All Duels – Head-to-Head GT 1000 vs Bonneville: A Look Back – A Bit of History

Head-to-head GT 1000 vs Bonneville: a retro look

All Duels - Head to Head GT 1000 vs Bonneville: A Look Back - A Little History

Against the tide of current roadsters always more sharp and efficient, the Ducati GT1000 Touring and the Triumph Bonneville, our heroines of the day, offer an offbeat approach to motorcycles by drawing on the past to make us dream today !

A little history

The Triumph Bonneville and the Ducati GT 1000 do not come directly from the marketing departments of the two European manufacturers: on the contrary, they constitute real tributes to the past of the two brands..

Think about it: the Bonneville, "Bonnie" for close friends, is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. And if it has been considerably modernized over time, especially this final version presented in the spring, the English style retains its style well. !

The Ducati, meanwhile, is inspired by the GT 750 unveiled at the end of the 1960s but marketed in 1971: this model marked a turning point for the Bologna manufacturer, since it was the first motorcycle of the brand to adopt the famous 90 ° L-twin.

The retro wave

In 2001, around the same time as Kawasaki and its W 650, Triumph participated in the return of so-called "retro" machines by launching its new "Modern Classic" range..

These machines are inspired by the past of the brand by returning to an air-cooled parallel twin: at the time, only 3 and 4-cylinders appeared in the catalog of the manufacturer of Hinckley. And that’s how the Bonneville rises from its ashes, 42 years after its debut !

Since its resurrection, the Bonnie has evolved in small steps, notably from 790 to 865 cc and by adopting electronic injection. But this new vintage unveiled in spring 2009 has undergone significant changes…

17-inch front rim instead of 19, spoke wheels, new handlebars, new braking, reinforced rear frame buckle, lowered saddle … All of these elements aim to increase its versatility and utility skills.

In addition, the Bonneville that Triumph France entrusted to us for this test is very widely accessorized, with more than € 1,600 in options which make it particularly attractive! There is a single-seater saddle, bar end mirrors, a titanium 2-in-1 line with the Arrow logo, tank protection, etc..

Ducat ‘also plays it "vintage"

While Kawasaki abandoned the neo-retro market by withdrawing its W 650, Ducati came there in 2005 with a range called "SportClassic".

A year later, the Bologna manufacturer lifted the veil on the GT 1000, a roadster with nostalgic lines but with very modern components. We can therefore recognize the air and oil-cooled twin 1000 DS of the Monster 1000 of the time, as well as many components of the cycle part common to other models of the brand, such as the fork and the brakes..

The GT 1000 that Ducati France lent us for this test is in its Touring version, invoiced at € 735 more: it is equipped with a large windshield and a large chrome luggage rack to enhance its ability to travel..

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