All Duels – Does the 2012 Yamaha 530 Tmax do better than its predecessor? – The challenges of change

Does the 2012 Yamaha 530 Tmax do better than its predecessor ?

All Duels - Does the 2012 Yamaha 530 Tmax do better than its predecessor? - The challenges of change

Since the time we expected: here it is finally, this new Tmax 2012! But rather than revolutionizing its maxi-scooter, Yamaha has given only a few evolutions to its bestseller. Will this be enough to make you forget the Tmax 2011 ? Duel !

    • The challenges of change

      In ten years of career, the Yamaha 500 Tmax has convinced all those who have tried it of the excellence of its cycle part. So much so that everyone began to dream of a little more horses to have more fun. But Yamaha did not fall for the trap !

      The Japanese engineers were well aware that by increasing the displacement, they risked noticeably weighing down the machine and breaking this almost perfect harmony between engine and cycle part which makes the success of the Tmax….

      Yamaha was therefore content to develop its bestseller by small touches since 2001. The Tmax first adopted electronic injection, then a second front brake disc, then ABS (read in particular our), before undergoing a complete overhaul at the end of 2007.

      While we were expecting it (already!) In the field of horsepower, the manufacturer with tuning forks took everyone by surprise by unveiling a new 2008 Tmax … less powerful! Of only 0.8 hp, of course, but the approach had still aroused a – short – wave of astonishment…

      However, despite this drop in power, commercial success is growing because the Tmax "2.0" is even healthier and more agile than before, thanks to the work carried out on its cycle part. And in particular its new die-cast aluminum frame (read our).

      The resistance is organizing !

      This hegemony naturally begins to whet the appetite of competition, which intends to take revenge. If the Burgman 650 and 600 Silverwing have never really worried Yamaha, the arrival of the Gilera GP 800 (with its 75 hp) has changed the situation a little..

      And the arrival – long announced – of promising BMW scooters (read our) definitely pushed Yamaha to react. From then on, rumors were rife on the web, the most optimistic dreaming of a Tmax of 20 hp more for 20 kg less … But no !

      Thanks to Philippe from Patrick Pons Bastille

      A big thank you to Philippe from Yamaha-Patrick Pons Bastille who was able to find us on the fly a Tmax 500 from 2011. Passionate about Tmax, Philippe is also a very active member of the Parisian branch of Club Tmax Mania. Do not hesitate to come and see it to discover the machine or have yours prepared:

      • Yamaha Patrick Pons Bastille

      • 25/27, boulevard Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris

      • Phone: 01 55 28 38 68

      • Web:

      3 hp more, 4 kg less ?

      While everyone expected at least a 600 cc, Yamaha again surprised by unveiling a Tmax of 530 cc … But on closer inspection, we realize that the manufacturer with three tuning forks still played it fine. !

      First, with its 46.5 hp at 6,750 rpm, the 2012 Tmax remains below the 47.5 hp bar accessible to future holders of the A2 license which will come into force in 2013 (read).

      Second, if we look closely at the technical sheets on the following pages, we also observe that the maximum power is available 750 rpm lower than on the 2011 vintage. As for the torque, it is even better since not only it progresses by 5.9 Nm (i.e. 52.3 Nm at 5,250 rpm), but it is also available 1250 rpm earlier: data which clearly suggests an improvement in the revs and driving pleasure !

      A disembourgeoise 530 !

      Placed on their central crutches one next to the other, the two generations of Tmax stand out clearly. If the proportions remain generally the same, the 500 is undoubtedly more opulent.

      The new 530 is much more aggressive with its sharp lines, its bodywork elements imitating carbon and its matt black front face, perhaps a bit too modeled on the little brother Xmax in terms of the optics..

      The impression is the same when comparing the two dashboards. Circled in chrome, that of the 500 is reminiscent of what can be done on the most elegant German sedans.

      Composed of two diamonds, that of the 530 is more sporty. The 2011 bar graph tachometer gives way to an analog dial, as on sports motorcycles, but the information distilled is the same.

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