Zonko’s attack on the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R.

Zonko’s attack on the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R.

Zonko’s great love

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Emilia pulled out her cell phone on the wedding night and reported to her mother: “It was world class. But it came too early. ”Well, this test result also fits the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R..

W.nothing is different. For years, posters with this message lined the A1 at the city entrance. I always suspected that there was a lot of truth in this sentence, but I couldn’t get it to the point. The comprehension was not as clear as day, but diffuse like fog. Until yesterday. Then I realized it very concretely. What happened? What opened my eyes What made me wise?

Zonko’s attack on the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R.

Zonko’s great love

Speed ​​Triple R was already waiting down on Lerchenfelder Strasse. I put on seasonal uniforms (long flannel underwear as sophisticated lingerie, Dainese jeans, heavy python boots, fairy’s knitted sweater, down anorak), took a few deep puffs from the Savinelli pipe in the stairwell, put on my helmet up and mounted the white goddess. I checked the position of the levers, slid back and forth on the saddle, loosened my shoulder girdle and put my thumb on the start button. Then I paused for a moment and said: “Noble Englishwoman, since tomorrow is our big day and I want to show the whole world how big a screen you are, today we take every traffic light on the rear wheel. Are you ready? "

Today we take every traffic light on the rear wheel!

The three-cylinder of the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R boiled with a dull roar. I gave him twenty seconds before I let the first gas blow into his innards. Wow, wonderful sound! Pull the clutch, engage first gear, and … the voice of reason: “Remember that the Diablo Supercorsa SP has to get up to temperature first. Otherwise he’ll just go nuts at the traffic lights and nothing will happen to the gallery. You know what the behavioral psychologist said back then! "

How could I have forgotten Years ago I went to see her because I wanted to know what was going on in women. It was inexplicable to me that you would sit down on a sharp bullet in the back, wrap your arms around the insane driver, enjoy the ride in hell and get off with a relaxed smile that reminds you of bliss, while the driver struggled to keep the whole body shivering, that was caused by the adrenaline flood. The question: “Wasn’t it too fast?” Then leads to the answer: “As far as I am concerned, you can step on the gas.” The psychologist explained this phenomenon to me: “It is a sign of limitless trust that we often experience during this phase of being in love. "

So so. Incomprehensible. Then I wanted to know how wheelies are received. Is that seen by women as embarrassing showing off? “No,” said the doctor, “a wheelie suggests that the man can accomplish what he is in the world of evolution to do. This archaic pattern has a central effect. ”Well boom. The best psychologist ever. But also the most ruthless. That showed the answer to my question: “And what happens if the woman notices that the driver is unsafe on the road, that he does not have the machine under control?” “That is very bad for the driver. The attraction and the magic dissolve, the woman turns away inwardly. ”Aha. Brutal world. In this respect, your last statement after our short trip didn’t surprise me: “No thanks. I’m too tired. ”So: Warm up the Supercorsa SP! Now just don’t falter. I dropped the clutch of the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R and started the attack in Vienna.

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The three-cylinder simply tore through the roller

The fact that I almost spread out after a single meter was due to the limited steering angle of the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R. Such limited freedom of movement of the fork is otherwise only known from racing machines. It’s a good idea because the bars cannot twist too much in the case of a pretzel, which means that there is a greater chance that the fork and frame will not be damaged and can be reused. But if you fire out of a parking space with a sharp hook, you tear your eyes open ‘, as the saying goes. It’s good that the psychologist didn’t see how quickly I had to stretch my right leg to support it.

Since the first set of traffic lights was already lurking 400 meters in front of me, I temporarily increased the spray supply with a loose wrist and had to realize that the Supercorsa SP had everything you would expect from a tire, except grip. Hell, the three-cylinder Triumph Speed ​​Triple R, fueled by a single burst of throttle, just ripped through the 190 cylinder. Only 350 meters. I used the distance with full concentration for further tire warm-up exercises, pushed myself into pole position, dancing confidently between the citizen cages and fixed the red light.

I was followed for half an hour

When the green appeared, I retracted the clutch at medium speed and celebrated a picture-perfect start. Without a roll phase, the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R lifted the front in a very harmonious movement and turned the rest of the world into the audience. Wonderful! Approximately forty meters further I slowly reduced the gas and let the front wheel touch down gently. A dream. Just perfect. Yes, this is the 1050 three-cylinder that I love so much! Incomparably full, dull sound, killer Schmalz already from the cellar and a table-like torque over the entire area that playfully lifts the striking front towards the sky in the truest sense of the word. For me the 1050 is the best and easiest to use wheelie motor in the world. And since the Supercorsa SP apparently coped with the winter temperature, I actually managed to leave the gallery position around thirty traffic lights in a row. Zero unsuccessful attempts. Well done, triple! Just lovely.

