140 mm x 620 mm x 1,140 mm. A 500 watt wheel hub motor in the rear wheel allows a top speed of up to 25 km / h. The electric motor is fed by a 380 Wh lithium-ion battery, which should guarantee an operating time of around three hours or a range of around 32 kilometers. Disc brakes on all three wheels are used to decelerate.

From August 2019, the Yamaha Tritown will initially only be marketed in Japan. Prices have not yet been announced.

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