AGV K3-SV full-face helmet test


7 sizes, two shell sizes, 23 colors, 1470 grams, from € 181

A stylish and affordable entry-level, which nevertheless has a few flaws

In recent years, the K3-SV (SV for sun visor: internal sunscreen in the shell) has been an entry-level figure in the "sport" line of the Italian manufacturer AGV. And a neat entry level since, in addition to the internal sunscreen, this helmet has neat ventilation, with four inlets on the front and two extractors on the back. The lines are dynamic: the pointed front, the vents well integrated into the design, the domed base (an argument that is double-edged: because in fact, it is less stable when it is placed on a surface that is not necessarily flat, such as the trunk of the car in the morning, when I equip myself in the parking lot, near the motorcycle). Nevertheless: the look is sporty.

AGV K3-SV full face helmet test

Beautiful line, beautiful paint

AGV does not hesitate to fully exploit their partnership with Valentino Rossi. The proof: of the 23 colors listed on the AGV site, more than six refer to the world of the planetary idol! Our test model is more sober, but we must recognize the quality of the paints and varnishes. Nothing drools and everything is in its place: of course, this seems obvious, but not everyone is there (on a recently tested HJC R-PHA Jet, there is still a small gap on the stickers on the spoiler, for example). Not there, this AGV is impeccable.

The decorations are perfectly applied

Same series of compliments about the ease of changing the screen or the adjustments, whether it is the embossed logo behind the helmet or the seals at the base, nothing moves, it’s perfect.

Disassembly of the screen is simple and efficient

On the other hand, the small wind deflector at the neck is dislodged from its base with a blow of the chin each time the helmet is removed. That is a blow to lose him quickly. And it would be a shame so much it helps to limit the noise.

The bib tends to come off each time you remove the helmet

Acoustic weaknesses

Threading is easy and the micrometric buckle fits well even if there are some irreducible ones (I’m one of them) of the double-D buckle. Moreover AGV has just released its last helmet with a double-D buckle precisely.

The foams are a bit firm when the helmet is new and they even take a long time to soften. There are helmets in which you feel like a slipper from the start and some that take time, the time for the foam to form the shape of the head. This is the case with this AGV.


In use, we appreciate its wide field of vision, the system which allows the screen to be blocked by letting a small stream of air pass (the small button between the two vents on the chin bar) and the effective ventilation which is easily handle.

We appreciate the original pinlock, which is not yet the case on all helmets on the market, especially in this price range. We just regret that the pinlock can only be mounted on the original transparent screen and not on the smoked screen available as an accessory; smoked screen which has the merit of not being too dark, which means that you can still drive with it when the light declines.

There are three air inlets on the top of the helmet

The AGV K3-SV actually suffers from only one major flaw: it is noisy and poorly soundproofed. When you pass through a tunnel, not all external noise is filtered out by the headphones. As a result, earplugs are recommended on long and medium journeys.

Testing the AGV K3-SV in town

And that’s a shame, because, despite firm comfort, the dynamic qualities of this helmet are there, with good handling at high speeds without any instability or turbulence. This is where we see that this AGV was born from the racing school. And seen several times for less than 200 euros on the net, with the history that goes with it, this constitutes a well-profiled helmet, light in dynamics, racy and well ventilated..

Full face helmet AGV K3-SV

Strong points

  • Racing look
  • Good field of vision
  • Quality of paintings & variety of decorations
  • Easy to change screen
  • Internal sunscreen
  • Feeling of lightness
  • Easy to handle vents
  • Quality of adjustments
  • Good aero handling at high speed

Weak points

  • Noisy
  • No pinlock on smoked screen
  • No double-D loop
  • Insecure chin windscreen
  • Slightly firm foams
  • Domed base (so not always stable when placed somewhere …)

Features full face helmet AGV K-3SV

  • 2 shell sizes in HIR-TH thermoplastic resin (high resistance thermoplastic resin)
  • Inner shell in EPS in 4 sizes
  • Dimensions of the EPS shell optimized thanks to the FEM system (Finite Elements Analysis-Analysis of Finite Elements)
  • Approvals: ECE 2205, DOT, JIS, NBR, AS / NZS
  • Ventilation system designed and optimized in a wind tunnel, including 4 front air intakes (3 front and one on the chin bar) and 2 rear extractors
  • New visor mechanism with XQRS (Extra Quick Release System)
  • Visor mechanism with PVS (Perimetrical Visor Seal) system
  • GT 2 anti-scratch and anti-fog polycarbonate visor with total protection against UV rays
  • Anti-scratch, removable and tool-less replaceable ISV integrated sun visor
  • Removable nose guard
  • Removable windproof neck protection
  • Fully removable and washable 3D interior parts
  • Dry-Comfort fabrics with antibacterial treatment
  • Retention System with micrometric adjustment
  • Anti-theft ring on the strap
  • Weight: 1470g (+/- 50g) in size M

Test conditions

  • Directions: worn for a few weeks daily and on trials
  • Problem encountered: none

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