Of course, I did not miss the fact that a transalp followed me while I was in the distillery, but I didn’t care. Seemed like a good motorcyclist who didn’t want to overtake me. And I wasn’t surprised either when I parked the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R at the Felzl bakery, because I wanted to drink an Illy melange and light the Pfeiferl, and the Transalp parked within sight. Only after the three-day-bearded man had taken off his helmet and came up to me did I suspect something terrible, which with every step he took became a certainty: civil patrol!

Wheelie, 75 km / h, double barrier line, wheelie, track body …

In a flash, my brain switched to video recorder mode and played the last half an hour at super speed: wheelie, 75 km / h, double barrier line, wheelie, track body, wheelie on the track body, single barrier line, not flashing , small competition with fat Benz up to 79 km / h, wheelie … Great. Of course, I had enough excuses to hand (“The Triumph Speed ​​Triple R is so strong that the front wheel barely stays on the ground”, “The twilight Mizzi who was on the phone pushed me away, so I had to avoid the safety line ”,“ The suitcase in the ProloLimousine wanted to know ”,“ 79 km / h ?! Really? I’m sorry. You know how such a thousand pulls out ”), but unfortunately none of them were promising.

The inspector was younger than me. This not only proved his appearance, but also the performance of his short-term memory. My mental video recorder obviously had gaps, his not. The civilian accused me of such an avalanche that I was already preparing to whimper: “Inspector, I have nieces and nephews in Tyrol who are looking forward to Christmas presents. Please don’t make me completely flat! ”But it didn’t get that far. Because after the sentence: “And every traffic light on the rear wheel is simply not necessary!”, He said: “But apart from that, the Speed ​​Triple is a fine iron. Is the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R really better? "

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The engine suits me best. It’s just perfect.

Lucky flash! I sensed that things were taking a good turn for me and said: “Well, the Ohlins stuff is amazing. This is real high tech. It cannot show its advantages on bad roads. But the decisive factor for me is that Ohlins simply works a class better on the racetrack than the dampers of the conventional triple. That is a lot of luck and expands the range of applications enormously. The monoblock brembos will also be better in the last resort, but I don’t benefit from that. I’m not the gifted late brake, but rather the turn-oriented line driver. What I like most about the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R is the engine. It’s just perfect. Punch, throttle response, controllability – a dream. And as far as I know, the three-cylinder is identical in both versions. "He nodded:" Ohlins is good. And looks damn smart too. How much do you take for it now? "

I shrugged slightly: “I think the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R costs almost 2000 euros more than the standard, but I can’t say for sure. I’m in the fortunate position of always being able to drive test machines. ”And then there was no longer any doubt that I would get away with it:“ I know. I’ve read your articles for years. How is it now out in Germany at PS? Hard? ”No, on the contrary, it’s wonderful! We took a mixture and I told about the first meeting in the garden with Allmighty Pfeiffer, who on an eventful day covered the Iron Butt distance of 1,600 kilometers (Stuttgart-Vienna-Brunn-Stuttgart) on a sporty touring machine and threw in the apricot cake like a world champion, from Count Seitzmo and the giant Haymon, who became the Hulk, and from Miss Heart, who takes care of the pictures so kindly that the sun comes through even in the thickest fog. Really world class. "And they packed the Harley too?" He wanted to know. “Well,” I explained, “it has really jacked up one or the other reader. In the course of this I got to know the word "Trannase". I think it doesn’t mean anything good. " 

The big day: off to the race!

Vienna is different. No ticket to the orgy. Thank you! In order not to overstep my luck, I loaded the triple onto the Mazda pick-up the next day and diesel on the OAMTC guard ring. Billy Idol’s "White Wedding" pounded out of the speakers and I was completely one with the world. Tea Triumph Speed ​​Triple R is a dream iron for me. It suits my driving and thinking perfectly. Noble components, excellent workmanship, absolutely reliable and stable, daring and sensational optics, killer engine, whose performance I can fully call up, and no electronic superstructure. With the Triple, I can effortlessly riot through the metropolitan area with high entertainment value, I’m a force on the home track, and on the race I experience the thrill of unleashed driving at a high level.

No question about it, on the racetrack the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R can’t do much against super athletes who move appropriately and the most powerful electronic nakes, but I’m not going to be a world champion any more. For me, the race (note on my own account: have a pleasure with the new word) is about the fun and the thrill. And here the Speed ​​Triple R is way ahead. She can’t break any lap records. Why not? Because I’m in the saddle?


"We will grow together and rage gloriously." – Zonko and the Speed ​​Triple R.

