All Duels – The two big arms … of iron! – On the road again!

The two big arms … !

All Duels - The two big arms ... of iron! - On the road again!

When a Harley plays the scoundrel to make European bikers crazy and a Triumph comes out XXL chrome to bait American fans, it inevitably results in a duel rich in testosterone! What big arm is needed? Comparative test.

On the road again !

Now is the time to unkick – a particularly horrifying operation on the Fat Bob! -, switch on the ignition and cut the road !

First surprise: the sound of the Harley disappoints a bit, because the noise and pollution standards every year smother the sweet melody of the Milwaukee V-twin a little more: the famous music, which had already lost its splendor during the passage from 1340 to 1450 cm3, will it soon be part of the memories ?

To deal with it, Harley’s racing department, Screamin ‘Eagle, offers all kinds of more or less expressive exhausts. As for the Triumph, the sound of its parallel twin is nothing extraordinary either..

Not unpleasant in town

Although our two cruisers prefer to have room to express themselves, they are also fun in town for machines of this size. Of course, you don’t squeeze in like you would with a scooter, but the two motorcycles steer well and the flexibility of their twins readily accommodates city use.

The Thunderbird fares better than the Fat Bob with its smooth gearbox and completely overlooked belt. On the Harley, it’s a little rougher: the selector is harder and the gears shift in a very particular "klonk".

In addition, if a motorist were to commit a dangerous maneuver, it is always possible to call him to order thanks to the truck horns fitted to our two beautiful cars: guaranteed effect !

The banana under the helmet

We must admit that by parading feet forward in the midst of all these people in a hurry, we quickly take ourselves for a "rebel": this somewhat "old school" and offbeat approach to the bike almost gives the impression of being on vacation all year round !

We take pleasure not to ride fast and to wind on the copious and omnipresent couple of our two big twins. And the driver is so full of it that he very rarely ventures beyond 140 km / h, even though the two machines can reach 180 km / h odometer. Unless of course you like that very special feeling with your arms stretching out and your head torn off while your legs are spread! The torture is a little less violent on the Thunderbird, but the windshield option at 608 euros should be considered very seriously. !

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