All Tests – 2010 BMW R1200RT Test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time! – … and imperial on the highway!

2010 BMW R1200RT test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time !

All Tests - 2010 BMW R1200RT Test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time! - ... and imperial on the highway!

BMW Motorrad’s bestseller in the world is the R 1200 GS, but in France the R 1200 RT is preferred. In 2010, the RT also benefits from the latest version of the Flat Twin and some improvements.. BMW novelty test !

…and imperial on highway !

For cutting long distances quickly, nothing beats the highway. And Site would even say: "nothing beats the highway on an R 1200 RT"…

"Full options", our R 1200 RT does not even ask the pilot to adjust the throttle grip for long hours … At the desired regulatory desirable speed, a simple "click" on the top of the left stalk allows ” engage the cruise control.

On the last report, the engine trotting at 5,000rpm, the R 1200 RT speeds up to 150 km / h "counter": on the deserted A6 motorway at 6 am, it is an honest speed to engage the "cruise control ", no ?

Windscreen lowered to the maximum, back slightly curved to stay sheltered from the wind – and refine the CX or "drag coefficient" -, the R 1200 RT greedily swallows the bitumen. In this configuration, the Flat Twin drinks its 5.6 l per 100 km. What to travel theoretically, by fetching the last drop of the 25-liter tank, no less than 446 km !

Stalled at 170 150 meter

Without going as far as running out of fuel and refueling shortly after the reserve warning light has come on – we then put 20 liters back -, the distance traveled by the R 1200 RT reaches around 360 km. What to consider beautiful walks on Sunday afternoon – or two weeks of work – without going to the pump.

We note in passing that the filling of the tank is very simple thanks to the long integrated neck. In addition, there is no need to be alert if a warning sign "attention" is displayed in the middle of the dashboard: the R 1200 RT is not at risk of explosion, it just warns its pilot that he has just reached. the reserve … The representation of a simple gas pump might have been clearer and less scary, no ?

By raising the bubble to its maximum and raising the tone even more on the Autobahn (small clue: the regulator does not work above 180 km / h), the autonomy with the 20 liters before reserve drops to 270 km, i.e. approximately 7.5 l / 100km. An extreme value fortunately unrelated to the 5.9 l / 100km observed in "mixed use" during this long-term test.

On air cushion

At high speed, the cycle part still shows itself as capable: the suspensions (Telelever at the front, Paralever at the rear) absolutely erase all the imperfections of the highway in "Comfort" mode. Be careful however with sinuous parts negotiated at high speed: in this case, it is better to select the "normal" mode in order to avoid any sway, in particular from the front axle..

Ditto in case of strong side wind because in these conditions, overtaking trucks – cars, motorcycles, fighter planes … – is done more serenely in "Normal" mode. No need, however, to go to "Sport" mode, which will not spare the lower back on coarse bitumen fittings.

To further increase driving comfort, the saddle can be raised by 20 mm – by means of a single axis placed in two slots of your choice – in order to further unfold the knees. The operation is extremely simple: you just have to take care of the wires of the heating system (which we have not tested in these crazy summer temperatures).

The protection, as we saw during some illegal speed surges (not to be reproduced, be careful, respect the limits, stay at home) is exemplary. So much so that we no longer even bother to stop when the thunderstorms in mid-July hit: only the feet and ankles are exposed, the rest of the body stays dry !

Even after having endured heavy rains for more than 50 km, the pilot can only count on each of his thighs about ten drops and note the very slight humidity on the top of his jacket … Really stunning !

Naturally, in the event of prolonged heavy rains, it will be necessary to resort to the rain equipment which is waiting, always ready, at the bottom of one of the two large suitcases. Because loading question, the BMW continues to impress.

Its loyal 32-liter bags can easily accommodate the largest helmets, including modulars very popular with customers of this type of vehicle. The retaining straps are easy to attach and detach, and the ones that hold the hood to the base of the cases roll up neatly on themselves, making it even easier to open and close.

Detaching the suitcases from the motorcycle is just as childish: a key press – the same as that of the ignition switch -, a handle pulled, you lift and "zou", voila. To fix them again, the three anchor points are easy to find: two or three tries and the fold is taken.

The storage compartment lacks a little volume, but its perfectly waterproof seal and its foam bottom properly accommodates the toll ticket of the traveler, his Gold card and his latest iPhone. This – or any other MP3 player – can also be connected to the USB and jack sockets of the R1200RT using an adapter supplied..

Long live the holidays !

What cruising for long hours in the company of Creedence Clearwater Revival or ZZ-Top! Even at high speed, the sound quality remains perfectly up to par and the use of the large jog wheel posted on the left grip is obvious.

Clearly, the R 1200 RT will not disappoint the lucky ones who can afford it. Very easy to tame, however, we will be wary of its size in the city center and fans of the bike-work-sleep will have to be patient by venturing daily on its handlebars in traffic jams.

But once the city gates are crossed, it’s almost the full box! Comfort, driving pleasure, range, load capacity: this bike makes you want to ride, far and long. Only the most agitated of the bocal will complain of a lack of rigor in certain turns – dry or very long – negotiated drum beating.

There is therefore a good chance that the R 1200 RT will remain the favorite German motorcycle of French bikers, as we will see in the next Site market reports … As for the 2005 record, it will be difficult to beat: too bad for BMW that Yamaha won the sales contract for administration motorcycles (read).

"In some years, this market can represent around 300 registrations", specifies Marcel Driessen. The big boss of BMW Motorrad France already promises to do everything to recover this juicy contract which will be renegotiated in 2011. Case to be continued: stay connected !

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