Tried Enduristan Tornado 2

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Tried Enduristan Tornado 2
Johannes Muller.



Tried Enduristan Tornado 2

Tried Enduristan Tornado 2
Huge pannier for the rear

The Enduristan Tornado 2 is a large rear pannier that is also suitable for off-road rides. How does it fare in the first test?

Johannes Muller


Luggage rolls: light, affordable, narrow (good for a quick escape from the Stuttgart traffic jam!), Extremely versatile. The Tornado 2 from the Swiss manufacturer Enduristan Proven with us in the Morocco adventure as well as on an extensive Balkan off-road tour. The second largest variant “L” was used – with 51 liters it offers more than enough packing volume for a single traveler.

Off-road lashing is easy

As it should be, it is made of extremely robust, waterproof material and also sewn and welded to inspire confidence. That promises a long shelf life. The buckles of the four compression straps are also very robust, although the two centrally placed straps should be a bit longer – as is the “roll-in zone”, in which a Velcro fastener would also make it easier to close.

We were particularly impressed by the rows of loops sewn on the front and back, which make off-road lashing easier – and to which the usual adventure items such as drinking bottles or bandages can be easily attached. Not in the picture: the highly recommended, elastic ROK straps from the same manufacturer, which we have successfully used for all sorts of lashing jobs for years.

Noticed positively: Extremely robust, easy to lash down

Noticed negatively: Short overlap when fully loaded

Sizes: S to XL

Price: 80 euro

MOTORRAD verdict: 4 stars out of a possible 5


The Enduristan Tornado 2 pannier was able to score in the first test with its extreme robustness and good lashing properties. It is available in sizes S to XL from 80 euros.

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