Zapp i300 electric scooter

Zapp i300

Electric scooter with aluminum exoskeleton now available

The British start-up Zapp announced an electric scooter at the end of 2018, which should break with numerous scooter conventions. It is now available.

R.Electric scooters are considered progressive, but they are no longer really revolutionary. However, the British start-up Zapp wants to initiate a revolution in scooter construction with its i300, which was announced at the end of 2018. Almost a year after the first presentation of the scooter, delivery is now to begin.

Z-shaped aluminum frame

The first unusual feature mentioned at the first presentation was an external frame made of aluminum, which extends in a Z-shape from the footwell to the bench. The next generation electric motor is combined with one, or rather two, easily removable batteries. The performance data of the electric drive are now also known. The engine is said to have 19 hp. The manufacturer specifies 96 km / h for the maximum speed. The electric scooter should need 2.4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 50 km / h. By using both batteries, ranges between 60 and 90 kilometers should be possible. However, the driver must be in ECO mode here – the manufacturer has not yet revealed what restrictions this has. The removable batteries weigh just under five kilograms.


Cockpit with a large display.

The rear wheel drive takes place via a belt drive. The aluminum rear swing arm is supported on the frame by an almost horizontal spring strut. Otherwise, the rear is extremely airy. The front wheel is guided by an upside-down fork. Disc brakes on both wheels provide braking power. Zapp also lists a wheelie control, extra wide tires and a high-resolution digital display on the official website in terms of equipment. A first look into the cockpit reveals a large screen and various buttons with which various driving modes can be called up. By the way, the manufacturer deliberately does not use an infotainment system due to safety measures and increased risk of distraction. A dashcam and GPS tracking, on the other hand, are optionally available. Zapp does without a helmet compartment – there is a hard case luggage box in the accessories range, which should provide more storage space.

Also available in Germany

The base price of the Zapp should be 6,300 euros. However, the price can skyrocket due to various paintwork, graphics, seating options and other accessories that can be added using the configurator on the official website. Fortunately, the electric scooter produced in Thailand can also be pre-ordered outside of Great Britain: According to the manufacturer, pre-orders from Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland are accepted.

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