All the Duels – Face to face GT 1000 vs Bonneville: an eye in the retro – Get involved … or not!

Head-to-head GT 1000 vs Bonneville: a retro look

All the Duels - Face to face GT 1000 vs Bonneville: an eye in the retro - Get involved ... or not!

Against the tide of current roadsters always more sharp and efficient, the Ducati GT1000 Touring and the Triumph Bonneville, our heroines of the day, offer an offbeat approach to motorcycles by drawing on the past to make us dream today !

Get involved … or not !

In the end, it will not be very difficult to opt for one or the other of these machines as they are different, both aesthetically and in the services they provide..

The Triumph is really suitable for the greatest number and is the least "involving" choice. Its great homogeneity, hidden behind a particularly cute look, will thrill summer motorcyclists as well as city users. With a belt instead of its chain and a better turning radius, we would be close to a full box !

On the other hand, turning to the Ducati is a decision that is far more daring, more restrictive … but perhaps also more exciting. The GT 1000 does not intend to invade the cities but rather to satisfy the diehard bikers, disappointed by the standardization of current motorcycles.

On the price side, the advantage on paper goes far to the Bonneville, which is sold for nearly € 2,400 less expensive. But on closer inspection, the addition of the Triumph tends to swell very quickly if you opt for the SE version as well as for the multitude of accessories cleverly highlighted by the most beautiful configurator of the sites. motorcycles (read).

The Ducati is certainly more expensive to buy, but if we give up the Touring version we are barely above 10,000 €. And since the GT 1000 consumes 1.1 l / 100 km less than the Bonneville, the two machines can end up on a par in the long run….

Criteria GT 1000 Touring New Bonneville
Aesthetics and finish 6/10 9/10
Engine and transmission approval 8/15 13/15
Performances 8/10 7/10
Sound 4/5 3/5
Road holding and stability 7/10 7/10
Agility and maneuverability 5/10 8/10
Braking 6/10 7/10
Comfort and protection 6/10 7/10
Duo 6/10 5/10
Practical aspects 3/5 1/5
Consumption and autonomy 4/5 4/5
Total / 100 63/100 71/100
Total / 20 12.6 / 20 14.2 / 20

Table comments: Clear and flawless victory for Miss Bonnie, who can be forgiven for her rare faults, as she is so endearing on the most important aspects for this type of machine. The GT 1000 Touring is far from being a bad bike but it can only bow to points on these objective criteria.

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