All Duels – Head-to-Head GT 1000 vs Bonneville: A Look in the Retro – The Call of the Road

Head-to-head GT 1000 vs Bonneville: a retro look

All Duels - Head-to-Head GT 1000 vs Bonneville: A Look in the Retro - The Call of the Road

Against the tide of current roadsters ever more sharp and efficient, the Ducati GT1000 Touring and the Triumph Bonneville, our heroines of the day, offer an offbeat approach to motorcycles by drawing on the past to make us dream today !

The call of the road

Even if the Bonneville is very comfortable in the city and can largely fulfill a utility use (with a minimum of essential accessories), we quickly escape the capital so as not to penalize its transalpine rival too much..

A small motorway junction quickly confirms what the line of motorcycles could suggest: the Ducati’s windshield protects very well and does not generate any sway even at high speed, which is particularly well seen considering its size. !

For his part, despite the presence of a small windshield, the Triumph pilot takes full advantage and is hardly tempted to cross much faster than the legal speed. Moreover, on German highways, the most nervous will hang a good 190 km / h counter on the English and another 20 km / h more on the handlebars of the Italian.

A Ducat ‘for the diehards

The GT 1000 claims its status loud and clear: it is an old-fashioned motorcycle and as such, it cannot be offered to the first comer like recent motorcycles! To have fun on the road, it takes time and experience to get the most out of it..

She remains healthy and devoid of crippling flaws, but is less easy to take with her than her cousin Monster, for example. The cycle part certainly promotes stability more than handling.

Thus, the GT 1000 will prefer large, fast curves where we will have time to put it on the angle than the small pif-paf negotiated with the punch. The front axle lacks liveliness compared to current standards and allows little improvisation.

It will take a real physical commitment to work on small roads, which will appeal to loggers! Powerful in absolute terms, the braking is in unison and requires a good grip. With space, the twin of the Ducati can finally take turns and enjoy its raw sound and its large torque.

The bike rises quickly on its rear wheel as soon as you tease the right grip. But you will have to pay attention to the few false dead points that the GT 1000 has fun giving you … always at the wrong time, of course. !

English magic

The shock is real when we return to the seat of the Triumph, where everything is only soft and easy. The neutral and easy cycle part combines with hyper available mechanics to offer a very homogeneous machine.

Attention: the most edgy of the grip, looking for a strong driving character, may be disappointed by the 200 kg of kindness and goodwill of the Bonneville. But we must not confuse kindness and softness! The Englishwoman agrees to resume very low in the towers and offers a very generous couple. The accelerations therefore appear linear, but are nonetheless muscular !

For its part, the cycle part is in clear progress: the Triumph is healthy, agile and easy regardless of the nature of the route and the quality of the coating. Suddenly, we are tempted to have fun riding the Bonneville and the only thing that limits the driver’s enthusiasm is a fairly limited ground clearance..

As soon as you accentuate the angles, you inevitably scrape your boots because of the fairly short footrests … Triumph will delight shoemakers !

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