All Test Drives – BMW F800GT Test Drive: the GT roadster! – Polyvalence

BMW F800GT test: the GT roadster !

All Test Drives - BMW F800GT Test Drive: the GT roadster! - Polyvalence

Shunned by bikers, the BMW F800 ST has never really found its audience. BMW therefore revises its copy for 2013 and offers an improved version called F800 GT. A small road bike “ made in Munich ”, more efficient and versatile. Test.


By leaving the Parisian agglomeration in the direction of the province, heading North by the motorway, one takes full advantage of the increased stability of the F800 GT. Even without the contribution of the ESA piloted suspension, offered in the “Safety” pack, the BMW indeed displays better stability in line and in curves than its predecessor..

Acceleration is correct at all speeds, even from sixth gear above 5000 rpm (at around 140 km / h meter). This availability makes it possible to overtake at high speed without having to stress the gearbox. Too bad that the vibrations felt from this regime frankly affect the general approval, especially on long journeys…

Supple but not very expansive at low revs, the mechanics of the F800 GT gain in peps at mid-revs and then show a beautiful and vigorous extension. Very stable, the bike is also precise in direction and accepts without complaining the corrections of trajectory on the angle, even at brisk speeds.

By approaching a more tortuous secondary network, the “Sport” mode allows the more players to benefit serenely from the rigor of the BMW chassis by the means of a firmer sag damping. The mode change is done easily, with a quick push on the "ESA" button on the left stalk.

Firmly stationed on its 17-inch wheels fitted with excellent Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact tires, the F800 GT lends itself readily to the exercise of "the roll-up". Its general agility is satisfactory in this context, although it is necessary to adopt a significantly more physical piloting and to help the body to obtain changes of incisive angles..

Efficient and not very intrusive, the anti-skating ASC (disengageable) is totally forgotten in use and remains reassuring when operating on wet roads strewn with dead leaves. The braking is effective, but the feeling is a little spongy when the right lever is taken and the triggering of the ABS is manifested by an intrusive feedback at the level of the pedal.

The device is nonetheless powerful and enduring, with a 320 mm double front disc clamped by Brembo 4-piston calipers and a 265 mm rear element with single-piston caliper..

Already economical in use due to its maintenance-free belt (around 40,000 km longevity), the BMW F800 GT is also sober like a camel, with an average fuel consumption of 4.5 l / 100 km during this test mixing city, road and motorway over nearly 500 km. At this speed, the small 15-liter tank of the F800 GT offers an average range of 333 km (test without luggage).

Verdict: Relevant optimizations

Improved in several points, the F800 GT improves on the F800 ST: it gains in versatility thanks to a more rigorous chassis, increased comfort and equipment – optional – ultramodern.

However, BMW has not completely erased the few faults of its small road of accession to the range, in particular the vibrations past 5,000 rpm and certain practical shortcomings..

Despite its "roadster-sportivo-GT" positioning, the absence of a storage compartment, a trunk capable of accommodating a U-shaped anti-theft device and an adjustable screen or even the optional central unit are indeed "details. "annoying on a motorcycle offered at 10,550 € in basic version, which can exceed 12,000 € once accessorized like our test model !

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