All Tests – First Honda PCX test: the low cost scooter with a bang! – PCX … or Personal Commuter neXt generation

Honda PCX first test: the low cost scooter with fanfare !

All Tests - First Honda PCX test: the low cost scooter with a bang! - PCX ... or Personal Commuter neXt generation

It was in Barcelona that Site was able to discover the new entry-level Honda 125 scooter, the PCX. Offered at a very attractive price, it offers very honest services with, in particular the Stop and Start system. First test … under the sun !

PCX … or Personal Commuter neXt generation

PCX: it is under this somewhat barbaric acronym ("Personal Commuter neXt generation") that Honda presents its nice new little scooter 125 (read).

Made in Thailand (in the factory that already produces the CBR 125s whose reliability is well established), the new PCX does not yet replace the 110 Lead but is about to push it gently towards the exit. The PCX is indeed much sexier and better equipped than its predecessor for a lower price (€ 2,390 against 2,490 for the Lead)…

With this new PCX, Honda proves that low cost does not necessarily rhyme with austerity: this small scooter offers a very dynamic, even sporty design, which makes it much more rewarding than other machines on the market sold at the same price..

We particularly appreciate its small smoke bubble and chrome handlebars. The available colors (glitter black, metallic gray or pearly white) are sober but rather classy. And if the build quality is generally of a good level, we may just regret that the plastics are a little flashy.

Well equipped

Considering its very tight price, one could fear a somewhat discounted equipment: it is not! The PCX sits on large 14-inch rims and adopts CBS combined braking. As for its engine, it was specially developed for this model.

The water-cooled, water-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke single overhead camshaft, powered by PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, is equipped with the ingenious "Stop and Start" system, already well known in the automotive industry but still in its infancy in the world of two-wheelers.

This function – also called "Idle Stop" for "idle stop" – automatically cuts the engine after a stop of more than 3 seconds and restarts it instantly with the first rotation of the throttle grip. According to Japanese engineers, this device would reduce consumption by 5% (and therefore CO2 emissions by the same amount).

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