The latter is clear, the rest of the truth can be found in the machine and there mainly in the engine. Because he “comes too early”. You don’t really get it that just over 9000 rpm the limiter simply stifles the brute thrust. The three-cylinder of the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R pulls through the entire belt murderously and you think that it will be like that up to 13,000 rpm, but no. Wherever four-cylinder and race-oriented two-cylinder really pick up speed, the 1050 suddenly loses its power and demands the next gear with irrefutable determination.

Well, it’s world-class out on the road because – no matter what machine you’re sitting on – you can hardly get into the five-digit speed range anyway (unless you’re a freeway speed freak), but the fixed-speed superbikes are on the ring at the ring Straight past cruelly. I can live with that, I am happy to accept that, because I am very well equipped with the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R everywhere. The breadth of the range of uses in which the Triumph works makes it the winner of my heart for me.

The sheriff can’t close the throttle

Although the guard ring came up with wet spots, the white goddess remained intact. I was thrilled to see how the Ohlins stuff swallowed the bumps in the dry, long, fast right and ironed them smooth, and that I could clearly feel the tires. Steering behavior and stability were also entirely to my liking, the controllability of the engine was a dream. The clutch was important. On the one hand, because the not buttery-smooth gearbox looked a bit wobbly when the clutch was carelessly disengaged, and on the other hand because the stern tended to prance when anchoring sharply in conjunction with downshifting. The Triumph Speed ​​Triple R, which I will call “White Wedding” from today, and I will work on that. We will grow together and rage gloriously.    

On the way home I remembered the letter from the Storch: “Dear Mr. Magister Zonko, will we drive computers in the future that have casually flanged on a motor? Will the sheriff be able to close the throttles and exit the gallery from his iPad? Will we all start to curse after a few years in the boiler room when the machine’s mouse cinema is going crazy and the sensors are slowly weakening with age? Will we only have one bike left in the sense of reducing it to the essentials or will we come to terms? ”Thoughtful stork, as long as there are divine machines like the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R, that is fortunately not an issue. And I am quite sure that many manufacturers will sooner or later discover that a very central motif in motorcycling is the idea of ​​freedom, independence, informality and pure pleasure beyond external control.

Data Triumph Speed ​​Triple R


Incomparably full, muffled sound: the Triple roars uniquely from the two tailpipes.

Triumph Speed ​​Triple R.

Three-cylinder in-line engine, four valves / cylinder, 99 kW (135 PS) at 9400 / min *, 111 Nm at 7750 / min *, 1050 cm³, bore / stroke: 79.0 / 71.4 mm, compression ratio: 12.0: 1, ignition / injection system, 46 mm throttle valves, mechanically operated multi-plate oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, G-Kat, chain

landing gear 
Light alloy bridge frame, steering head angle: 67.2 degrees, caster: 91 mm, wheelbase: 1435 mm, upside-down fork, Ø fork inner tube: 43 mm, adjustable in spring base, rebound and compression. Central spring strut with deflection, adjustable in spring base, rebound and compression. Spring travel front / rear: 120/130 mm, forged alloy wheels, 3.50 x 17 / 6.00 x 17, front tires: 120/70 ZR 17, rear: 190/55 ZR 17, first tires: Pirelli Supercorsa SP, 320 mm double disc brakes with radially attached four-piston fixed calipers at the front, 250 mm single disc with two-piston floating caliper at the rear, ABS

Max. Rear wheel power 
92 kW (125 PS) at 222 km / h

0 – 100 km / h: 3.2 s
0 – 150 km / h: 5.7 s
0 – 200 km / h: 10.5 s

50 – 100 km / h: 4.4 s
100 – 150 km / h: 5.0 s

Top speed 
248 km / h

220 kg with a full tank, v./h .: 50.5 / 49.5%, tank capacity: 17.5 liters

Setup fork 
stat.neg. Spring travel: 31 mm, compression: completely open, rebound: 31 K open, level: standard

Setup shock absorber 
stat.neg. Spring travel: 17 mm, compression: completely open, rebound: 11 K open, level: standard

Base price 14,170 euros plus additional costs


Table-like torque tray and first-class power delivery: The 1050 triplet of the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R is murderous.



"The Triumph Speed ​​Triple R is the winner of my heart."

If you are not in the very fortunate position of being able to buy your own machine for each special application, but have to decide on a single model, the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R is a hot tip. The dashing Englishwoman shines in the city and on the home track alike and also cuts a really good figure on the race. You can even make a vacation trip to the south, as the small flyscreen offers surprisingly good wind protection up to 180 km / h.

The top speed of 245 km / h can only be tolerated for a short time, unless you have Mike Tyson’s neck muscles in full force. Tea highlights of the machine are the 1050 series three, which in my opinion is the best wheelie motor in the world, and the wonderful Ohlins gold. The gearbox is a bit clunky and requires the driver to clutch properly. Triumph Speed ​​Triple R, I love you! White wedding.

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