All Tests – 2010 BMW R1200RT Test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time! – Docile, but not easy

2010 BMW R1200RT test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time !

All Tests - 2010 BMW R1200RT Test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time! - Docile, but not easy

BMW Motorrad’s bestseller in the world is the R 1200 GS, but in France the R 1200 RT is preferred. In 2010, the RT also benefits from the latest version of the Flat Twin and some improvements.. BMW novelty test !

Docile, but not easy

Despite its impressive size and a weight of 259 kg (empty in running order without the suitcases), the Behème can be driven with relaxation from the end of its large handlebars..

Naturally, maneuvers at a standstill require constant vigilance. They may even require a good dose of muscle in the event of parking on a slope, for example. But once the first gear is engaged – the "klonk" is more and more discreet! -, carrying out RT becomes child’s play.

The driving position is simply royal: perfectly straight bust, hands resting on the high handlebars, buttocks worthily honored by a wide and soft saddle, thighs glued to the perfectly smooth fairing, feet isolated from any vibration by the thick layer of rubber. .. We would almost take a nap before leaving !

When you put your feet on the ground, you will nevertheless rail against the little space given to the shins and calves. It takes some time to slip between the protruding ridges of the fairing and the footrests the first time. As long as you have the required length, the easiest way is to spread your legs..

Like in an armchair

The flexibility of the twin is remarkable: despite a relatively long first gear, you can move at low speed without difficulty. The clutch, which is both soft (well, not hard …) and its extreme progressiveness allow you to scroll along the Champs-Élysees without any worries..

As soon as traffic allows, the accelerations provided by the two bowls are sufficient to root the beast, its pilot and its load out of the pack of cars, 125 cc and other MP3 players. By trying to tax the other bikers, we even feel the front to relieve copiously on the first two reports !

The sound of the pot is still very polished but has a slightly more subdued tone than the old model. Impossible, however, to realize it if you do not drive in the company of an "old" R1200RT !

The transmission by cardan shaft is almost transparent: there is hardly that in the turns that a few hiccups can be felt. But here again, the injection and the easy management of gases make it possible to make the RT quite livable in the heart of the urban jungle..

Another advantage that the RT has taken advantage of in these beautiful and hot summer days: the absence of a water cooling system – therefore of a radiator and fans running out of steam to cool it – allows the pilot to withstand the hot weather much more easily than on other GTs which press their hot air directly on the thighs !

Overall, the R 1200 RT can therefore be pleasant in the city. And in the face of so much goodwill, we avoid dragging it there too long in order to see what it is capable of on the road. Because it is precisely there that we must avoid overconfidence: the BMW is docile, of course, but not easy to lead in the middle of a city. !

Not even hot

The main risk is to forget the corpulence of the beast … and to leave his mirrors or suitcases as a souvenir to a poor motorist stuck in traffic. Quite often, while its turning radius would allow it to escape a motionless stream of cars, its volume forces the R1200RT to remain in the same mess as its four-wheeled neighbors….

In short: it is better not to have too much distance to cover in the city center. Otherwise, we will gladly turn to the scooter alternative: for a load capacity and similar driving pleasure, the scoot ‘will cope better with traffic jams..

Because even without its suitcases – we can opt for a top case -, the RT remains too wide at the level of the mirrors to squeeze effectively, especially since they are at the height of those of most city cars.

But this drawback has an interesting counterpart: the mirrors offer a breathtaking view of its rear. In case of need – a big jacket with slightly loose sleeves for example – it is enough to raise your elbows slightly to completely open the view, which is much more convenient than getting your ribs stuck. !

On the practical side, we therefore note the necessary presence of a warning. In addition, we appreciate the great accessibility of the height adjustment of the front lights. Site takes the opportunity to send its most basic apologies to motorists dazzled by our test model !

They will also be delighted to learn that their incessant calls from the lighthouse have enabled us to discover that even when fully screwed in (therefore the lights lowered to the max), our RT continued to "dazzle" the people in front or in front of them. we. After verification, BMW France confirmed to us .Com that the headlight of this test model was "badly adjusted"… Be careful, therefore !

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