All Duels – Face to Face Honda CB 1000 R – Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000! – 1000 cc bikes

Face to face Honda CB 1000 R – Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000 !

All Duels - Face to Face Honda CB 1000 R - Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000! - 1000 cc bikes

For almost three years now, the Yamaha FZ1 has reigned supreme in the 1000 cc sporty roadster category. But it must now deal with the very sharp Honda CB 1000 R … and it is not won! Face to face: comparative test.

1000 cc bikes

Contrary to what we might have thought, we are immediately at home riding these two brutes. Once seated in their saddles, both of reasonable height, you instantly forget their 220 kg in running order! This is particularly the case on board the CB 1000 R, which is as small and almost as easy to handle as the Hornet 600, yet 20 kg lighter. !

The Honda offers a natural and classic position for a roadster and its ergonomics are neat. We just regret a saddle that is a little too sloping which induces a pressure against the tank rather unpleasant for boys … The winged manufacturer must also be aware of it, since he has adorned the tank with a thick rubber lining !

The FZ1 imposes a much more upright position, very pleasant in town but less on the attack. The pilot is indeed not at all leaning on the handlebars, because the bulging tank, very short, and obliges to spread the thighs excessively.

On the practical side, the two competitors are equal. We will give a slight advantage to the CB, which offers a little more space under the passenger seat to carry a chain or a U. Under the jump seat, there are also removable nylon buckles (2 on the CB, 4 on the FZ1) to attach a travel bag, also using the passenger footrests as anchor points.

The Honda, on the other hand, is penalized by mirrors that are not spaced enough apart and that vibrate a lot. Those at the tip of the Yamaha are a little better and devoid of vibrations. Considering the lightness and ease of our two machines, maneuvers with the engine off or at low speed are just a formality! The FZ1 suffers just a bit from a fairly poor turning radius.

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