Acceleration record attempt

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Acceleration record attempt


Acceleration record attempt

Acceleration record attempt
Turbo Hayabusa

“I’m stamping all your personal bests in,” came the phone. At the end of the line: Elmar Geulen, the enfant terrible of the racing scene. Well, the best MOTORCYCLE reading from zero to 300 km / h is at least 13.5 seconds…

Rolf Henniges


Zero point eight bar? “That’s Pippifax!” Whispers Elmar Geulen. “I have?? the mechanic today ?? instructed tomorrow to increase the turbo boost pressure to 1.1 bar. Then the Suzi has between 380 and 400 hp. That’s enough!”
Sure, that should be enough. Unfortunately, it is then no longer entirely legal. But what the heck … The 49-year-old, who looks like a mixture of Meister Proper (body) and Armin Muller Stahl (eyes) adjusts his smile and casually leans against his »mobile home«. A Neoplan Skyliner, 30 tons, ten-cylinder engine, diver-
se fridges, televisions, eight single and two double beds. It is Saturday morning, August 19, 2006. The sun is stinging, 31 degrees, stray clouds. Geulen wants to make his statement come true at the Public Race Days in Hockenheim and crush all the best values ​​ever determined by MOTORRAD in terms of acceleration. All! From zero to 100 km / h, to 200, to 300. And that with a street-legal motorcycle.
A tuned MAB-Hayabusa. A standard Bridgestone BT 56 crouches under the tire warmer on a five-spoke carbon rim from Dymag. The touring tire is supposed to interlock the alleged 400 HP with the surface via its palm-sized contact surface. Reinforced clutch springs, a particularly high-tensile chain and a special steel sprocket ensure that they even get to the rubber. The swing arm is 35 millimeters longer than on the production machine, the wheelbase of the Hayabusa is now 1640 millimeters. This is intended to counteract the tendency to rollover. Because the Ab-
gas turbocharger kicks in abruptly, blowing the almost 1,300 cc four-cylinder abruptly with a power that is usually used by heavy top-of-the-range flagship cars to move on the autobahn. What if it weighs 228 kilograms
Does the motorcycle roll over, the carbon wheel splinters or the tire dissolves? You have to be a little crazy to get in the saddle. Above all, have a sporting spirit.
Elmar Geulen definitely has sportsmanship and is also a unique specimen of a special kind. Weighs 102 kilograms, 1.88 meters tall, goatee, shaved skull. Biceps circumference just under 50 centimeters. Around the neck is a gold chain that could be used to tow broken down small cars if necessary. A man from the Proto-
type of bouncer with a quiet kick like that
Sylvester Stallone has a lot in common with Roger Willemsen. His ice blue eyes,
the apparently only not deeply tanned spots on the surface of his body are penetrating.
And tell of his moving
Life: Degree in business administration, professional boxer, gym operator, entrepreneur, racing driver. Geulen, who the media claims to have been nicknamed »Mr. Hayabusa «, sees himself as a speed junkie. He got through almost everything on two wheels, was a German Jupo winner four times as a lubricant in a motocross sidecar, and was a soloist in the Superbike DM, the 500 Grand Prix and the World Endurance Championship. Started twelve times on the Isle
of Man, raced in Macau, switched to the supermoto and finally found mecha in 2000 with the Suzuki Hayabusa-
niche playmate he’s always been looking for.
Geulen had the machine tuned, started in the Pro Superbike class and set a world record with the 217 hp LKM Suzuki: With the skater professional Jurgen Kohler in tow, he reached the fabulous value of 281.25 km / h and sparked it
a press inferno. The company MAB joins him as a sponsor. Today the man from Euskirchen stands on the Hockenheim drag strip with one of the most powerful road machines in the world to set a few best times.
The fastest MOTORCYCLE acceleration times of all StVO-compliant bikes was achieved by test driver Karsten Schwers, who weighed 69 kilograms, on a Suzuki that was also tuned to 337 hp by MAB
Turbo-Hayabusa rolled out two years ago: zero to 100 in 3.0 seconds, up to 200 in just 6.6 seconds. And after just 13.5 seconds, the GPS determined a real 300 km / h.
It is also correctly determined in this case. Geulen rolls to the start, a strong burnout should put the rear tire on Tempe-
bring to temperature. Flickering tar, oven climate under the helmet. Two fans whirl behind the water cooler of the MAB-Hayabusa, and special oil, viscosity 0W20, circulates in the motor. The cylinder head has been optimized by LKM, the steering stop is restricted by one centimeter on each side, and a steering damper is intended to nip any kickback in the bud. Geulen clamps his steeled body behind
the disc, put one foot on it
adjustable footrest system and gives the engine one last throttle while stationary. The 400-hp rocket growls dully. Somehow powerful, confident, yet not too loud. Should after all
everything will be halfway legal. Yellow light ?? green! Here we go.
For the audience, Geulen’s ride is like a seesaw on a rocking chair. The front wheel is constantly climbing and the rear wheel is spinning. In every gear! It
is the ride on a wild horse gone mad. Only in the fourth attempt does Mr. Hayabusa find the right balance between throttle, clutch and gear. And better grip: it manages 300 km / h in just 13.1 seconds, takes just 6.3 seconds to 200 and just 2.9 seconds from zero to 100. Cheers, made it!
The son from an old noble family is bursting with enthusiasm. Was it pure adrenaline before?
the environment transmitted, so overwhelming joy now spills over. It would be more effective with a little less power-
Veren grip not even faster? He waves
away. “Always everything that is possible.” His life-
maxim. Because Geulen is and remains
Extreme sportsman. He recently challenged Michael Schumacher with his Ferrari: from zero to 300 km / h. Without traction control, of course. sequel follows…

Point of view – don’t take your foot off the gas

Elmar Geulen advised not to take off the gas. Otherwise the boost pressure will collapse and then nothing will work anymore. Hardly to
believe at just under 400 hp.
I stand at the traffic light tree to start, have ?? the tire as well
warmed up by burnout. But the BT 56 is a touring tire. until
that is warmed through, that lasts. And takes. Green, gas, engage. My thoughts are reduced to the bare essentials. Will the chain, the carbon wheel, the tire hold up? ?? No matter now, the focus is only on the horizon. The rear wheel whimpers, every little pull makes it spin, or the front wheel shoots skyward. Adrenaline instead of blood. Just don’t let the boost pressure collapse, I think, and switch every time the turbocharger’s pressure relief valve hisses. The whole thing has nothing to do with effective propulsion.
Now go into fourth gear. Finally, I think I can wind up stronger. But puff cake in the literal sense. The MAB-Hayabusa lurches, draws a bold black line. I have trouble keeping the load
to keep on track. The extended swing arm is sure to bring something. But just something. The 400 meters of the drag strip are long gone before you can feel something like grip on the rear wheel. This is a projectile that has little in common with a motorcycle.
400 HP in a bike makes no sense at all, either on the racetrack or on any normal road or motorway. But that’s probably not the point. There is only one way to do it
about the kick, about the moment.

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